Why should all countries except Muslim-majority countries be multi-cultural, multi-ethnic or multi-faith
Posted on March 28th, 2018

If there are international laws, international standards & application of international laws & standards equally to all, then one ethnic group cannot claim to be exclusive from its application where they are a majority but demand & enjoy these standards where they are a minority. Multiculturalism became a liberal fad that is fast losing its sheen – the citizens of the West are now openly opposing it in view of its lack of reciprocity. Multiculturalism cannot be a one-way street, if there is no reciprocation, no government for whatever reason can be allowed to implement such when it has adverse & irreversible outcomes. Parent culture cannot be bartered by politicians!


There are some basic facts that need to be reminded. People have lived together first as tribes, then with migration as multiple tribes & with the advent of sea/air travel people came to live in mixed communities. This set up has existed in harmony even with altercations at times without any term being allocated to them. Migration with globalization meant skilled & non-skilled workers entering nations under various immigration scheme and host governments were compelled to accommodate their cultures & identities whilst they lived & worked in these countries. With time and increase in these populations they came to be a powerful force exerting power & influence over MPs & Government in a relationship that resulted in dishing out demands for votes & other personal benefits thus causing creases to the heritage culture that existed. Heritage citizens were told to be accommodating, programs were relayed to emotionally make them accept foreign cultures & with time the foreign cultures began dominating the heritage culture and that was when the problem started.



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gzGRsn1xEjA – where are all the English people?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pgRwjNJrw4U – Multiculturalism or British Identity?


Ask the British and listen to what they have to say!

https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/immigration/9075849/Multiculturalism-has-left-Britain-with-a-toxic-legacy.html (please read this article to understand better)

There were no Islamic lands or Christian lands. The expansion came with conquest, colonialism, conversion & the sword. As a result of conquest, colonialism & conversion identities of countries were hijacked, destroyed & replaced.  Buddhism, in contrast though starting in Nepal ended up as far as Persia on one end & Malaysia on the other without a single forced conversion, sword or conquest.

However, every country has an unique history prior to invader rule, an identity that a country is entitled to protect while also guaranteeing the individual rights of people who live in that country. The confusion has come when freedoms & rights are being used to force later day cultures & identities to overrule & dictate to the older culture. This is where education, political leaders & civil society must not overstep their mark to barter for various agendas. A citizen of a country therefore is bound to put his country first and in so doing respect the parent culture and history that built the civilization.

An issue regarding identity of heritage cultures is the effect & impact of colonial rule where the invader policy was to eliminate or dilute the culture of the invaded country & force a colonial foreign culture upon the citizens. This is what happened to the indigenous natives of present day Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand. Their cultures & identities were stolen & replaced and today it is all but forgotten.

Part of the education system introduced by the colonial occupiers were designed specifically for this exercise which is why at time of independence the colonial masters were happy to depart because they knew they had successively nurtured and cloned a set of brown sahibs who would think like the white man, act like the white man & follow the orders of the white man even in the future. These brown sahibs were to be the white man’s local servants – a commodity that still exists & thrives. This is one reason why we insist that history must be taught & made aware to all in particular the history prior to colonial rule. We can understand why there are efforts & ploys to ensure that the history is kept hidden from the people by foreign forces & their local agents simply because they do not want to have people proud of their history to want to protect & defend it. The ploy to remove the history from education syllabus is to nurture a future generation that is clueless about their country & do not mind becoming the dumping yard for every corrupt culture the West has tried, tested & failed and there are locals proud to import these headache.

There are a lot of things that we can be grateful for the West in particular the manner that globalization has helped people connect electronically. The world is certainly full of good & bad and everything certainly does have its pros & cons. However, we have to identify that there are imbalances – We have a world where 8 people own what 50% of the world combined own. Some countries may be rich but there are enough of poor in them, similarly some countries are poor but these countries have more than a fair share of billionaires. USA has 2.2m prisoners, close to 600,000 are homeless & over 43million live on food stamps.

