Response to the Washington Post article of Monday July 8, 2019, titled “In Sri Lanka, Muslims increasingly under siege” by Joanna Slater and Hafeel Farisz
Posted on July 12th, 2019

Anjalika Silva Sri Lankan American Community member

The above article that appeared in the Washington Post on Monday July 8, 2019 singles out the occurrence of reaction by the citizens of Sri Lanka against the recent extremist Islamic violence portrayed as Muslims being under siege with insinuations of unfair treatment of Muslims as a rule.  The recent coordinated attacks in Sri Lanka in 6 places within minutes of each other killing close to 300 men women and children in churches and luxury hotels in one clean sweep of coordinated attacks is not something to keep a country complacent.  In addition, over 500 are injured with life altering injuries. This kind of carnage is not anything new in the vision of the world that has witnessed Islamic extremism fast spreading to obliterate the traditional practices of Islam throughout the world.

Why is Sri Lanka isolated from other countries that are facing similar issues?  Why is Sri Lanka singled out for trying to protect its people and all traditional religions?  Why are only the Buddhists blamed for reacting when the Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and moderate Muslims face the same danger of extremist brutality?  It is not a perfect world to not have some reaction to such high numbers of casualties.  To direct the reaction as faith-based attacks implying that it came from a Buddhist Nationalist group is a deliberate attempt at the confirmed Buddhist bashing that has become a theme of the international media. 

How does one assume that any of the attackers to be solely Buddhists?  The Easter attacks were directed at the Catholic churches.  Why are Buddhists blamed without proof? The entire country is angry, grieving and living in fear.  It is not only Muslims but all those who don’t conform to the radical Islam of the Saudi supported Wahabi form that is rammed down people are in danger.

These questions must be answered by the Washington Post reporter who has not understood the root of the problem or fails to do so blatantly ignoring the recent violence against one of their own – Jamal Khashoggi a Saudi dissident. It is the possibility of the same violence that Sri Lankans fear because of the push to annihilate all religions with only two choices.  One, to convert to extreme Islam and live, or refuse and die by beheading or any other means. This is the Saudi sponsored Wahabism that is causing a problem to moderate Muslims also in Sri Lanka.  If they are concerned for their safety, how much more should non-muslims fear for their lives?  This applies to all people in the cross wires of a fanatical drive to push their flavor of Islam throughout the globe. 

The article is more sympathetic to the material loss of business and buildings over the loss of life deliberately destroyed.  Regardless of the faith, this is completely wrong and yet it continues globally with countries more powerful than Sri Lanka bracing for attacks.

If there is a fall out from this event against all muslims, it is to be expected because the moderate muslims are as much victims of this tragedy.   They cannot denounce the extremists to suffer threats to their lives to a far greater extent than illustrated in the article that pinpoints to the majority race the Sinhalese among whom are majority Buddhists, viewed and assumed as a threat. Recognizing the right or real threat is the bottom line here. It is convenient to ignore the root cause – the jihadist attacks and skip to those who react.

The Washington Post needs to be balanced in reporting sporadic incidents of the fate of material business and understand fully the implications of the fate that awaits the people of Sri Lanka with the risk to their life if nothing is done about it.  Patience of the people is fast running out.

The current situation is that all citizens of the country across religious lines are coming together because they realize the gravity of the situation.  The lead to the group and one of the most vocal proponents of the need for action is Cardinal Malcom Ranjit the head of the Catholic Church in Sri Lanka who has fearlessly come forward to join the Buddhist clergy with the common goal of saving all traditional believers from the plans for widespread Jihad. Further plans for destruction have been revealed following the swift action and investigations by the security forces in the country.

