Petition filed seeking Quo Warranto over Ranil’s MP seat
Posted on December 11th, 2018

Courtesy Adaderana

A petition has been filed with the Court of Appeal requesting the court to issue a Writ of Quo Warranto preventing Ranil Wickremesinghe from being a Member of Parliament.

The petition has been filed by Sharmila Gonawala, the Co-President of ‘Women for Justice’.

Leader of the United National Party (UNP) Ranil Wickremesinghe, UNP General Secretary Akila Viraj Kariyawasam and the Secretary General of Parliament are among the four respondents named in the petition.

The petitioner states that according to the provisions of the Constitution, it has been interpreted that MPs who engage in businesses by entering into contracts with state institutions are deemed disqualified from holding a set in Parliament.

She further states that she has received information that MP Ranil Wickremesinghe is a shareholder of Lake House group and that Lake House Printers and Publishers PLC, a company in that group, is engaged in the business of printing of check leaves for the state-owned Bank of Ceylon and People’s Bank.

The petitioner hence argues that by doing business after entering into contracts with Bank of Ceylon and People’s Bank, as a shareholder of Lake House, Ranil Wickremesinghe has become ineligible to hold a seat in parliament.

She states that as per Constitutional provisions, under this condition Wickremesinghe is not qualified to hold office as a Member of Parliament (MP).

The petition also refers to a similar petition which had been filed by the then deputy minister Dilan Perera and Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe in 1999 against UNP MP Dr. Rajitha Senaratne, who lost his seat as a result.

10 Responses to “Petition filed seeking Quo Warranto over Ranil’s MP seat”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    Good work in anticipation of the correct verdict of the Court.

    This will give a temporary opportunity to replace Ranil as PM and the new PM can continue even after reinstating Ranil as a MP. However, being a mere shareholder may not suffice to prove the case.

  2. Randeniyage Says:

    There are major crimes committed by Ranil. leaving aside Batalanda, Central bank robbery is the 2nd major crime. Sirisena and current AG saved him. Now there are no recommendation by the Prez. commission to sue him.
    He should be behind bars, but thanks to Chnadrika, Mahinda and Sirisena, he is leading UNP which is the intention of his past opponents.
    While attention is drawn to crazy legal actions , stressing the judiciary and delaying hearing on major crimes, major perpetrators are trying to fool people.
    India is dead silent about all these Nadagam, ruining our motherland. People should always think why ?

  3. NeelaMahaYoda Says:

    I expected Dilrook to say a mere shareholder may not suffice to prove the case and as usual Dirook and Randeniyage jumped out to white wash Ranil.

    For your information Ranil is the 8th biggest share holder with 38964 shares to his name in that company. In UK,Europe or in US even ownership of one share would be sufficient to prosecute under conflict of interest legislations.

    I have been working for a multinational company for 45 years and through out that period I had to declare any share ownership of any other companies which may have a conflict of interest situation with the mother company.

    It is a criminal offence to have ownership of shares of companies which may have conflicting interests.

  4. Dilrook Says:


    Not to whitewash Ranil (a criminal in my books) but to state a fact. If ownership of a few shares has the effect, that will impact a lot more MPs.

    Even if that decision is made, he can be reinstated as happened to Rajitha. But that window of opportunity is sufficiet to replace Ranil as PM. UNP will be forced to pich another.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    Why someone do similar to check all his accounts as he is the one who masterminded the Central Bank Robbery.

    The court should investigate all the movements by this rogue.

    He must have invested somewhere our EPF funds looted from the CB!!

  6. Randeniyage Says:

    Have I whitewashed Ranil anywhere ?
    You once accused me I am a JVPeer and now this.
    It is up to you. I keep 5 precepts and I am not ready to lie and accept Sirisena’s mad dealing ( regardless of Ranil).
    I only give my opinion honestly, that is all.
    I have no benefit whitewashing Ranil but I can get great benefit if Mahinda come to power ( because of my close relationships), if I chose to and yet I keep my principles and simply write here some comments because I love my country. That is all. I comment , you decide.

