Has Sri Lanka already become a Muslim country or is it run by a Government headed by a Muslim President and a Muslim Prime Minister; I mean if there is a Government at all in this country today?
Posted on March 12th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara

12.3 2018

First I want you to focus your attention to the recent Ampara and Digana incidents. Now carefully look at the way this Government acted in the wake of these incidents. You take the Teldeniya incident. It started with four young drunken Muslim thugs from Kengalla fatally attacking an innocent Sinhala lorry who was returning with a full load from Colombo at 1.30 in the dead of the night of 22 March after chasing him for 8 km   allegedly for not allowing them to overtake the lorry at Kengalla. In the first place what the hell they were doing on the road at that time. What crime the lorry driver had committed on them to chase him that far and attack him fatally at the very place he works. What right do they have attack a man like that. The place is not Saudi Arabia either. It is a small town let in the Sinhala Heartland. Teldeniya police is supposed to have picked up the injured on information given by a passerby and got him admitted to Kandy Hospital. Had the police taken prompt action to arrest the attackers immediately, or at least next morning and put them behind bars pending further action, the matter would have ended there, at least until the victim died after10 days. After he died the assailants could have been dealt with properly for criminal trespass, unlawful assembly with the common intention of committing a serious crime and murder. If this course of action was taken nothing of the sort which followed would have happened.

Instead, what did the Government do? It kept dead silent until the clashes erupted on the cremation day. They took action by declaring police curfew in the Kandy district and all Island curfew and made it not only an all Island commotion but also opened and exposed the doors to the entire world to despise and condemn Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka as a barbarous criminals and thereby paved the way to bring disrepute and condemnation for the whole nation displaying the inability and failure of the Government as well. Even after bungling enough, what did the Government do. It started with blaming the police. Thereafter the President visited the Kandy Kachcheri to address the officials in a hurry as he had to visit Delhi and Japan as preplanned cleverly leaving everything to his erstwhile Prime Minister to face the music.

After everything was brought back to normal by the police and the Army, the Prime Minister toured in procession all over the affected area accompanied by Muslim Ministers of his own Government, who are well known for flaring up communal tensions. The only man missing was Rishard Badurdeen. THIS WAS FOLOWED UP BY THE Speaker of the House visiting few affected sites and of cause meeting the religious dignitaries and visiting religious places of all denominations in Kandy. Both these events boiled down to nothing but displays of public confessions only. It is strange that they never invited any politician of the opposition for these trips. Probably they wanted to make some political gain and bag it all even out of this human disaster. The funniest thing is none of these politicians paid a visit to the house or the family of the deceased to share a word of consolation, for whatever it matters, with the young bereaved widow and no body spoke a word on the plight of the widow or no arrangements were discussed for the future of the family left behind with two fatherless children (one disabled) in the village cottage at rural Ambala as  a result of the death of their sole bread winner due to an attack by two thugs for no fault of his.

Alas this is what politics has done to the cherished values of a 2600 year old Sinhala Buddhist civilization of this Island nation once dubbed as the Dharmadweepa, after 443 years of colonial rule followed by subjugation, exploitation and brainwashing by them

Having said that now I request you to please have a look at the attached list below I have copied from the Lankaweb

English Translation by Shenali Waduge

March 9th, 2018 at 5:56 am

Here you go…

  1. When it was mandatory for all citizens to wear a helmet when riding motorbikes, one ethnic group started riding bikes without helmets
  2. When it was mandatory for all citizens to show their face in public places, one ethnic group began wearing robes that covered even face.
  3. When common quality standards for food was applicable, one ethnic group began a new standard based on their religious belief which all had to comply with
  4. When it was illegal for citizens to cut forests, one ethnic group began raping forests and settling their people
  5. When the law declared a minimum age for marriage, one ethnic group demanded to marry children
  6. When all citizens had to come under one equal law, one ethnic group is demanding a separate Shariah law for them above that of the common law
  7. When marriage/divorce is registered & comes under one common law, another ethnic group wants to marry 4 women and have separate Quazi Courts
  8. When anyone entering a public & state offices has to remove helmets, jackets another group of people demand to wear a robe that covers everything but their eyes making distinction and recognition impossible
  9. When motorists were asked to remove full face helmets citing threats to national security, another ethnic group demanded to cover themselves from head to toe including sitting for public exams and having their NIC photos taken in that manner
  10. When a common banking system prevailed for all citizens, another group of people demanded Shariah Banking
  11. When people were asked to follow planned parenthood to assist in developing the nation by controlling population growth, another group of people began encouraging more children and has been accused of in promoting drugs and other subtle means of controlling population of others.

