Oxymora-‘Some morons are engaged in actions that veritably fall into a plethora of oxymora’
Posted on July 15th, 2019

Laksiri Warnakula


I am exhausted. It’s not just physical. It stems from my incapability to take in and digest all of what is written on paper and spoken about, almost everywhere. The incessant barrage of peoples’ howling and protesting, talking and reporting colourfully (pun intended) and ruefully on moronic deals, deeds and a plethora of other adventures by the ‘Diyawanna Oya Outfit’ has risen to a crescendo, which most likely has never been heard before. The number of people asking, arguing, criticising and writing in newspapers and other social media sites has reached heights never reached before.

And I am sure that most of them like myself are truly exhausted too by trying to take on this onslaught of the thoughts of a people, who are angry and utterly tired of being taken for a ride. 

The never-ending bedlam, cheating, corruption lies and many other vices, of the governors as well as the governed that have now become the general order of the day of the ‘Republic of Sri Lanka aka ‘A land like no other’.

So I thought of writing something different from the familiar and the typical and instead opting for a wee bit of atypical. Even though it addresses the same social and political drama of today, the approach is different, speckled with grains of humour and seeds of sarcasm. At least, yours truly hopes so.

I am going to limit my essay to a very few only, even though you could probably write a voluminous treatise on the subject, of the antics of our politicians of past and present-day packed to the brim at times, with highhandedness, stupidity, thievery and tomfoolery, all present in various proportions in their packages containing, supposedly sensible, sustainable and sound solutions, presented to a malnourished nation and its maltreated people.


Agree to disagree – A familiar habit of many of them

Deceptively honest – In my opinion, there are quite a few, who could be under this category

Disgustingly-delicious – What some of them say!

Honest thief – Can some of them be called as such?

Loyal opposition – Who on earth can this be? Well, we have seen them barking, snapping and screaming in our ‘Hall-of-Shame’ around ‘The Oya’ in many an occasion

Shrewd dumbness – Guess, who could easily answer the description

Silent scream – You can hear the people’s ‘silent scream’ as they write in the newspapers of today; And mostly about the despicable and deplorable behaviour of many of our politicians, their antics and unfathomable logic, which they apply to solve serious problems facing the nation

Unbiased opinion – Aren’t they good at giving it?

Wise fool – I am sure we have few amongst them. What do you think? Even though, they choose to be foolish more often than be wise!

There are many more. I chose the ones that are less common, yet suit the topic of my essay. It would be fun to think about who could fall into each of these, despite the fact that there are some, who would instantly come to your mind.

Note 1 – The word ‘oxymoron’ is of Greek origin.

Note 2 – The examples of ‘Oxymora’ given here have been taken from few sources; Merriam-Webster, the Cambridge English Dictionary, et al.

Laksiri Warnakula

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