Posted on December 31st, 2018

Stanley Perera Melbourne, Australia.

My dear Sri Lankan Buddhists,


For nearly four years this man Ranil Wickremasinghe did not vist the Mahanayaka theros or any other buddhist temples.  Let alone the church, mosques or Hindu Temples.  For that the people friendly Mahinda Rajapakse never failed to visit the Maha Sanga and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith so frequently not forgetting the Hindu Temples as well.  Patriotic Sinhalayas believe Mahinda Rajapakse is their xaviour who has great leadership qualities.  80% of the Sri Lanka’s population is Sinhalayos.  Mahinda Rajapakse believes it is this Sinhalaya’s hearts and minds are important factors to rule the island nation of Sri Lanka.  Whereas, Rani l Wickremasinge believes that it is the white skinned barbarian Ambassadoze, dirty Indians, racists Tamils and Saibu nana are important to him rather than the working class Sinhala Buddhists.  Ranil’s supporters are those uppish class toffe noses in Colombo.

After Wickremasinghe got beaten up severely in the last couple of months, overnight he changed his whole behaviour in visiting maha sanga and buddhist temples and distancing himself from the racist TNA.  Wickremasinghe realised that 80% of the total population do not acknowledge the secret pact with the racists TNA,  But the cat is out of the bag.  Sinhalaya learnt in the last four years that Wickremasinghe is only a puppet manipulated by racists and bogus Tamil refugees world wide and white skinned barabarian Ambassadozes who are good in clapping hands in the gallery.

Wickremasinghe won the no confidance vote with the power of the American dollars and funds raised by the racist Tamil Dispora world wide.

Wickremasinghe jailed Buddhist monks.

Wickremasinghe jaild war heroes.

Wicremasinghe has a secret pact with the racist TNA.

Wickremasinghe planned to re-merge North and East appoint Saibu Nana as the Prime Minister of the East and  Racist Tamil Sampanthan or Vigneswaran as the Prime Minister of the North.

Wickremasinghe planned to break the Island Nation in to Nine Seperate independent states.

Wickremasinghe planned to sell Colombo Port, Palali air port and Trincomalee harbour to India.

Wickremasinghe sold Hambantota harbour to Chine and was planning to sell Hambantota air port to Chine.

Wickremasinghe planned to sell 5000 acre blocks of land in the North and East to the foreigners.

Wickremasinghe is only trying to hoodwinck buddhist votes.  Wickremasinghe is not a true buddhist.  It is only superficial.  Wickremasinghe is an anglican.  He wants you to stop eating rice and eat bacon and sausages.  This wolf is in sheep’s clothing.  Somebody said he is a butterfly.  Don’t believe this man Wickremasinghe.  He is public nuisance, a pest and a health hazard.

Stanley Perera

Melbourne, Australia.


  1. ranjit Says:

    Stanley don’t worry be happy my dear because it’s not easy for this Tie Coat gay boy to hoodwink Sinhala Buddhists so easily ok. Just look at him walking like a pimp putting his both hands inside his trouser pockets and grinning like Mr Bean and waving like queen Elizabeth. He has to find a hiding place soon because his own party supporters will kick his ass out very soon. He brings shame to our country by being in that position for so long after losing elections more than twenty times. What kind of democracy is he preaching to the world? Stanley this guy’s end is very near so we shouldn’t bother about him too much. He do all this hoodwinking because western hypocrites and Indian parasites pumping millions to his coffers and he buy and sell whatever it’s suits his cunning plans. UNP TNA JVP three Stooges will never comes to power again just mark my words. Now people understands their lies and bogus promises and people are waiting to give them a good answer this time in future elections. Let’s hope a new era will dawn in our blessed homeland where every citizen irrespective of colour,race, religion lives side by side in peace and harmony and work hard to take our country to great heights and brings joy to all citizens.


    My dear Stanley
    In a City like Melbourne, it is great to see Sri Lankans who love their country, with the likes of Stanley Perera.

    There are some in Melbourne who spread false messages in their retirement and attack Sinhalese, Buddhist Monks and Nationalism. Shyamon Jayasinghe of Melbourne is one such person who consistently display his anger against Sinhalese.

    During last full moon day, after religious ceremonies at the Keysborough Dhamma Sarana Vihara Melbourne, several of us met at some other location during which these topics were discussed. It is timely that Stanley had written this article as an open letter to Buddhists.

    At this critical moment, forum should be formed to face the attacks of enemies of Sri Lanka, especially those culprits in Melbourne and Sydney.

    You will have my fullest support.

  3. Nimal Says:

    Only out of office politicians should visit temples, churches etc. Unless they are trying to hoodwink the people. Instead they should visit hospitals and schools and meet the requirements of people who elected them.They will not put up with such politicians in Australia, for sure.

  4. Christie Says:

    Hi Nimal.

    Church and Politics is the same in the West.

    It is only the Socialists in the West that did not use the churches but they do it now.

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