Historically Sri Lanka that survived invasions by the Portuguese, Dutch and British have saved the country with extreme sacrifice and action of the patriots that include the Buddhist clergy who have their own way of expressing their patriotism through which they have protected all religious and ethnic groups in the history of the country.  That is a given and no reporter in the international media understands their role.  In the 30-year war too, there was mass slaughter of Buddhist monks by terrorists, slaughter of Muslims in prayer in the very area that was home to the leader of the recent extremist bombing. Thousands of dead from suicide bombs never had their day because terrorists are non-state players who walk free with no accountability for human rights.

This is not only applicable to Sri Lanka.  The US also will do well to focus their attention to take note of how operations were carried out in places of religious worship, under cover with the abuse of religious freedom afforded to all groups in Sri Lanka.   No one wants the brutal bloodshed and beheadings, suicide bombings to destroy one of the most beautiful, peaceful spiritual nations in the world that has seen Buddhists, Christians, Hindus and moderate Muslims living peacefully without the radicalization that is going on today and brutal consequences in the name of religion.    Nor do they wish to have the laws of the country substituted by Sharia Law that doesn’t offer justice to its people. 

Before the Easter Sunday attacks, vandalism at Buddhist Temples

Leading up to the bombing of the churches on Easter Sunday, over twenty Buddhist temples were vandalized and the individual leading those attacks was also the leader of the pack of suicide bombers who were known but never apprehended until they caused all the damage. Valuable Buddhist statues at temples were mutilated and this was also an organized attack as a prelude to bigger and more violent attacks on living worshippers.  These actions received very little media attention and the government took extra precautions to protect a backlash against Muslims by keeping it away from national news.

Is the Washington Post ignoring the global trend of Islamic extremism that has hit Sri Lanka? 

The article refers to boycott of Muslim businesses and sporadic attacks by angry mobs with an element of sympathy using anecdotal incidents. The reporter may not have encountered or interviewed customers who decided to boycott some businesses.   There are those who experienced the crudest treatment from eating houses that they decided to boycott.  Some non-Muslims have reported firsthand that their food was contaminated with human excreta and as word got around, those eating places were boycotted for obvious reasons.  It takes only one for reaction to all.  The actions of hate found their way to food outlets too.   Can one blame the boycotts?  Isn’t it obvious?  These are anecdotal reports from individuals who experienced firsthand.

Stocks of Buddhist robes, white garments and military like uniforms, weapons, explosives found buried in mosques

The reference in some media reports to mob attacks attributed to Buddhist monks has a strange connotation.  The discovery of huge quantities of Buddhist robes worn by monks buried in mosque premises deserves to be queried.  Most of the attackers could not be identified by the chief incumbents of Buddhist temples because they were imposters.  Another deliberate move to discredit Buddhism. 

There is an obvious explanation for the discovery of a large quantity of white clothing found buried in mosques and other places to be used for disguise in mingling with Buddhist devotees for a planned attack at temples.  White attire is worn by Buddhists as simple garb when they attend Buddhist festivals.  

It was recently revealed that there were plans to destroy the most sacred Buddhist shrine, the Temple of the Tooth in the country that enshrines the relics of the Buddha.  Sri Lanka is a spiritually rich country with prayers in every faith and it will be protected from these fanatics to a greater extent than one can believe.

There is also a strange find of military like uniforms buried in the premises supposed to be for religious worship.  According to the Indian Intelligence reports, there is a warning of an impending attack on India and Sri Lanka by Jihadists wearing military like attire.  This is yet to be proven, but if it does happen, the Washington Post better be alert that the Indian authorities are just as concerned.  The discovery of mass scale catches of weapons and explosives obviously gives credibility to their findings.

It is not accurate that a reputable newspaper in the capital of the world in Washington DC to present a one-sided picture of the situation in Sri Lanka and imply that terrorists who are Islamic extremists who catalyzed the situation should not be a reason for the victims to react. This should be challenged by moderate Muslims too.  Claiming faith-based attacks accusing a Buddhist Nationalist Group is preposterous when up to and until this event on April 21, all religions in Sri Lanka had the freedom to practice their faith and there was no forced murderous killing of individuals while in prayer.  The Buddhist Nationalists are coming together through patriotism and they have no affiliation to any armed group outside Sri Lanka and it is an exaggeration to paint a picture that they will take to arms.  They have no such capability.

