Re: Tamil Heritage Month launch reflects pain of Sri Lanka’s war.
Posted on December 15th, 2018

Asoka Weerasinghe Kings Grove Crescent . Gloucester . Ontario . K1J 6G1 Canada 

15 December 2018


Dear Mike:

Re: Tamil Heritage Month launch reflects pain of Sri Lanka’s war.

With my ongoing interest in this 30 year long Tamil Eelam War in my Homeland,

Sri Lanka, which ended with the last bullet penetrating the forehead of the Tamil Tiger leader, Velupillai Prabhakaran, on the sandy beach of the Nandikadal lagoon in Mullaitivu, at sundown on 19 May, 2009,, I was intrigued to read your take on it in your article -Tamil Heritage Month launch reflects pain of Sri Lanka’s  war.

You know what Mike.  After reading it, my stomach made somersaults laughing at it.

That article of yours confirmed one more time that what P.T.Barnum said –There is a Sucker born every minute.  That’s a pity.  Let me elaborate You (Mike Adler) said – The pain of the war that brought Tamils to Canada still, lingers, nearly 10 years after it ended.”

I (Asoka Weerasinghe) says – That is sad, isn’t it!  Makes me ooze crocodile tears for these Tamils. What pain of War”, may I ask you Mike?   

The riots that began at sundown on 24 July, 1983, in Colombo, when unfortunately, the Tamils got a heck of a hiding with their shops in flames, and some deaths, and the world’s floodgates were opened asunder to them saying by the bleeding-heart international saviours,  Come running to our safe arms”. And so they came in rickety iron-corroding fishing trawlers and planes with some legitimate  and others with illegitimate forged passports.  It was a million dollar business,   The market value for one of these forged passports with entry documents went for Cdn. $25,000 a piece.   Ask the Toronto Metro police and they will tell you.

Of the Tamil refugees who came over, the majority, I would classify as ‘Economic Refugees’. If they had wanted to immigrate through the legitimate point system,  they wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in hell to come into Canada. And that’s a FACT, and these Tamils know it.  Did I tell you earlier that a Sucker is born every minute!  Ummmmmm!!!!!  How true, Canada!

It intrigues me as to why these Tamils who landed in the West, like Canada, US, UK, France, Germany and Norway, etc., thumbed their noses at their legitimate Motherland, Tamil Nadu, in South India, where 80-million of their kith and  kin live, when flying over or sailing by it to the western lands in rickety Fishing Trawlers.   And,  of course, no sooner these Convention Refugees get their landed status/permanent residency and the Canadian Passport, they are on the first flight to Sri Lanka, from where they ran away from saying that they were persecuted and discriminated.  Go figure that one out, Mike! 

Even prior to getting their Canadian passports, these Convention Tamil refugees came to the Sri Lanka High Commission in Ottawa in their thousands every October, November and December, with telegrams in their hands from Sri lanka, saying: Father  dying of cancer, come home immediately. Or Mother dying of cancer, come home immediately.” 

Mike, How do you know” you may ask me.  That is a fair question.  I know it as I had a stint as a senior locally recruited officer, and had to deal with these Tamil refugees, when the First Secretary was not available.  I did tell these Tamil refugees, however, that I was amazed that every October , November and December there is a Cancer epidemic in Sri Lanka which afflicts only the Tamil parents and not a single Sinhalese, Muslim or Burgher parent.  That was how it was between 1989 and 1994 when I was employed at the Sri Lanka High Commision in Ottawa.   Whoopee do…what a fraudulent hoot!  Did I not tell you that  there seems to be a Sucker born every minute, and Canada was certainly prone to that notion.  What a hoot!

Mike you said, The pain of the war……..”  Do you know who had suffered the pain most?   Between 1971 and 1981, much earlier than when the riots happened, were my people, the Sinhalese, when 27,000 of them who had been living in the North for generations, were threatened, terrorised and kicked out by the separatist Tamils. A Classroom Textbook example of ‘Ethnic Cleansing’.  Did you know that?  Did these Tamils tell you you that?  Of course, not.  How could they in case they would be painted as a bunch of crafty liars who wanted to find greener pastures away from home, where the roads were paved with gold, and earn a welfare cheque in Canadian dollars which most of them would earn  more in Sri Lankan rupees a month  than what they earned in Sri Lanka.   Aren’t they a bunch of lucky people.  Luckier than the Tamils who stayed back, as they couldn’t afford a plane ticket or  pay the owner of a rickety corroding fishing trawler to be  sailed over to western shores. The June 1983 riots in Colombo were a God’s send for these refugee Tamils, 

These Tamils were ethnic cleansing maestros” which was the genesis of them creating a Powder Keg which was waiting to go off anytime.  It happened on 24 July 1983 with a bang, fire and smoke.