  7. nilwala Says:

    The one-man show of RW had to be brought to a halt….the arrogance had grown too much to be borne by onlookers of the Public, let alone those of the UNP, one hopes….
    It would be interesting to get to the bottom of the blackmail that has kept men mesmerized into sheep.
    But where has all the money gone???? Everything probably into Pay-Offs, and into support and silence.

  8. Charles Says:

    Appeal Court decision was a disaster.

  9. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Batalanlde wandakaya get away with murder every time thanks to powerful christian west, india, tamils, mussies
    and catholics in Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan media, mostly run by UNPatriotic_rats party henchmen, also keep
    whitewashing wandakaya all the time and this too greately helped wandakaya to carry on its treacherous agenda.Traitor chief die hard catholic token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya bay gal karaya walking
    crime bomb (against Sinhalese, Sri Lanka and Buddhism only) Batalande wandakaya Pol Pot r@ni_leech
    wickrama Sinhala killer’s crime against the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism endless.

    *CB day light robbery with its catholic buddy maha horandran

    *Giving half the country on a plate to its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan in 2005 CFA

    *Sending Millennium City intelligent officers to catholic tigers of tamil drealam bullet to expedite the creation of
    the drealam

    *murder and torture of Buddhist jaathidhrohee vermins’ party aka jvp, at the Batalande torture camp with top
    catholic police brass

    *dragging on the Beeshana Samaya to get rid of 60,000+ Sinhalese youth. A Sinhalese cull!

    *dragging on its catholic buddy barrel man hitler mala paharan’s catholic tigers tamil drealam campaign saying
    the terras were invincible and sacrificing 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese. Another Sinhalese cull! MR came the ‘invincible terras’ were running for their lives.

    *hitting the state pension as soon as the Pathala Man Wandakaya became PM through the back door by
    promising moon and the earth at the elections (usual traitor UNPatriotic_rats party tactics to promise the
    moon and the earth and deliver nothing and get into power loot, loot, murder, murder, mayhem, mayhem
    and disappear for 5 years to enjoy the loot and come back with brand new moon and the earth).

    *letting its manthrihorun and amathihorun siphon off state banks money by billions

    *giving 2,500 estate tamils land deeds and break up tea estates for their votes. Tea is a dying industry and
    these people (650,000 of them) were prepared to go back to tn under Sirima-Shasthri pact. Sirima lost the
    elections after traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ gave citizenship
    to all of them. Today they make several millions in the central area of the country and aspire for a greater
    drealam. Traitor UNPatriotic_rats destruction of Sri Lanka, Sinhalese race and Buddhism again. No Sinhalese
    donkey utters a word.

    *Now traitor low life wandakaya has promised Tamil Nadu Alliance aka TNA and Sri Lanka Multiplying
    Community aka SLMC drealam and mussiesthan to get its job back.

    Break into CB?
    Murder Sinhalese Buddhists?
    Rob banks with your thieving, treacherous, lying manthrihorun and amathihorun thugs?
    Doing corrupt deals taking billions in commission for your traitor amathihorun and manthrihorun?
    Do the decent thing wandakaya, get lost! You’ve done enough murders (Sinhalese Buddhists only), enough
    robberies, enough treacheries. You are a liability. Sell by date long passed. Get lost at least now, so Mother
    Lanka can breathe a sigh of relief. Worst ever son of Mother Lanka second only to its traitor alugosuwa uncle
    (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@. Go Now for Mother Lanka’s sake!

  10. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Only some trecheries of anti Sinhalese anti Sri Lanka, anti Buddhist catholic run UNPatriotic_rats party. You won’t see these in so called Buddhist (on paper) Sri Lanka where all the media is controlled by UNPatriotic_rats party


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