Guess these are a good list for this said group to self-question and realize these may be the irritants that cause threats to peaceful coexistence… certainly none of these features existed before 1990s

I attach the original Sinhala version below  for your benefit

1) රටේම මිනිස්සුන්ට හෙල්මට් දාල මෝටර් බයික් පදින්න ඕනයි කියලා නීතියක් තියෙනකොට එක්තරා ජාතියක් හෙල්මට් නැතිව බයික් පදින්න ගත්තා.

    (2) රටේම මිනිසුන්ට පොදු ස්ථානයන්හිදී මූන පෙනෙන්න තියෙන්න ඕනයි කියලා නීතිය කියනකොට එක්තරා ජාතියක ගැහැනු මූන වැහෙන්න ලෝගු දාන්න ගත්තා.

    (3) රටේම මිනිස්සුන්ගෙ ආහාර වලට පොදු ප්රමිතියක් තියෙනකොට එක්තරා ජාතියක පිරිසක් අමුතුම ප්රමිතියකින් කෑම ඉල්ලන්න ගත්තා.

    (4) රටේම මිනිස්සුන්ට වනාන්තර කැපීම නීතියෙන් තහනම් වෙනකොට එක්තරා ජාතියක් රක්ෂිත එළි කරලා ජනපද හදන්න ගත්තා.

    (5) රටේම මිනිස්සුන්ට විවාහයට සුදුසු අවම වයසක් නීතිගත කරලා තියෙද්දි එක්තරා ජාතියක පිරිමි බාල වයස්කාර දැරිවියො සහේට ගන්න ගත්තා.

    (6) රටේ හැමෝම එක අධිකරණ පද්ධතියක් යටතේ යුක්තිය පසිදලනකොට තවත් පිරිසකට ශරියා නීති ඕන වුනා

    (7) රටේ අනිත් හැමෝම එක විවාහයක් කරගන්නකොට, විවාහය ලියාපදිංචිය හා දික්කසාදය එක පොදු නීතියකට කරගන්න හදද්දි තවත් පිරිසකට ගෑණු 4ක් විවාහ කරගන්න, කාති උසාවි මගින් ඒවාට අවශ්ය නීතිමය රාමුව සකසගන්න ඕනවුනා

    (8) රටේ හැමෝම හෙල්මට් ජැකට් ගලවලා බැංකුවලට, රජයේ ආයතනවලට, වෙලද ස්ථානවලට ඇතුළුවෙද්දි තවත් පිරිසකට ඇස්දෙක විතරක් ඉතුරුවෙන්න ඔලුවේ ඉදන් පොරවගෙන කිසි කෙනෙක්ට අදුරගන්න බැරි විදිහෙ ඇදුම් අදින්න ඕන වුනා

    (9) මෝටර් සයිකලයක යද්දි තමන්ගේ ආරක්ෂාවට දාපු ෆුල්ෆේස් හෙල්මට් එක ජාතික ආර්ක්ෂාවට තර්ජනයක් කියල තහනම් කරද්දි තවත් පිරිසකට ඔලුවේ ඉදන් වහගෙන විභාගවලට සහභාගි වෙන්නයි, ජාතික හැදුනුම්පතේ ඡායාරූපයට පෙනී ඉන්නයි ඕන වුනා

    (10) රටේ හැමෝටම සාමන්ය බැංකු ක්රමයකින් ගණුදෙනු කරන්න පුළුවන් වෙද්දි තවත් පිරිසකට ශරියා බැංකුවලින් ගණුදෙනු කරන්න ඕන වුනා

    (11) රටේ හැමෝම රටේ ආර්ථිකයට බරක් නොවන ලෙස ජනගහණ වර්ධන වේගය නියතව පවත්වාගෙන යද්දි තවත් පිරිසකට ඇදික ජනගහණ වේගයකින් ලමයි හදන්නත් අනෙක් ජාතින්ගෙ ජනගහණය පාලනය කරන්න වද බෙහෙත් , මත්ද්රව්ය, කූඨ උපක්රම භාවිතා කරලා ජන සංයුතිය විකෘති කරන්න ඕන වුනා