Here is a short menu of their ‘ethnic cleansing’  acts of the Sinhalese majority, but there are more items.

  1.  In August 1977, the separatist Tamils chased 400 Sinhalese undergraduates and lecturers from the Jaffna Campus, and the buses that carried them South were attacked with a hail of rocks and stones;
  2. ‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Sinhalese in the Vauniya District in 1984 – with 73 Sinhalese shot dead in their villages to create a fear psychosis and  make the Sinhalese leave on their own, 6000 Sinhalese refugees are still  waiting to return to their ancestral homes in Wanni;
  1. ‘Ethnic cleansing’ of Sinhalese in the Trincomalee District  in 1984 – over 150 Sinhalese throughout the District including Buddhist (I am a Buddhist) monks have been killed and 20,000 refugees remain; 
  1. ‘Ethnic  cleansing’ of Sinhalese in Ampara District in 1980s – attempts  to chase out Sinhalese by attacking villages and killing hundreds of  Sinhalese while sleeping in their adobe houses was with the sole intention of forcing the Sinhalese out of the areas of North and East to  claim that these were Tamil areas, and so forth.  There are scores more  of  such ‘ethnic  cleansing’ incidents of the Sinhalese by the Tamils.  And that gets my goat, Mike. 

Your article of the Tamil pain, does not tell your readers the truth.  And that is unfair on my people, the Sri Lankan-Sinhalese Canadians, and I am one of them.  And I resent it.

Mike you sid, The pain of War……..” And I ask you What pain of War?”  You have missed a  Fact about this War.   This war was fought by two conventional Armies.  One was the separatist Tamil Tiger terrorists who were fighting to create a mono-ethnic, separate Tamil racist state, Eelam, carved out of 33% of productive real estate in the North and East of the island bordered by 60% of the coastline for 12.6% of the Tamil population,  The other was the Sri Lanka army who had been trained to safeguard the sovereignty and territorial integrity of that democratic island nation, Sri Lanka, which also happened to be my Motherland.

You give the impression that the Tamils are in pain”, and not the Sinhalese whose soldiers and innocent civilians were killed in the thousands and that those who won the war, are still celebrating lighting the skies with fireworks  and partying eating strings of Tamil Nadu Masala Wade with a fried shrimp curled on the top, and drinking coconut shells filled with Jaffna toddy.  That is poppycock, Mike.    That is Bull.  Give me a break.  Every soldier and innocent Sinhalese killed too were God’s children and had a mother, father and siblings like those of the Tamils who got killed in this unnecessary war.  After 10 years of ending the Sinhalese are still grieving and in pain as those Tamils you have portrayed in your article.  These chest thumping Mothers are still crying.  And that is no Fairy Tale So let’s cut out this crap, Mike.  Let’s be honest and lets portray the true picture of what it is after 10 years of ending the war in both communities, the Tamils and the Sinhalese.  Anything else would be fraudulent journalism which is not worth two prairie straws waving in the summer wind.

I notice in your article, the photos of the second generation Tamil youngsters used as pawns by the adult Tamils reflecting their celebratory-pain.

I wish they would have the courage to tell their Amma” (Mother) and Appa (Father).   Listen, we know that you are angry with the Sinhalese in Sri Lanka, and your dream is to have your own separate, racist Tamil state, Eelam, but  keep us out of it.  We are here as Canadians, and some of us were born here, and we don’t want to get involved in your sxxt” and you can stew in it but don’t pull us into the pot.

 If not for the riots of July 1983, we wouldn’t  have been here, and so Thank You  God for that happening.

Amma, Appa so please let us live in Canada as Canadians and get on with our lives.  If you hate the Sinhale, so be it as it is not our problem, but don’t brainwash us to be hateful towards them, either.  Dinesh an Sriyani, both Sinhalese are in my Class, and they are good friends of mine.  And I want to continue being their friends, and they are good youngsters.

So please…please leave us alone.” 

Mike, there is a Sinhalese-Canadian community in Toronto.  Meet them and have a dialogue with them.  They are a decent and an honest community.  Give it a try and you will see the other side of the coin and how different it is as you have been preached by the separatist Tamil Eelamists in Toronto,  feeding you with their Kilinochchi-Fairy Tales.,  You won’t regret it. 


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

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