Countries that first implemented multiculturalism are finding that it has created more division than unity or integration. What it has also done is to uproot the heritage identity that existed in a country. In all probability this is the game plan. This is also why we are cautious & are openly presenting the arguments & apprehensions. When a more aggressive & dominant faith with demands for their own food, own laws, own dress, own banks etc take prominence by virtue of the power they wield using their bloc nations & petro dollars the meeker more compassionate faiths are pushed to the background and end up appeasing and be subjugated.

Maldives was formerly a Buddhist nation, the Buddhist civilians & Buddhist monks all faced virtual extinction. How? what happened to them? See how Samanala Kanda today has become joint-custodians of other faiths when it was only Buddhists that worshipped it even before other religions were first formed. Similarly, every Buddhist heritage site is being encircled & these are not unfounded fears. Kuragala, Muhudumaha vihara, Dambulla are all sites that have numerous challenges facing their future.

In Sri Lanka, no one can claim that Sri Lanka is not a Buddhist country. For 2600 years this nation was built on a Buddhist heritage where the rule of kings followed the ‘Ten Royal Virtues’ Dasa Raja Dhamma. Buddhism is ahead of Christianity & Islam by more than a 1000 years. When the Christian colonials arrived their aim was to destroy Buddhism as was the objective of the South Indian invaders. However, Buddhism has stood the test of time though it has been an effort to preserve, protect & foster it. Non-Buddhist faiths use billions through their institutionalized religions to expand & promote their faith while also converting. These challenges cannot be ignored or left without attention especially when they are linked politically too with backing of bloc countries like the EU & OIC.

When there are Christian/Catholic schools whose policy is to take only students of these faiths (except instances where policy is sacrificed for large & handsome donations), it is the same for Islamic schools too, why should Buddhist schools be turned into multicultural – once Buddhism is removed invariably the demands of other faiths take prominence & Buddhism gets pushed to the background.

When Article 9 of the Sri Lankan Constitution demands that the government in power must protect & foster Buddhism it necessarily means that the handful of state schools that are Buddhist must remain to promote, foster that Buddhist identity. However, inspite of this the Buddhist schools do respect other faiths & hold various events of other faiths but do the Islamic schools hold a Buddhist Day, we think not. When Sinhalese are accommodative of Muslim dislike for pork is that reciprocated by not serving beef (please note there are Buddhists who eat beef/pork & drink as well as Muslims who eat pork & drink) Prayers rooms are arranged for Muslims but in Muslim majority nations or even towns where Muslims are the majority are non-Muslim prayer rooms accommodated? Where there is no reciprocity there cannot be demands for equality especially to remove the heritage culture & heritage ethos of a country.

As in all cases money takes over logic & rational thinking & action. Even in the West the ordinary citizens are angered because their politicians are bartering their heritage space for money & other perks. It is the same scenario in Sri Lanka where the headless Parliament do not have the brains to understand the ramifications of the cabinet papers they are signing without reading or understanding a word on the paper. In all probability these are drafted by some NGOs & pushed for approvals in exchange for some remuneration.

No community will object if leaders learn to clearly spell out that there exists a heritage culture & identity & that has to be respected by all citizens while statistically presenting how others individually enjoy freedom to practice their cultures & faiths. The problem is that the politicians are playing people against each other & in so doing they are damaging cordial relations among communities. Every minority is aware of what they enjoy in Sri Lanka, many know that they enjoy far more rights than they would as a minority in any other country. But, everyone has learnt to play politics & it has become fashionable to claim one is discriminated as there are plenty of people prepared to be referees. This falsely promoted discrimination, racism, hate etc has become a major business venture & everyone wants to get a piece of the pie.

In Sri Lanka, anyone claiming that their faiths are discriminated must explain how churches, kovils, mosques are increasing islandwide and show where & what discriminations they suffer!

Multiculturalism cannot be applicable to some but completely omitted for others!



Shenali D Waduge

12 Responses to “Why should all countries except Muslim-majority countries be multi-cultural, multi-ethnic or multi-faith”

  1. L Perera Says:

    The so called first world countries like the UK and US in their greed for Oil enabled the Middle East become what they are today. It won’t be long before oil becomes an insignificant commodity and most of Middle East will gradually return to dessert sand and camel s..t. Then the boot will be on the other foot and the US and Uk ( inter Alia) will be at the receiving end of ethnic unrest and economic chaos. What goes around, comes around.