All Muslims are only 9.3% of the population and they came to Sri Lanka as traders in 8 A.D., when Buddhism has existed in Sri Lanka since 250 BC.  With 70% of the Sinhalese people who make up about 72% of the population of 21.6 Million being followers of Buddhism, the rest of the Sinhalese majority are followers of Christianity.   The situation on the ground is one that has brought together all segments of the population that feel threatened by extremism.

This article written without due consideration for the big picture is a pitiful illustration of a very dangerous situation. Some of the suicide bombers were well educated in western countries and from affluent families enjoying power in professions and business circles in addition to political roles.  It is the scenario we see in countries like France, UK and other places that have provided refuge to radicals who now disturb their peace by making demands that are beyond reasonable.

According to experts, this is clearly a push for new grounds for their caliphate with the footing lost due to US bombings and the displacement of ISIS that is the influence behind the forceful conversion of an entire nation that has only two choices, death or forced conversion to a radical form.

This is not how Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans want to live.  When they protect their country, the interpretation of international media has taken on a role of Buddhist bashing and it must be reminded that the Sinhalese Buddhists are fearless about guarding Sri Lanka as a world minority of only 17 million in the entire world,  while accommodation all other ethnic and religious groups in their midst to exist peacefully.  In Sri Lanka, every religious holiday for Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Muslim followers are mandated government paid holidays.  Taking aim at the majority as spreading faith-based attacks as the norm is baseless and inaccurate.  It is more accurate to indicate that there are undercurrents to eliminate all non-muslims from the entire country with no regard for human life. The Government of Sri Lanka has taken measures to protect Muslims over and above the majority to prevent a backlash. There is every possibility that this situation can be taken advantage of if it is not monitored diligently.

Recently a Buddhist monk and a Hindu priest went on a hunger strike because of this issue demanding the removal of ultra-powerful Muslim cabinet members who were loyal to the perpetrators of this carnage. See the confession of a Jihadist who mentions them by name.  (The names have been removed for the personal safety of this writer)

With the emergence of extremism, the hardliners who were radicalized became a force that was recognized and feared mostly by the moderate Muslims in the country.  They made representations to the government about the activities that were going on under cover because the danger to them was as bad as to other religions.  It is not a wonder that with the severity of the recent attacks, people of all religions and ethnicities including the moderate Muslims live in fear? 

This is also a common issue considering the occurrences in bigger and more powerful nations faced with the push from extreme Islam followers trying to rule in their host countries with no go” zones and a push for Sharia Law.

The extract from a Jihadist’s confession below will be an eye opener.  Ironically his appeal was sent to the very Buddhist Nationalist Group referred to in this article.  This letter was his ultimate salvation from the brainwashing that he underwent for nine years to turn him from being human to a barbarian trained to kill even his own people perceived as a threat to the religion with no basis for verification.  All in the name of man-made religious beliefs.   This confession is a translation from reputable sources.

How a brainwashed Jihadist confessed plans in detail to the Buddhist Nationalist Group mentioned above

The letter from a Jihadist going back to 2014 that was revealed in the light of recent attacks.

This is a translation of a letter received by the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) organization (the Buddhist Nationalist Group referred to in the article)  in Sri Lanka that was a much-maligned by the government as an organization for pointing out the secret activities of the radicals in the country as confirmed by this Jihadist.  The Buddhist monk heading the organization was sent to jail for several years.  He was released after April 21 attacks came to fruition proving his findings to be true facts.

The BBS spokesperson who revealed this is a Buddhist monk, in a video statement online. He has declared that this is not being revealed to cause any harm, anger to resentment toward any segment of the community to hurt their feelings or cause fear. This is revealed for the seriousness of the contents as revealed by the writer, a young radicalized Jihadist who wants it to be known.

