Of those Fuhrers
Posted on June 26th, 2018

Editorial Courtesy The Island

Government politicians are expressing outrage at a senior Buddhist monk’s reference to Hitler in a recent sermon. They are treating the prelate to lectures on Dhamma. The country has come to such a pass that monks make political statements and politicians preach Dhamma. The yahapalana leaders would have the public believe that the country is faced with the danger of being under a dictatorship, and they alone are equal to the task of warding it off. Having forgotten all their election promises, they are not girding up their loins to protect democracy. But they will not hold elections for fear of losing them!

The government makes use of some issues from time to time, to whip up the people and distract their attention from real problems which have made their lives miserable. Television channels are full of Hitler stories these days and the same can be said of the newspapers and the social media. They have got something to keep themselves occupied with for several more days to come. The yahapalana leaders must be laughing up their sleeves.

The biggest issue the people are faced with, at present, is not how to prevent a monster like Hitler from emerging in this land like no other but how to keep the wolf from the door. The prices of essentials have gone into the stratosphere; the crime rate is rising alarmingly, the rupee is falling rapidly; the economy is in the doldrums; elections are postponed; corruption is rampant; educated youth take to the streets, demanding jobs; state assets are sold for a song and the country lacks direction. The only thing the government does efficiently is appointing ministers.

We have had Fuhrers of different colours—red, blue and green—during the past few decades. Special mention should be made of the striped one in the North, which for nearly three decades had all the trappings of Hitler’s Germany save gas chambers. The present-day knights in shining armour, tilting at windmills, have a history of grovelling before the striped Fuhrer, who is thankfully pushing up daisies. His southern counterparts have been no better; they slaughtered young men and women or burnt them alive on tyre pyres on public roads. Some of them introduced the White Van culture, characterised by total impunity, and specialised in abductions, torture and extrajudicial killings.

Today, we have some Hitlers in Mahatma Gandhi’s clothing, offering to neutralise the threat of Nazism taking root here. Their crimes are only too well known. All the perfumes of not only Arabia but also all other parts of the world will not sweeten their hands.

Meanwhile, the self-proclaimed messiahs who have come forward to save us from the danger of being crushed under the jackboot of Nazism are relieving workers of their hard-earned money. They are using the new tax laws for that purpose. They have not spared even the savings of children and the elderly. We see no difference between our saviours who lead the life of Riley with money exacted from us and the druggies who relieve people of cash. They have no qualms about exploiting the sick, who are made to cough up huge amounts of money by way of VAT.

The hapless private sector workers who are squeezed dry with insanely high PAYE are in for another shock, according to reports. They will receive another body blow from their saviours. A yahapalana ally has said the EPF interest rate will drop from the current 10.5% to a meagre 9% due to the new tax laws which the Hitler-bashing messiahs introduced the other day in a hurry. The private sector workers and their trade union bosses ought to tell the government to desist from slapping any more taxes on the EPF.

3 Responses to “Of those Fuhrers”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    No elections; media outlets are shut when they touch on the president, student protesters are brutally attacked, PM was found to have associated with crimes against humanity by a presidential commission of inquiry in 1999, politicians rejected by the people are appointed to parliament by the president, central bank robbed and there is nothing anyone can do and sons of politicians are above the law. Sri Lanka looks like early 1940s Germany already. Those who call others Hitler are good actors.

    On the other hand, Hitler was the equal of a dual citizen of Austria and Germant until February 25, 1932. He was 42 years old when he renounced Austrian citizenship and became a German citizen (only) to contest elections. When people congratulated him, he said “congratulate Germany instead”. If he truly loved Germany, he should have renounced Austrian citizenship much earlier. Good acting.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    But Hitler rebuilt Germany before going on rampage. He was considered a great patriot earlier by masses.

  3. Christie Says:

    “Hitlers in Mahatma Gandhi’s clothing,”.

    Mohandas Karamchand was an admirer of Hitler and Mussolini.

    This Indian Colonial Parasite who made his fortunes from Africa even went to Italy and saw Mussolini.

    Island Editors should see who is running our country.

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