Mr. Vijay Thanigasalam, Conservative MPP for Scarborough-Rouge Park’s Statement at the Ontario Legislative Assembly on 30th October, 2018 (Hansard) on Sri Lanka.
Posted on November 7th, 2018

 Asoka Weerasinghe  Kings Grove Crescent  .  Gloucester  .  Ontario . Canada

7 November 2018

Honourable Doug Ford
Premier of Ontario
Legislative Building
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M74 1A1

Dear Hon. Premier Doug Ford:

 Re: Mr. Vijay Thanigasalam, Conservative MPP for Scarborough-Rouge Park’s
Statement at the Ontario Legislative Assembly on 30th October, 2018 (Hansard) on Sri Lanka.

As a Sri Lankan-Canadian Ontarian, permit me to share my observations on your Conservative MPP Vijay Thanigasalam’s disingenuous and mischievous Statement about today’s Sri Lankan politics.

Honourable Premier, all what I can say is —here we go again with bitter smarting Tamils in Canada who resented and cried that their Tamil Tiger ruthless terrorists leader  Velupillai Prabhakaran and his ruthless terrorist gang were annihilated on 19 May 2009 by the Mahinda Rajapaksa Government’s Armed Forces.  By that time his Tamil Tiger terrorists in 30 years of warring  for the want of their separate, mono-ethnic, racist Tamil State, Eelam, had killed over 100,000 innocent Sri  Lankans, the majority were from my Sinhalese community.   The Tamil Tiger terrorists ASSASSINATED two heads of states, Rajiv Gandhi of India (21.5. 1991), and President  Ranasinghe Premadasa  of Sri Lanka (1.5.1993).  They also ASSASSINATED Alfred Duraiappah, Mayor of Jaffna, (27.7.1975); Thomas Anton, Deputy Mayor of Batticaloa (26. 19 1995); Sarojini Yogeswaran, Mayor of Jaffna   (17. 5., 1998); P. Sivapalan, Mayor of Jaffna (11.9. 1998) ; Lakshman Kadirgamar, Minister of Foreign Affairs (12.8.2005); Ranjan Wijeratne, State Minister of Defence and Former Foreign Minister (2.3’1991); Vice Admiral Clancy Fernando, Navy Commander (16. 11. 1992), and the catalogue of  assassinations of prominent Sri Lankans goes on and on, and on.

In his statement  of Tamil TRUTHS, Vijay certainly hid these Tamil FACTS from the members of the Ontario Legislative Assembly. His knuckles should be rapped by the Speaker for the misguiding untruths spewed out at you all in the Ontario Legislative Assembly purposely failing to adhere to the code of conduct  of honesty and making a mockery of the Queen’s Park Legislative Assembly..  Vijay might have thought that he was standing at attention at a Legislative Assembly in his Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran’s hometown in Velvettithurai, in North of Sri Lanka.

My request and warning to you Honourable Premier and to the Members of the Legislative Assembly is that MPP Vijay Thanigasalam is making an effort to paint the Tamils as lily-white, innocent victims and perhaps Babes-in-the-Woods.  Take all what he said that day with a pinch of salt, as the Tamils who are trying to defend their cause for a separate, mono-ethnic,  racist Tamil state, Eelam in the North and East of Sri Lanka are a horde of no good disingenuous separatist Tamils.

Premier Ford, I’d hate to rain on his parade, but I am prepared to challenge him in front of the Members of the Ontario Legislative Assembly at an appropriate venue.  It will be a work in progress to understand what the separatist Canadian-Tamils are upto in the Province of Ontario since later 1983.  Invite me.

2, Tamil Truth :  In Vijay’s statement to the Legislative Assembly is said – :”The recent appointment of Mahinda Rajapaksa as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka without any Justice for war crimes against humanity and Tamil genocide is extremely alarming for the protect of Tamils in Sri Lanka”

Tamil Fact : What?  This MPP Vijay of yours is up the creek to a black-hole of lies  He talks of ‘Tamil Genocide’ linking those words to Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Let’s get this right.  Please ask this MPP Vijay Thanigasalam how he would  reconcile with his charge of Tamil Genocide” when it was the, former President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s edict to his Armed Forces  was to deal with the Tamils in the North and East humanely.

