Save the country from TNA’s treachery – Part IV
Posted on December 4th, 2018


The treacherous terrorist grandpa became jubilant when the Court of Appeal issued an interim restraining order on the government although the order was not a final one.  The Jeppo leader the other dollar vulture double tongued fellow has also expressed sentiments like Sambandan.  The terrorist grandpa has said that the President would meet the National Security Council and other relevant officials regarding the interim order. The foreign servile UNP taking advantage of this interim order has warned the government servants not to carry out any orders coming from either Rajapaksa or members of his  cabinet. A UNP scribe dedicated even to sit on his to protect and promote the reactionary UNP has said that President Sirisena will now accept Ranil as the PM. He said that the UNP Chairman Kabir Hashim has written to the TNA – which has agreed to  back Ranil  Wickremesinghe, stating that Wickremesinghe was its nominee for Prime Minister. A certified copy of the letter has been sent to the President.

Sumanthiran. The terrorist proxy alleged to be under the payroll of Tamil diaspore being paid through TGTE,   has blamed in a move like his warning to UNP Deputy Leader Lakshman Kiriella in the parliament,  the President for appointing Mt. Mahinda Rajapaksa without getting verified that Mr. Rajapaksa commands majority support in the Parliament.   He has reprimanded the President that he could have avoided the chaos in Parliament and  in the  government sector, if only if he had found out in advance,  if the majority of the people’s representatives in the National Legislature would  accept  Mahinda Rajapaksa as premier and  recognise his government and If the President had consulted them as the  the main Opposition party they would have made it clear that a change in the status quo would not be acceptable to  Parliament. Sumanthirran  as per this UNP servile scribe has said that the President had accepted his mistake in not obtaining  the views of all parties. Sumanthiran has stated that even though Sirisena had reiterated he would not recognise Ranil as the legitimate Prime Minister, as demanded by the UNP, he believed that Sirisena would backtrack, since he had no choice, considering the support Ranil had in Parliament and due to the legal implications of his actions.

A report published in the  island said that the Central Committee member of the Tamil Eelam Liberation Organization (TELO), a constituent of the TNA, M.K.Sivajilingamhascriticized TNA’s  announcement announced that it would support the UNP to form a government. He has alleged that Sampanthan’s decision to support the UNP has been taken  without consulting the central committees of the constituent parties, and has said that taking a side in the conflict between the UNP and the United People’s freedom Alliance (UPFA) would be detrimental to the interests of the Tamils


Another Island report on 4th December said that the Secretary of the  Sri Lanka Podujana Muslim Peramuna (SLPMP) Abdul Sathar told a news conference in Kandy on Sunday that the government to be formed jointly with the United National Party (UNP) and the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) would be a threat to the Muslim community in Sri Lanka.

HE SAIDE that The TNA was an appendage of the LTTE, which was hostile to the Muslim community, Recalling the grave harm the Tigers did to the Muslim community during the 30-year war and even afterwards Mr. Sattar told the media the that Tigers had attacked Muslims in the East, not sparing even pregnant mothers, who were murdered in cold blood. Those praying in the Kattankudi mosque were killed by the LTTE cadres and even the houses of Muslims in the East were set on fire. The Muslims suffered during reign of Ranil Wickremesinghe government such as in Gintota, Ampara, Digana, Katigastota and some other areas. Mr. Sattar stated that Ranil Wickremasinghe is only supportive of Tamils in this country and he desists Sinhalese and Muslims and he also reminded that when thousands of Muslims were being massacred in Iraq  by the Americans Ranil went to UN and justified the American killings in Iraq.  He said that the TNA supporting the UNP to form a government with Ranil Wickremesinghe at the helm was highly dangerous.

He said that the Muslims enjoyed freedom only under former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, who was strong enough to meet the threat of terrorism. Sattar stated that the Muslims should not get deceived by SLMC leader Rauff Hakeem and ACMC leader Rishad Bathiudeen as they had entered into agreement with the UNP to support it and they are getting paid handsomely from the UNP. He also said that these so-called leaders undertook Umra pilgrimages recently together with their coterie which were alleged to have been sponsored by the UNP with Bond Scam haram money.