The original letter was written in Tamil and an authentic translation was made with the help of a reporter of a leading Tamil newspaper the Virakesari. The handwritten Tamil letter translated into Sinhala is in the hands of the BBS organization.

The English translation of the confession of the Jihadist from the letter is as follows: (The words here are the words of the brainwashed Jihadist)

I ask you to read this letter from top to bottom more than once recommends the writer and he adds that every word in this letter is true.

He says think about the contents.  I confirm that every fact is true. (Words from the Jihadist that prefaced the actual confession)

I was born and raised in the Muslim environment and knew only about Allah” and  as I grew up all I heard in my life was about the harm done to Muslims by other believers and religions.  My village had small mosques and in a close by town there was a larger mosque.  Some of the folks in my village had connections with the larger mosque.  When I was about 15 years old, I got a chance to attend the larger mosque with some folks who had connections to the larger mosque and I too got a chance.  Those who attended this mosque had revolutionary ideas.  Their talk centered around how to deal with the other believers outside Islam. After a while I too accepted their ideas and believed that to protect our belief, we must destroy others to save our religion.  The main aim of discussion was the elimination of all other believers.  In order to do so we were prepared to commit genocidal attacks on all others except muslims. We were ready to eliminate everyone except muslims and create an Islamic state.

We received special talks too.    One day we had a visitor, from a foreign land at our mosque.  A discussion ensued.  He preached that we must be ready make the whole world Muslim and that we must be ready to do anything to achieve that and concentrate on Sri Lanka. This is what he said and invited us to join a special organization. We were impressed with the idea and agreed immediately.  We didn’t know the name, or the organization didn’t have a name.  We were not sure whether it was Jihad but later found out it was not Jihad and that it was the mother organization. Many people didn’t know for sure the real organization structure or name.  We were told that the name need not be known, and that Jihad was just a cover to mislead those who were seeking to find out about us.

We didn’t care if it didn’t have a name.  They avoided naming the organization getting known.  I got to know this after 7 years with the organization.  Jihad name was to mislead because Jihad the known name was being watched while they operated with a bigger mother organization that had spread throughout the world.  Most people didn’t know this. I was proud to be in this organization. Due to my contribution, after 9 years I was able to get a big position and at that time I was 26 years old.  I was empowered to kill anyone to spread Islam and establish a Muslim country in Sri Lanka. To establish Islamic state, I was ready to kill anyone, and we were trained well without being visible to the outside world.

I learned to read and write the Sinhala language (language of the majority ethnic group and majority of the Sinhalese people are Buddhist) and I looked like a Sinhalese in my appearance.

At this point the organization gave me something special.  That is, identification papers changing me to a Sinhalese with a new name and all the necessary papers to disguise myself as a Sinhalese. I was given a special assignment to go to the Sinhala community and learn as much as possible about them and I was able to travel to any part of the country. 

At this point I was also informed that every office or establishment throughout the country had people who were prepared like I was, and they were established in such places for many years.  Some of these folks were in this role for around 30 to 40 years and some were Sinhala people, but they were converted to become like us.  I was given a code word to identify similarly trained people.  I am going to reveal that code in this letter.  When it becomes known the organization members will be disturbed.  That is what I want to make known.  The code word was madei” which when softly spoken they reply to confirm they are in the movement.  This is the code word worldwide.  These people continue to operate in every sphere even today.

This way they infiltrated all the areas of work in the country.  Every government department, military, air force, airports, banks, police, and all other places they have infiltrated and are not known or visible from the outside.

 Ports and airports were the most important and we have got things done the way we want.  Due to political instability we had advantages.  We also dealt with those who didn’t agree to what we wanted done.  These people who worked in ports were taken to the middle of the sea and murdered for not agreeing to carry out what we wanted done. Then we spread the word that they went overseas.  Among us are Government politicians that include two (Muslim Ministers – Name 1 withheld, Name 2 withheld but widely known in local media). These ministers in the government are our biggest members.

