Govt. reinstated MPs who came under fire for supporting terrorism – Muzammil
Posted on July 30th, 2019

Courtesy Adaderana

The government has not taken any measures to curb the ideological terrorism called ‘Wahhabism’ but reinstated the Muslim politicians who were accused of allegedly supporting it, says Mohamed Muzammil, the spokesperson of National Freedom Front (NFF).

Speaking at a press conference held today (30), Muzammil said, Wahhabism is largely capable of creating suicide bombers and in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Easter Sunday on the 21st of April, it was revealed that there are various means for Wahhabism to expand across the country.

The government has taken no steps to remove the syllabuses taught in Muslim schools that induce the spread of Wahhabi terrorism and regulation of these syllabuses, deporting foreign preachers who teach at Madrasas in secret, the NFF spokesman said.

The incumbent rulers have no intention of taking any action on the issues pertaining to the Muslim marriage law and the verdicts delivered by Kadi courts, the NFF spokesman alleges.

Muzammil commented that the government did not heed taking any measures to prevent the ideological terrorism that has suffused in the Muslim community but reinstated the accused Muslim ministers on time. This was a ‘drama’ enacted together by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the ministers who came under fire.

Speaking on Dr. Mohamed Shafi’s case, the NFF spokesman said, the accused doctor was granted bail, however, now the director and the staff of the Kurunegala Teaching Hospital have been accused. The victims who dies in the attacks at the churches at Katuwapitiya, Kochchikade, Batticaloa and the luxury hotels in Colombo have become the accused, while the accused ministers took up their positions again, he stressed.

It is up to the general public to answer these issues at the upcoming elections, Muzammil pointed out.

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  1. aloy Says:

    There is a simple question to ask from prez:

    Why did he ask Rishard to resign?. And having done so, why did he appoint him back to the same place at such a short time without fallowing a due process?.

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