Namal Kumra tells of attempts to sweep VIP assassination plot under rug
Posted on December 25th, 2018

Namal Kumara, the Director Operations of the Anti Corruption Force, says that the investigations regarding the information he revealed on the VIP assassination plot are at a weak status.

According to him, information on the relevant investigations has been released to the media by some individual.

He mentioned these addressing a media conference held in Ampara today (25).

He also says that there is a conspiracy to sweep the investigations regarding the assassination plot under the rug.

Meanwhile, at a press conference held today, Police Media Spokesperson Ruwan Gunasekara rejected these allegations of Namal Kumara.

Responding to a media query, he said that adequate police protection has been provided for Namal Kumara.

Director (Operations) of Anti-Corruption Movement, Namal Kumara, on September, had uncovered information of the conspiracy and the alleged conversations that he has had with former DIG Nalaka de Silva regarding the matter and other controversial topics.

The CID subsequently commenced investigations regarding the alleged conspiracy and has recorded statements from both Namal Kumara and the former DIG on multiple occasions.

One Response to “Namal Kumra tells of attempts to sweep VIP assassination plot under rug”

  1. ranjit Says:

    UNP TNA JVP three Stooges are capable of anything as they have enough experience in murdering innocent people in this country therefore Namal Kumara must be very careful these days. He should request the president to give him protection from these coup plotters. President also should make arrangements to keep him in a safe place until this investigation is over. You cannot allow this UNP Ali Baba and forty thieves to put this case under the rug as they have done on many occasions for example Central bank robbery etc. The citizens want to know the truth behind this story. President must be tough on this.

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