About 3 years ago they gave me a special assignment.  They made use of my appearance that looked like a Sinhalese.  Sent me to a Buddhist organization and made a member.  I was asked to learn all the inside working of the Buddhist organization with my Buddhist Sinhala identification documents.  I was not given details, but I realized that what I was expected to do was a very serious act of genocide and mass destruction.  I was also brain washed with the desire to carry out such acts.  They asked me to study the festivals and when and where their festivals were to be held and where people were to gather. I was able to get a good insight into their activities and passed the information on.  I was told to stay in the same place, and I was ready for the next step as they said the next step will take place there.

I was with the Sinhala people for 3 years in this environment.  This is when things started to change. My attitude started to change, and I realized that the Sinhala people were more civilized than I had believed.  By then my commitment in the Islamic organization had gone far beyond a point when I could turn around.  If I had changed at this point, I would have been killed by the Islamic organization.  So, I stayed quiet and time passed.  My organization did not notice a change in me.

Then two weeks or so before writing this letter, I was given the second stage of their plan.  This plan was to be in Anuradhapura (An ancient historic capital of Buddhist heritage) where a big Buddhist festival offering of Jasmine flowers was to take place on June 5th.  There were plans in place to cause a disturbance there.  I was not able to let this happen.  Therefore, I exposed this plan. To prevent this is for you to take over.

At a time, next month there was a plan to take over this country.  But due to incidents at Aluthgama, (a place where there was unrest between Muslims and villagers) these plans were postponed as I have learned. 

As I told you we have our people in all institutions in this country and worldwide in every country.  With the help of our people there is a plan to disrupt all communication channels and mess things up. Then a group was to come from overseas and bring the weapons and people, for us to take over this country by morning.  All this is the absolute truth.  In order to achieve this, we have hidden weapons in the country in preparation.  In every mosque we have 300 swords and in some there are weapons with ammunition too.”

End of the contents made public, but it is assumed there is more.

History of 30 years of terrorism, winning peace in 2009 and the start of a new era of terrorism

When security personnel carried out their investigations following the suicide bombings at Easter, they did connect remnants of terror suspects from the previous conflict who have lent their services and provided remaining weapons to this group.  Terrorism is a mindset regardless of a cause.  The outcome of destruction is inhumane.  Another definite contributing factor is that after 2009 and the peace that followed, security guidelines were dictated to by demands from UN and the US with pressure from certain sectors without regard for the ramifications to national security.   Following the attacks in April, some of the very segments of the country that wanted the military checkpoints removed were begging to have them reinstated.   

Future for Sri Lanka is bleak and uncertain for reasons that are known globally

According to experts, this is clearly a push for new grounds for their caliphate with the footing lost due to US bombings and the displacement of ISIS that is the influence behind the forceful conversion of an entire nation that has only two choices, death or forced conversion to a radical form. This is not how Sri Lanka and Sri Lankans want to live. 

Sri Lanka’s tolerance has been completely misconstrued. It must also be pointed out that many skilled men and women from poor families seek employment in the middle eastern nations.  It is interesting to make a study of the level of tolerance of other religions in that region to the extent of not allowing any religious books or statues beyond the airports in Muslim countries.  However, the liberal freedom in Sri Lanka has clearly been abused and now being pushed to be overrun by radicalism

As stated in the article referring to Hardline Buddhist Nationalist groups that emerged, they took a hard line because the tolerance and compassion, with patience as practiced in the Buddhist faith did not work as the revolution of hard line extremist Islam started to take over the country and the push to eliminate all religions began to be felt by all people.

The Western Media continues to subscribe to Buddhist bashing with stilted information when Buddhism is one of the most compassionate doctrines used even in the rehabilitation of prisoners in the United States.  It is not as fast growing as Islam because the depth of the philosophy requires intellectual understanding and commitment to self-discipline which is a much-needed human quality today.

