Posted on December 15th, 2018


The dissolution of parliament by a gazette notification of the president was not in terms of the constitution, was determined by the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka When carefully reading two judgements it is quite clear that judges decided purely based on the literal meaning the clauses of the constitution and they have not considered any other points in addition to the literal meaning.  According to judgements of the courts in the world we can see that various factors are considered by the courts making judgment, but they are not relevant to this judgment and all parties in Sri Lanka accepted the decision.

Many weaknesses of the constitution of Sri Lanka have identified and some of them are discussed in political and non-political platforms. Resolving such problems should be done by a future government as the current political parties in the parliament have no mandate to do it.

Politicians, academics, public and interested parties in Sri Lanka or overseas need to understand some significant points which affect Sri Lanka’s politics.  The major point is the demographic changes in the country and the impact of such changes to politics in Sri Lanka.

The census report of Sri Lanka in 2012 indicate that the population of Sri Lanka consist of 74.90% Sinhala, 15.27% Tamil, 9.30%% Muslim and 0.19% are others. These statistics strongly confirm that Sinhala people of Sri Lanka has the supreme power in politics and if they are united, no domestic or outside force could defeat the political unity of Sri Lanka and they will decide the political power of the country.  The next important point is that same census report indicates that the population of Sri Lanka comprise of 70.10% are Buddhists, 12.58% are Hindus, 9.66% are Muslim, 7.62%, Christian, and 0.03% are others most probably they might be secular people or other religion like Bahai faith or without belonging to any religious community.

These statistics further confirm that the political power of the country is with Sinhala Buddhists and if any political party goes against the wishes of Sinhala Buddhist community, such political party could be survived in the country.

The unity of Sinhala people is the most significant factor to defeat any forces against Sri Lanka and the next census, which is due in 2022 will show further different result that the population of Sri Lanka will be consisted of 80% Sinhala and the Tamil population will be declined to less than 10% and more than 75% of the population will be Sinhala Buddhist giving absolute power in politics to Sinhala Buddhist.  The unity of Sinhala Buddhist will determine the political power of the country. In Sri Lanka, there is a higher trend to reducing Tamil population as they are massively migrating to other countries and many Tamil women marry with Sinhala male and integrate to Sinhala population. Current Tamil can do nothing to change this trend.

However, the majority of Sinhala Buddhists have divided according to political parties and if this situation changes, foreign forces must listen to Sinhala Buddhist first.

The other vital point is that with a less than 10% of population, Tamil in Sri Lanka needs to learn how to live with Sinhala people.  In Western countries such as UK, USA, France, Germany, Australia and others do not ready change their constitution because less than 10% of population from other countries. The governments of those countries have passed anti-discrimination legislation and all need to integrate with majority of population.

Working against this truth is a self casuistically work. Tamil politicians in Sri Lanka attempt to manipulate many things against Sinhala majority and some edacious Sinhala politicians, civil society people have caught to Tamil propaganda and vicious actions.


  1. Charles Says:

    Edward, The Sinhala people are divided, according to religion, political parties,upcountry-low country, caste. The Buddhists Priests are also divided according to Nikayas, Siyam Nikaya is for the Upcountry, then there is also a low caste Nikaya and low country Nikaya. The Priests are also divided according to politics. The Buddhist Priests are not united . They should not have allowed Gnanasara thero to be imprisoned. This shows how evil the Judges are. The Buddhist Priests should occupy the pzeople at village level, as the moral standar of the people are deteriorating every day. There must be a call to order otherwise we asa Sinhala Buddhist Country will be a shamelessly degraded nation soon.

  2. Nihal Perera Says:

    The country is divided and corrupted, including politicians, judiciary, executive presidency, and the legislature. Money is the new religion and culture of Sri Lanka today. Anybody can be bought for a price which includes politicians, ministers, MPs, judges, lawyers, police, media, etc.

    Yes, this goes for the Buddhist Priests too, some of whom are disgustedly greedy, politicized, and morally bankrupted, just like the Sinhala-Buddhist majority. The only benefactors of the country today are the minority Tamils and Muslims, who continue to be the king makers, thanks to dumb-ass Sinhala politicians, who seek their support.