  2. ranjit Says:

    SRI lanka is a sinhala buddhist country period. Those who cannot say this without fear are hypocrites and traitors. We have a long history and a very good one which we are very proud of it. Tamil terrorism started during UNP time because these tie coat UNPER’S never liked to call we are a buddhist nation. UNP government on that day would have stopped the massacres and the carnage within a short period of time if they acted positively but their leaders never tried to stop those LTTE BUTCHERS instead they milk feed them and allowed to grow in to a terrorist organisation to kill innocent sinhala buddhists and others.
    Now this time the same tie coat UNPER’S allow minorities to kill and destroy the sinhala buddhists and the buddhist monuments and culture etc. If this UNPER’S continue ruling this country Muslim terrorism is not far away. We will face a bigger bloodbath if we do not stop them in their tracks as soon as possible. The law in this country should be equal to all. The government or the law enforcement should not take sides and punish only the Sinhalese. The government must find out the hidden agendas of some Muslim community as they were trying to make problems for non Muslims around the country. Very dangerous situation looms ahead and should be ready to act before they organise and become more dangerous terrorist outfit. Majority of the people in this country needs peace and freedom to have better future and to live with their loved ones happily ever after. Be tough with drugs, underworld mafia and terrorism without fear.

  3. L Perera Says:

    Ranjit. Your opening sentences – says it ALL.

  4. jay-ran Says:


  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Multiculturalism is to get the number up to the right level. Once the numbers are high enough, the menaces can
    demand and demand get a bit more and a bit more. Meanwhile the numbers? Still going up of course. Then once
    the numbers are high enough, no demands. Murder, murder and murder! This is where Sri Lanka is heading

    When the traitor foreigners tamils, had the numbers high enough they wanted their separate
    exclusively tamils only drealam of course keeping all the other parts open for them. No Sinhalese allowed of
    course in their own country. Traitor anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka catholic run UNPatrioticrats party
    gave all the support to break up the country along the religious line C. Traitor chief die hard catholic token
    Buddhist Mega Thief Mega Thakkadiya Bay Gal Karaya Walking Crime Bomb with the timer set for 10-20
    years Batalande Wandakaya Pol Pot r@nileech wickarama Sinhala killer gave 100% support for the catholic
    tigers of tamil drealam project. Unfortunately for them MR came and save the country.

    Now it is the turn for the other foreigner menace fastest breeding religion aka religion of utter peace mussies to
    start murdering Sinhalese. They have bred and bred and the numbers are right now to start the exclusively
    mussies only mussiesthan project. Now Sinhalese army, navy, air force, police, Buddhist monks, men, women
    and children will have to be sacrificed to save the country. This could’ve been easily avoided if we had had a single
    patriotic politician who was bold enough to stop mussie/tamil over production of offspring and asked to put up with
    or go back to where they came from. All would’ve behaved abandoning their drealam or mussiesthan projects
    and got on with their lives. Instead traitor anti Sinhalese, anti Buddhist, anti Sri Lanka catholic run UNPatrioticrats
    promoted tamils and mussies who vote them 100%. The root cause of all ills in Sri Lanka is the traitor
    UNPatrioticrats who have divided the Sinhalese and made them very very vulnerable.

    While most Sinhalese
    couples working and struggle to bring up one child, these two foreigner menaces mostly doing businesses went
    into overdrive and increased their numbers. Automatic birth control for the Sinhalese and baby bonanza for the
    foreigner menaces.

    To save Mother Lanka from these two foreigner meances
    *wipe out anti Buddhist, anti Sinhalese, anti Sri Lanka traitor UNPatrioticrats from politics who divide the Sinhalese
    and make tamils and mussies king makers
    *limit 2 children to a family for all
    *stop FREE education after 2 children
    *stop FREE hospitals after 2 children
    *levy a tax after 2 children
    *stop race based parties (racists tribal parties like Tamil Nadu Alliance aka TNA, Sri Lanka Multiplying
    Community aka SLMC)
    *stop mussie/tamils only schools which they used to fill up to the rafters (no Sinhalese allowed of course, but
    always doors open in Sinhalese schools for tamils, mussies surpluses)