So the Sri Lankan Armed Forces by 19 May 2009, rescued 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of Tamil Tigers, who had marched them from the West Coast to the East Coast, using them as a human shield for 30 long months under the scorching  Jaffna-Kilinochchi sun, marching them like unwashed cattle.  Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa did it, and Vijay knows it, and he hides this  amazing humane  Class Act from you all.  There shouldn’t be Tamil Genocide” in this humane equation.  What?  Was MPP Vijay hallucinating  after a breakfast of a coconut shell full of illicit Jaffna  kassippu when he made his statement in Ontario’s Legislative Assembly at Queen’s Park.  What he said to you all were tosh, were all poppycock, were all strings of wade hanging from the stalls of a Tamil Scarborough Market.

Tamil Fact:  What? This Vijay is up the creek when he talks of Tamil Genocide” linking these words to former President Mahinda Rajapaksa who is now appointed as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Perhaps, Premier Ford, you may want to ask your MPP Vijay Thanigasalam to reconcile the charge of Tamil Genocide” with the fact that Mahinda Rajapaksa without starving to death the rescued 295,873 Tamils from the clutches of the Tamil Tiger terrorists, housed them in temporary refugee camps and prepared  one million hearty meals a day – breakfasts, lunches and dinners, to feed them to sustain their lives.  Vijay knows all about it, and decided  disingenuously and mischievously hide this fact from you all. He is one no good MPP in your caucus.  Embarrassing, isn’t it?  Well, rap his knuckles Premier Ford.  Rein  Vijay in and read him your Conservative  Riot Act.

He also hid the fact from you all that over half of the cooks who prepared those one-million meals a day were from the Sri Lankan Armed Forces.  The majority of the soldiers were from the Sinhalese community.  I say eat your heart out Vijay… eat your hearts out Amnesty International…eat your hearts out Human Rights Watch.

All you guys were not honest were you when you tried your shenanigans talking of Tamil Genocide in SriLanka to gullible western politicians.  Too bad!

3 Tamil Truth:  MPP Vijay Thanigasalam in his statement to the Ontario’s Legislative Assembly  at Queen’s Park said during his diatribe against Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was appointed as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka late last month, ...Tamil genocide in 2009, including Massacres, rapes…….”  Hummm…Vijay is up the creek again.

Tamil Fact:   It does seem that his breakfast of illicit Jaffna kassippu had not left his system yet, when it was time for Vijay to make this statement.  And he was too young to suffer from Dementia.  He was confused.  I doubt he was talking of the Sri Lankan soldiers.  It were his Tamil Tiger terrorists  indeed who were maestroes of massacres.

Here are some examples of a scores of hundreds of massacres that they were involved in.

  1. On 30 November 1984, the Tamil Tigers crept into the adobe huts in the Dollar Farm and Kent Farm in Welioya in the indigo dark morning and chopped with machetes like butchers and shot with Kalashnikovs massacring 62 unarmed civilians including women and children who were fast asleep;
  2. On 14 May 1985, the Tamil Tigers shot and killed 120 Buddhist devotees meditating under the sacred Bodhi Tree in the Sacred City of Anuradhapura.  and they wounded and maimed for life 85 others.  Vijay knew it.
  3. On June 1987, Vijay’s buddies, the Tamil Tiger terrorists massacred and brutally mutilated 33 novice Buddhist monks and their mentor Chief Priest Ven. Hegoda Indrasara at Aranthalawa in Ampara.  The bus that they were travelling on a pilgrimage was ambushed and the massacre took place.  Vijay, knows of it and didn’t admit to you all.  Bad politician!
  4. On Friday, 3 August 1990, Vijay’s buddies the Tamil Tigers Terrorists opened fire and killed 103 Muslims and injured 70 others while they were praying at the Meera Jumma Mosque, in Kathankudy.  And Vijay knows of it  Pointing the finger at Sri Lankan soldiers for alleged masacres doesn’t cut mustard

Premier Ford.  Your caucus member for Scarborough–Rouge Park is on another agenda.  Wanting to hurt my Motherland, Sri Lanka unfairly.  And I tell Vijay with a copy of this letter to you is…”No..No…don’t even try it and fool yourself, Vijay.  You try it one more time you will hear my voice of protest loud and clearly as the ding-dong of London’s Big Ben.”

