Posted on July 1st, 2019


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There is evidence that Saudi Arabia is connected to the bomb blasts. one of the masterminds who orchestrated the Easter Sunday bomb blasts , Milshan  was arrested in Saudi Arabia.  Later came the information that four key members of National Thowheeed Jamaath (NTJ), hailing from Batticaloa and Ampara had fled to Saudi Arabia prior to the Easter Sunday suicide bombings. A team of police intelligence officers were sent to Saudi Arabia to interrogate them. The SLFP meanwhile said at a news conference in Colombo in May 2019   that Qatar and Saudi Arabia were funding terrorism in Sri Lanka . Qatar protested.  But Army chief Mahesh Senanayake said  on  22nd May  2019 that at least two suspects have been arrested in Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia has known before hand about the  Easter Sunday bombings . A leaked ‘urgent, confidential and top secret’ document obtained by Lebanese website Al-Ahed News claims that Saudi Arabia had alerted its Ambassador to Sri Lanka regarding a possible security threat some five days before the Easter Sunday attacks.

The Lebanuese  website shows a letter, which carries the date of April 16, allegedly sent by Saudi Foreign Minister Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz al-Assaf’s to Saudi Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Abdul Nasser al-Harethi.

The document says:

                                           Urgent – Top Secret                                                            

His Excellency Ambassador Abdul Nasser bin Hussein al-Harethi

You should carry out the following measures immediately:

First: You should delete all documents, computer data and latest correspondence with domestic and foreign members and groups, in addition to imposing a curfew for the embassy personnel unless it is necessary

Second:  You should inform all those related to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including counselors, security forces and intelligence during the three coming days, especially on the Christian Easter Day, to avoid presence in public and crowded places namely churches

Third: You should send written news about the Sri Lankan authorities and their viewpoints regularly to this ministry

Ibrahim bin Abdul Aziz al-Assaf
Foreign Minister

(Source  http://www.adaderana.lk/news.php?nid=54893  date   4.5.19)


  1. Hiranthe Says:

    That means it is a US job!!

    They were aiming for implementing SOFA in the aftermath of the disaster. That is why US Ambassador to SL had opened those three shelters for housing disaster stricken people.

    The Disaster they were aiming is another Black July. This time Muslims.

    Thanks to our people and Cardinal Malcolm Ranjith for calming down the people even after losing over 300 lives.

    Dirty tricks!! They should one day pay back!!

  2. Hiranthe Says:


    That means, Are all those SOFA and all other detrimental agreements taking place with the blessing of Indian colonial parasite? or rather, they are also Indian initiatives?

    If we see the timing, 4/21 took place at the time of SOFA signing and US is rushing to sign it secretly before Rajapaksas coming back to power according to US’s own documentation. Chaos everywhere would help Yahapalana rogues to sign without getting highlighted.

    Are the word “Contractors” mentioned in SOFA then relates to Indians?

    It was their intention in the Singapore agreement as we opposed the same trade agreement with India.

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