    Do these and after a few years, you will see all these racists r@ sambanthan with one foot in the grave still not
    short of hatred, church acolyte sumanthiran, bada udin, r@nileech wickrama Sinhala killer, bada udin, a sad ali
    (not enough children to be sad?), xxxxhim, cham pakaya, kkkkkd (kunu kaka kanu kata kunu datha), para
    jithaya, arjunaya durjanaya, p ke lapaya, pon gal mon gal etc. etc. behaving and Mother Lanka can finally breathe a sigh of relief. Poor woman has had so much grief thanks to her traitor, ungrateful, greedy, racist, never happy, never loyal, never enough leeches she has given birth to as ‘sons’ and ‘daughters’.

  6. SA Kumar Says:

    SRI lanka is a sinhala buddhist country period. Those who cannot say this without fear are hypocrites and traitors- Agreed also Saiva TE (NPC) (not need Muslim TE (EPC) We Tamil leave Muslim TE & Muslim problem with you mate) is Saviva Thamil country !!!



    Multiculturalism, is a highly undesirable policy because the basis of such a policy is that cultural identities – ethnic, religious or whatever, are fixed and bounded. Multiculturalism therefore has the clear tendency to harden, strengthen and reinforce ethnic and religious identities and thereby deepen ethnic differences, which is highly undesirable because it can lead to separatism. It will not help in bringing about better relations and close interactions among communities and in the development of a cohesive overall society in Sri Lanka with a national feeling towards the country rather than ethnic and religious feelings and promotion of narrow community interests.

    Multiculturalism should not be viewed as the solution to managing problematic relations between communities in a country such as ours, especially considering the historical and cultural context and the demographic profile of the country. It is a fact that, historically, the Sinhala Buddhist community forms the dominant mainstream of our society and Sri Lanka is the only homeland and motherland of the Sinhala Buddhists. Their well-established socio-cultural norms and values have permitted, historically, the peaceful coexistence of all irrespective of whatever differences. They have subscribed to the enrichment of lives of Tamils, Muslims, Hindus, Christians and other diverse communities. In particular, the Sinhala Buddhists and their leaders have been overly accommodative of the Tamil community, in spite of the many atrocities committed by them in the past, during South Indian Tamil invasions and during more recent Tamil LTTE terrorism.

    In this context, the idea of multiculturalism is irrelevant, inappropriate and redundant as far as our nation is concerned. It is in fact, highly undesirable and can lead to unnecessary problems in the future.

  8. SA Kumar Says:

    he idea of multiculturalism is irrelevant, inappropriate and redundant as far as our nation is concerned. – last 2,000 years (Since Elra to VP) Modayas & Sakkiliyas did not learn anything … Aiyo Mother Lanka

  9. Vijendra Says:

    This Wahabi menace with lot of money, but no tolerance, has ruined our country already. It is worth asking our Muslim brothers and sisters whether they are Muslims in Sri Lanka or are they Muslims of Sri Lanka?

    Here is a reference to a great interview artcle by Ranga Jayasuriya with Dr Ameer Ali, a Muslim academic, that appeared a while ago which clearly explains what is happenning in Sri Lanka.

    “Muslims in Sri Lanka are self-alienating themselves … “- Asian Tribune


  10. Nanda Says:

    Let me paste here a couple of hyperlinks which show how Sinhala villagers and Wahabi inplanters live.

    Beautiful Sinhala living just next to Sinharaja forrest reserve.


    Next to Wilpattu reserve similar ‘Muslim’ villages may have exisited but resettlled with Wahabi village version



    Now by simple giving you these links, I may have become a ‘Buddhist Extremists’.

  11. Nanda Says:

    Time for JO to take the challange and nail him if he is the culprit rather than giving talks . Otherwise it is the JO or innocent Mahasona who will become instigater.


  12. Dilrook Says:


    His JHU is now dead. He is now a member of UNP which is very heavily backed by minorities. We saw clearly on February 10 that UNP’s minority share has increased dramatically over 2015. Under these circumstances it is very unlikely UNP would be the main actor behind riots recently. It’s not JO either. But both parties point finger at the other which is normal in this country.

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