Is Coffee Cancer-Causing? California Judge thinks so!
Posted on March 31st, 2018


Soon when you are in California and enjoying your cup of joe, you might have to stare at a cancer warning too.  According to Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Elihu Berle, coffee makers were not able to present proper grounds at trial to prevail. There is a variety of evidence leading to believe coffee is both beneficial to human health but also a carcinogen especially for the fetus, infants, children but even to adults.

In 2016, coffee made it off the possible carcinogen” list that the World Health Organization runs. Even though a lot of studies show that coffee being the cause for widespread cancers such as breast, prostate, or pancreatic caner is highly unlikely, not enough evidence is present for other lesser explored cancer types. The main concern is how the coffee beans are being roasted.

Raphael Metzger, the coffee drinking attorney, who also brought on this lawsuit said the coffee industry can find a solution removing the acrylamide.I firmly believe if the potato chip industry can do it, so can the coffee industry,” Metzger said. A warning won’t be that effective because it’s an addictive product.”

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