    The Sinhalese have nobody to blame but themselves for the downfall of the country. Soon Sinhalese won’t have a country to call their own, thanks to their ignorance, stupidity, greed, and their inherent inability to be united, and rise above their egotism, and pettiness.

    The tragic reality is that all the current leaders/politicians seem only interested in playing political chess to advance nothing but their own personal gains, while the country is rapidly spiralling downwards, economically, socially, and morally.

    The Sinhala-Buddhists will go down in the history as the only people who lost their country due to their own stupidity, ignorance, and greed…

  3. Charles Says:

    Nihal Today it has become evident we have no reliable Judges a reliable Judiciary. They say the Judiciary should be independent, that is to say independanrt of rthe Executive and the Legislature. But the Judges have mis understood it and are becoming independent of the people. That is not what is expected. They are selling their patriotism to show they are independent and can take any judicial decision which should be accepted without a question by the President to the beggar on the road.

    They are making the Judiciary a dictatorship..

  4. Nihal Perera Says:

    Charles, I agree 100%…

    There is no independent Judiciary in SL anymore. Perhaps you may recall that last year USAID pumped (more liked bribed..), millions of Dollars to the Bar Association of SL (BASL) under the guise of enhancing civil societies in SL.

    Now we can see clearly the results of how USAID is implementing its hidden agenda in SL.

  5. vyasan Says:

    I am a Sri Lankan Hindu Tamil, currently living in Canada. Though I have been living in Canada for the past 31 years, ( I left Sri Lanka due to threat to my person by the LTTE) I am strongly attached to Sri Lanka, and never felt I really belong to Canada. Here in Canada, one of the western country where much of the Tamils migrated, especially the second generation,have assimilated into the Canadian way of life. The second generation speak English as their first language while they speak in Tamil (spoken/broken Tamil) to their parents and to the first generation Tamils who do not speak English. The parents of such second generation usually are proud of their second generation kids performance in English and the way they are able to speak English with the Canadian accent. I always wonder, if this is the case with regard to their language and culture, why they are vehemently opposed to learning the Sinhalese language which is a sister language in Sri Lanka! During the period of grand/great grand parents (of the second generation in Canada), they learned English so that they can work in the administration of the British. What prevented them to learn Sinhalese which would have facilitated to serve them well in Sinhalese areas if they prepared administrative positions in the independent Sri Lanka! I finally concluded that it’s all because of the politicians ( mainly the Tamil ones) that the language issue was so much important for their political survival! They spread the venomous seeds in the minds of the Tamils saying that learning Sinhalese is a taboo, and that it would eventually destroy the Tamil language and culture, which too encouraging their children to give preference to learning English, a foreign language! Having said that, I remember my father told us, me and my brothers, when were were very young some fifty-five years ago, that we should learn Sinhalese language as it is the language of the majority population and also happens to be a sister language of the country. He arranged a teacher for us to learn Sinhalese. By the way, my father had only primary level education, and was a farmer! But, what he understood was not realized by most of the educated lot, or ignored for their own benefits! I strongly believe that the Tamil politicians, not only Tamils but other minorities like the Muslims as well, are manipulated by foreign forces so that they could have the country in their controls! The only way possible to get out of this is to have a strong leadership who would not bend to the pressure of foreign forces. As far as I can see, Mahinda Rajapakse is the only leader capable of withstanding such pressures!

  6. Charles Says:

    Vyasan, I come from Wattegama in Kandy. From our childhood we had Tamil boys from the Estates, and Jaffna boys learnin in South staying with their fathers- restaurants, barber saloons, suruttu kade, etc; We were close to Madawala where we had a large number of Muslim children . I spent Sundays with my Muslim friends and on market days in Wattegama with my Tamil friends. We once went out to play in a river and I was nearly drowned . It was my friend Raju a very dear Tamil friend from a Tea Estate close by who was with me that jumped into the river and saved me. We never for once felt we were different. They were all my friends.

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