It is unfortunate that all of this stems from the distortion of Islam to a man-made version of a brutal form that is more suited for those with sadistic instincts.  Moderate Muslims are caught in the middle with no freedom of expression in their own communities.

I suggest the reporter Joanna Slater of the Washington Post makes contact with people on the ground in Sri Lanka on both sides of the issue and takes the opportunity for a discussion with the Sri Lankan American Community that lives in Washington to ask pertinent questions and elicit answers about the truth. 

The Sri Lankan community will welcome your personal interaction for more accurate information that reflects the ground situation.  There is an Embassy for the country in Washington DC, that will welcome your participation to do so.  This is an open call to all journalists who wish to be balanced in their material regarding Sri Lanka. The sources welcome you to do so.  Sri Lanka must be reported accurately because throughout 30 years of war and even after peace, the international media has never been fair about the positive aspects of the country.  This can only be turned around by journalists who balance their information without bias from the right sources.

Anjalika Silva

Sri Lankan American Community member


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3 Responses to “Response to the Washington Post article of Monday July 8, 2019, titled “In Sri Lanka, Muslims increasingly under siege” by Joanna Slater and Hafeel Farisz”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Wonder why such amazingly good people are under siege? Mussies in Sri Lanka want to make it another old
    Buddhist country after multiplying like …. Mussies made old Buddhist iran, afganisthan, pakesthan, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia within a few hundred years of their arrivals in those countries with their baby machine wives. They multiplied, multiplied and outnumbered (murdered) the natives. All of them are mussie countries
    now (Google to see the old Buddhist heritages in those countries). The dirty, disgusting, subhuman trick was
    tried recently in Buddhist Myanmar. Unfortunately for mussies Myanmar had a patriotic leader and quickly got
    rid of them in no time and mussies fled across the border with 100s, 1000s of children coming out of their ears.
    Sri Lanka? Sri Lanka is ruled by the biggest traitors in the history of the country and they are taking the country
    down the road to becoming old Buddhist Sri Lanka for the mussie votes.

    multiply and multiply to outnumber Sinhalese and tamils
    land grabbing, towns grabbing
    putting up eye sore mosques in every street corner to drive out Sinhalese and tamils from areas
    mussies only parties to somersault to every government of the day to destroy already divided Sinhalese
    sterilising Sinhalese mums by mussie doctors (pay back after receiving our FREE education),
    mussie only schools to hide real numbers which are quickly filled up to rafter with mass baby production
    importing mussies from Myanamar, pakesthan, afganisthan etc. etc. as if we don’t have enough of them already,
    deforestation of wild life sanctuaries to settle down mussie new breeds,
    sharia, halal, burka (high fashion in hell for ghosts) etc. etc forced down on us,
    sterile agents in foods for Sinhalese,
    sterile agents sprayed in undergarments for Sinhalese women/girls, etc. etc.
    Such nice people any mad two legged creature would say? I’m sure they would love to have them in US. You
    can take all of them in and no Sinhalese or tamil will say no!

    Buddhism disappeared from its birth place since it didn’t fit the society with caste system, animal sacrifice etc.
    and people quickly reverted back to religions of conveniences which don’t regard sins as sins to pay for them in their next 100s, 1000s of lifetimes. Then invading mussies killed all the Buddhist monks, burnt down all Buddhist universities and got rid of the only true religion in the world (ask Charles Darwin, Einstein, Arthur C Clarke,
    NASA’s missions etc.).