By looking at the above list of privileges presently enjoyed by the Muslims in this country I got the impression that Sri Lanka with only 7% of its total population has already become a Muslim country. If not so how all these privileges could be enjoyed by a mere 7% fraction of the population, where the majority Sinhalese comprises over 75 %. Isn’t this a blatant discrimination against the Sinhala Buddhist population and a violation of the basic human rights of the native population who had been there for 2 ½ millennia and who invented and developed the civilization on this land?

Is Sri Lanka already run by a Government headed by a Muslim President and a Muslim Prime Minister; I mean if there is a Government at all in this country today.  It is no secret that whatever government that comes to power shamelessly give in to these minority demands to get their vote not knowing that every time a Government changes these minority sharks vote the other side and get all what they could not from the previous with incremental interest. I don’t blame the Muslims for this crafty game. I put the entire blame on all Sinhala politicians who destroy the nation in the process. As we don’t have patriotic politicians in this country we can’t depend any more on them. Therefore we should demand the Government and its treacherous leaders to immediately rescind and remove all these discriminatory privileges conferred on Muslims as discriminatory and illegal or else pack up and go home so that a true patriotic Sinhala Buddhist leader will do it.  That leader has to be found by the 75 % Sinahla population as soon as possible without resorting to the madness of setting fire to buildings and the business premises belonging to minorities.

You must remember that not only the Sri Lankan Government but the whole Arab world and the Muslim organizations are there to pump in petro dollars in billions to restore what your madness has destroyed.  And what Ranil or Sirisena give you public money that belongs to you. You must also remember that the whole world media network and the entire anti-Sinhala and anti-Buddhist world including world organizations like the UN and UNCHR are with them. Look at AP. Aljazeera FT, Hindu and even our own press like the CT Daily News and Sunday Times. According to all of them, Muslims are innocent victims and only Buddhists are mobs who resort to arson, murder, theft, looting and all those are inhuman activities. If you have a glance at the Headline of world media circulating these days you can see what I mean. There are hundreds of other intelligent ways of facing this threat without resorting to vandalism. For example you boycott their shops and you stop selling any of your products to them just for six months they will be tamed without a single match stick been wasted. But of cause simultaneously you will have to teach the Sinhala traders the art of business so that you want have a problem to find place to buy and sell your stuff. If you don’t start this noble mission now, definitely you want be left with a country of your own within another 10- 15 years’ time

In the alternative let us together join as a nation to begin to practice the Swansong” of the Sinhala Nation right from now.

2 Responses to “ Has Sri Lanka already become a Muslim country or is it run by a Government headed by a Muslim President and a Muslim Prime Minister; I mean if there is a Government at all in this country today?”

  1. Christie Says:

    No. No. The government is an Indian Administration.

    We are an Indian Colony. We are part of the Indian Empire. Attacks on Muslims by Hindus is a daily occurrence in India. Ever heard of Indian occupied Kashmir.

    Sinhala Buddhists, Muslims and Christians should unite and standup to India and Indian Parasites.

  2. Naram Says:

    I have no particular grudge against one religion or the other. Though born a Buddhist I have learnt since what was once a philosophy, it has gone through many distortions over the centuries like the rest to become a compulsive major land owning ‘religion’, ruled by robe gearing group spreading blind faith no different from other multi thiestic or mono thiestic believers of various hues.

    What I see is that the present government in the name of ‘Sannidiyawa’ has not done anything to reconstitute war torn Jaffna to bring back its Muslim population ethnically cleansed out of North. Surely money is available in large dollops from the very sources that waged the war through LTTE and then brought the present government to power but still now parading against the same government metropolitan countries.

    Our leaders Ranil or Maithree has not explained to their followers or the country at large who is funding the destruction of the Wilpattu wild life reservation to build new towns and villages for Batahudeen’s followers. Such acts cause the fear fueling the fire among some misguided individuals. Actually their own supporters are said to be the back ground operators of recent wanton violence and such acts have helped UNP cause from JRJ’s 1958 days.

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