Now let us look at the long article published in the Sinhala daily Mawbima today 9TH Dec) titled මඟ හිරවුණු රට බෙදන කොන්ත්‍රාත්තුව (The contract of dividing the country stalled pom the way) which extensively deals with betrayal being done in [m Sri Lanka in the run up to 2015 elections and after that.

On 19th May 2009 the war against terrorism ended with a victory/  On that day the people of the country held celebrations thinking honestly hat the country got5 freed from the separatists.   But just after several years the dark thoughts of the terrorism began to r-reappear once again. In thus insurance the separatists chose the battle front as the UN Human Rights Council and in this instance,  they came forward to the battle not solitarily but with the support of several countries. The huge financial resources that had been accumulated by the tiger terrorists also came to their assistance.


The leaders of this front lighters were strategically ahead of Prabhakaran.  The first thing they did was to help Ranil Wickremasinghe who was in a state despair after having lost 29 times in elections to defeat the 5th executive President Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa. For this task they have got Ranil Wickremasinghe, Mangala Samaraweera clan to agree to this vicious plan.   A cancerous resolution passed in the UNHRC in 2012 had got strengthened buy 2015.  In the original resolution of 2012 it was said that it should be investigated whether there had been any crimes committed at that the last stages of the war.  As the proposal was not a serious on the surface the support of many countries was received for the resolution. In the 2nd proposal of 2013 there was reference in addition to war matters about political activities taking place in Sri Lanka.  in the proposal presented in the year 2014 there were matters that would seriously affect the sovereignty of Sri Lanka and it ordered the UN Human Rights Councillor]s Office to undertake an investigation on Sri Lanka.  This proposal had been approved despite strong opposition from many countries favourable to Sri Lanka.

For example, both India and Pakistan opposed the 2014 resolution saying that it was an inference in the internal affairs of an independent State.  But the western nations, under the pressurization of the Tamil diaspora succeeded in getting third proposal approved.  By this time western countries such as U..S.A, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Norway, Canada, were in the forefront of shouldering the task of toppling the Rajapaksa government.

The b2015 Presidential election was a contest between Rajapaksas and the above referenced external forces.   It seems that the new Indian Prime Minister who held a wrong impression relating to the close connection between the Sri Lankan government and China was also lured to this foreign force.  .Accordingly, it was these foreign forces which led, steered, and financed the tasks of finding a common candidate, and converging of divergent political and social forces.

In the year 2016 the first State of the United States stated that the United States spent U.S.DOLLAR 680- Million in the year 2015 to change the governments of Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Nigeria. Id one third of this amount of 680 U.S.Dollars was spent for Sri Lanka, the amount spent by America to change the Rajapaksa government exceeds 30,000 Million rupees.  This shows clearly how the opposition can propagate a mountain f lies, buy over many politicians and other individuals and carry out a massive hitherto unseen political campaign.

.The 4th UNHRC proposal against Sri Lanka was submitted after the presidential and general elections 2915.   The proposal which was to be submitted in March was postponed to September because it would have been detrimental to the UNP’s August election campaign.

The proposal No. 30/1 submitted in September 2015 clearly shows that it contains a list of diktats submitted by a colonial power to one of its colonies This list of items has presented a challenge to the sovereignty of Sri Lanka,  these proposals which should not have been accepted buy any respectable government wholeheartedly accepted by the Ranil Wickremasinghe government then in power.  The worst thing was the government not only accepted it but also became a co-sponsor for that proposal.  By co-sponsoring it the government also prevented expression of critical opinion by other countries.

What the government did until 2018cSeptember was implementing one by one the assurances it had given in that co=-sponsored proposal.  Among the 20 assurances given in that resolution the only thing that remain to be fulfilled is to introduce a new constitution.

Anyone who cannot understand that those who have drafted this so-called constitution are those who have links with the diaspora in many ways has no right to even speak about politics.  The objective of this envisaged constitution is to weaken the central government and empower the local government institutions.  It is not necessary to have a deep knowledge to understand the next of this game.   Prabhakaran should be wondering how a ca bal of fellows wearing tie-coat and Vettis achieved easily what he was unable to achieve by a 30 year long armed struggle

The person who was selected by the western powers to implement their programme was not Maithripala Sirisena but their minion Ranil Wickremasinghe who was ever ready to implement their diktats.  Therefore, it is important for them to keep their coolie Ranil Wickremasinghe in power until they achieve success from their contract.

(To be continued)

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