    All the sins (crimes) any two legged creatures can do under the sun.
    1 killing
    2 stealing
    3 sexual abuse
    4 lying
    5 drug/alcohol abuse
    Refraining above five is Buddhism’s Five Precepts and all the law courts under the sun use them as their penal
    codes punish the culprits. Science has proven what The Buddha preached over 2,500 time and again to be true. Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, NASA’s missions which showed that the earth’s size is a grain of sand in the vast
    vast vast universe etc. have no conflict with Buddhism at all. People used to worship trees, mountains, rivers,
    gods in the olden days in the absence of science. In a greedy, selfish, money-ruling world, people don’t regard
    sins as sins and all the other faiths want to destroy the only true religion in the world. Lying is also a major sins
    and people who do that won’t be inputting lies into www. in their next lives and instead pay for their sins in the
    animal kingdom for 100s of 1000s of lifetimes before getting the ‘promotion’ again to be two legged creatures
    (Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?).

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    13 Sri Lankans among 7030 Interpol wanted fugitives with Red Notices
    But fugitive ex CB Governor Dr. Arjuna Mahendran not among them

    July 12, 2019, 9:11 pm


    The official INTERPOL website on Friday (12) showed that among the 7030 Public Red Notices for individuals in circulation there were 13 Sri Lankans wanted for crimes committed in Sri Lanka, India, Romania and Canada.

    However, there is still no red notice for our fugitive ex-Central Bank Governor Dr. Arjuna Mahendran, who is said to have masterminded the biggest financial scam in the country.

    According to INTERPOL Red Notices are issued for fugitives wanted either for prosecution or to serve a sentence. A Red Notice is a request to law enforcement worldwide to locate and provisionally arrest a person pending extradition, surrender, or similar legal action.

    Last June that Ahamed Milhan Hayathu Mohamed, a 29-year-old Sri Lankan national, alleged to be one of the ringleaders in the 21 April bomb attacks in Sri Lanka and wanted on charges, including terrorism and murder, was arrested in the Middle East and extradited to Sri Lanka, along with four other suspects after Sri Lanka alerted Interpol.

    Notices are international alerts used by police to communicate information about crimes, criminals and threats to their counterparts around the world. They are circulated by INTERPOL to all member countries at the request of a country or an authorized international entity. The information disseminated via notices concerns individuals wanted for serious crimes, missing persons, unidentified bodies,

    possible threats, prison escapes and criminals’ modus operandi. Notices offer high visibility for serious crimes or incidents

    In addition to Red Notices INTERPOL issues Blue, Green, Yellow, Black, Orange, INTERPOL – UN Security Council special notices, Purple notices and Diffusions.

    Notices and diffusions contain two main types of information: identity details (physical description, photograph, fingerprints, identity document numbers, etc.) and judicial information (offence with which the person is charged; references to the laws under which the charge is made or conviction was obtained; references to the arrest warrant or court sentence, etc.)

    The 13 Sri Lankans on whom Interpol Red Notices were in circulation as at Friday (12) are:

    1. Nadaraja Sivaraj (45) wanted by Sri Lanka for aiding and abetting to assassinate former Minister Lakshman Kadiragamar

    2. Viknarasa Selvanathan (31) wanted by Sri Lanka for Murder and Robbery

    3. De Zoysa, Jagamuni Sajeewa (34) wanted by Sri Lanka for murder.

    4. Anthony, Emil Luxmi Kanthan (42) wanted by Sri Lanka for criminal breach of trust and criminal misappropriation.

    5. Munisamy Tharmaseelan (46) wanted by India for the possession of 2 hand grenades and 200 live ammunition.

    6. Kumaraswamy Navaneethan (48) wanted by Romania for murder.

    7. Ranjan Maran Udayakumar (53) wanted by India for cheating and criminal conspiracy

    8. Mohamed Powmi (57) wanted by India for counterfeit currency and common intent.

    9. Rmasamy Alageshan Madhawan wanted by India for cheating, forging, criminal conspiracy, passport tampering and under the Foreigners Act.

    10. Manickavasagar Vigayarajah (38) wanted by Canada for first degree murder.

    11. Nihaal (57) wanted by India for illegal possession of Heroin.

    12. M K M Ramzi Mohamed wanted by India for criminal conspiracy, cheating with dishonesty inducing the delivery of property, forging.