Tamil Facts :  Vijay Thanigasalam, complained to the Legislative Assembly in his Statement alleging  rape” by the Sri Lankan soldiers.  He has no way to substantiate his case. He has no foot to stand on over this charge.

But here is what happened which will quash his statement.  This Vijay is something else Premier Ford.,  You might find him an embarrassment in your caucus and a good candidate to read the Conservative Riot Act to get him on  the right track of being an honest politician and not a Humbug.

When Hillary Clinton during her hustings toi win Tamil votes for her Presidency, foolishly, like Vijay, pointed her finger at Sri Lanka accusing the soldiers using rape as a tactic to win the Eelam war.

After Sri Lanka Government’s vehement protest seeking from her to provide examples of such acts or apologize to Sri Lanka’s soldiers.  Well…what do you know, Premier Ford!

The Ambassador-at-large for Global Women’s issues at  the US State Department Melanie Vervrer backtracked on August 5th, 2009 by issuing this statement in a letter

In the most recent phase of the Sri Lanka conflict from 2006 to 2009, we have not received reports that rape and sexual abuse were used as tools of war as they clearly have in other conflict areas  around the world.”

So I tell your Caucus member VijayThanigasalam  to get off his high-horse and attend to his constituency affairs, and don’t meddle with Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, as he is already caught in a web of deceit and humbuggery,  And I, Asoka Weerasinghe, who is on a Mission to guard the good name of my Motherland, Sri Lanka, which I am still romancing with having left  her 62 years ago.

My humble request to you Premier Doug Ford is rein in the MPP for Scarborough-Rouge Park,  and tell him not to meddle with Sri lanka’s  Internal Affairs if he is not on top of issues and Facts.

He is mudding the waters and only getting my goat with stupid statements as he did,  What was he trying to prove, To be recognized as a smart politician!  That is too much to ask for with such stupidity coming out of him.

I could go on destroying every point of his statement to the Legislative Assembly, as he is on a Mission to destroy Sri Lanka.  As far as I am concerned, your caucus member is a sheepish, no good Humbug,

Before I conclude this letter, I wish to make two points for your understanding off this Eelam War:

One.  When the Tamil Tigers (aka Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) were annihilated on 19 May 2009, what it did was to give back to the 20.5 million Sri Lankans their Human Right of right-to-life, which was hijacked by the Tamil Tiger terrorists for 30 bloodying years.

Two.  Vijay in his statement to the Legislative Assembly said that he wanted the International Community to get involved to find a solution for the protection of Tamils in Sri Lanka.

I am not sure when Vijay last visited   Sri Lanka.  I ask him to go back to Sri Lanka and walk the mile long business drag in Pettah, in the heart of Colombo., the capital of Sri Lanka,  What he will find out is that of every five business establishments, three will be owned by Tamils – Sari Emporiums, Gold Jewellery Stores, Spice markets, Thosai boutiques, etc.  And 80% of their patrons are from the majority Sinhalese community.  Vijay should ask the Tamil owners, why aren’t you picking up a plane ticket and come to Canada saying that you are a refugee.  The roads are paved with gold!” 

The answer would be, What for Vijay.  We are happy as clams here.  We are minting millions of rupees almost every day.  Na, count me out of this  infectious fraud!  I am not a refugee.  Never had been one.  Sri Lanka is my home.  I want to bury my bones here.  This is my Motherland!”

Very sincerely,

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

Beacon Hill North, Gloucester, Ontario.


Cc: House3 Leader. Hon.Todd Smith  <>

Deputy Premier, Hon. Christine Elliot <>

Attorney General, Hon. Caroline Mulroney <>

Ontario NDP Leader, Hon. Andrea Horwath <>

Ontario Liberal Leader, Hon. John Fraser <>

Natalia kusendova <>

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  1. Sarath W Says:

    Thank you Asoka for exposing another bogus refugee, a LTTE supporter. You are a true patriot.

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