    13. Tharmalingam Shanmugam Kumaran (64) wanted by India for criminal conspiracy, violation of the Terrorism Act and the India Explosives Act

    As on Friday (12th) there were 7166 Yellow Notices in Circulation of which two were on Sri Lankans

    1. Ganeshamoorthy Kajanthiny (34) of Jaffna who disappeared in Seraing at the age of 24

    2. Gayindu Kithmuka Madurapperuma (16) who disappeared in Colombo at the age of 5

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    NOT QUITE ENOUGH, my dear Muslim Ministers!

    Before Muslims are entitled to field a candidate for the President of Sri Lanka, as a COMMUNITY they must demonstrate a committment to JOIN the OTHER LAW-ABIDING CITIZENS of Sri Lanka without demanding SPECIAL RIGHTS for themselves.

    To that end,

    1. Make Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act comply with the Marraige and Divorce laws of other ALL other citizens! Eliminate underage marraiges, require CONSENT, Eliminate MULTIPLE wives, Require LAWFUL divorces in the Sri Lankans courts under the same laws as other citizens; not merely intoning I Divorce Thee 3 times, Require fair and just DIVISION of marital assets upon Divorce or Death of husband.

    2. Ban Wahabi relipogion from Sri Lanka, Ban intolerant sermons at mosques and madrassas. Bring ALL Muslim schools under government supervision.

    3. Ban the imposition of Halal food standards on non-Muslim communities and the public’s food supply. If Muslims want, let them eat Halal foods, but leave non-Muslim communities alone!

    4. Ban Sharia Law from Sri Lanka. One ONE LAW, the Law of the Sri Lanka State, shoulod exist and apply in Sri Lanka.

    5. Ban Sharia lending: The same lending policies and practices should prevail throughout Sri Lanka, and they should be available and apply to ALL Sri Lankan citizens!

    6. Ban/Limit FREQUENT and LOUD CALLS to Prayer from the Mosques. Limit the building of Mosques in Sri Lanka

    7. Ban the practice of Muslim majority Muslim controlled towns and villages from preventing non-Muslim citizens from settling and engaging in business. No COMMUNAL local administrations should be allowed to exist in Sri Lanka. We want ONE NATION of ONE People under ONE system of Laws ENFORCED IMPARTIALLY!

    8. Ban intolerant Muslim Wahhabi preachers/teachers from coming to Sri Lanka.

    9 Bring the Sharia University in Batticaloa into the University of Sri Lanka system. Demolish/Moodify the Arab-Style buildings and landscaping to be compatible with Sri Lankan culture. Ban the Arabization of Sri Lanka by stealth!

    10. Ban ALL Foreign NGOs who act against the Sri Lankan heritage, indigenous religions, and national security. Send these BUGGERS HOME!

    Sri Lanka Muslim MPs decide to amend Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act

    Sat, Jul 13, 2019

    July 13, Colombo: Muslim parliamentarians of Sri Lanka have decided to amend several core articles in the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA) including articles governing minimum age limit for marriage & woman�s consent MP and President’s Counsel Faiszer Musthapha announced today.

    “I am pleased to announce that the following amendments to the Muslim Marriage Act were unanimously agreed upon yesterday after discussions with all the Sri Lankan Muslim parliamentarians,” the MP tweeted.

    Under the current Muslim law in Sri Lanka a girl can be married without her consent as soon as she comes of age. Her parents have the authority to declare her marriageable.

    The Muslim MPs have decided to amend the MMDM so that the age of marriage for both the bride and the groom should be 18 years

    Furthermore, the bride should sign the Register of Marriage as a sign of her consent. The MPs have also decided to upgrade the required qualification for a ‘Kadi’, an Islamic judge to Attorney-at-Law and allow female Kadis, women who will adjudicate family law of Muslims.

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