This time will pass too – Lord Buddha
Posted on March 16th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

We’re living through a moment in history when the world is facing the unknown, the unknowable and the uncontrollable.
If you’re worried too, I understand. It’s natural. I wanted to share a few thoughts with the Sri Lankan People, that I’ve found helpful to make the best of a challenging situation.
1.Prioritize self – care

First and formost, be kind to yourself. Listen to your body.Taking care of yourself physically and mentally is vital in times of stress, worry and anxiety because it’s draining to be on alert” 24/7. Prioritizing Your wellness will help keep your immune system strong and allow you to be available to support others who depend on you.

  1. Cultivate calm
    In tough times, it is important to cultivate a state of calm so you can think clearly, make good decisions and stay healthy. A great way to cultivate calm is to breath slow – rhythmic breathing is proven to help calm your nervous system- and let go of everything outside your control. If watching stock market downfall or reading the news makes you upset or feel panicked, or avoid those activities. Having lived many downturn in my own life I can attest that acting in a panic tends not to work well.
  2. Connect with people
    Even though we are using social distancing” to avoid spreading the virus, it’s essential to keep up your human connections in other ways, especially if you live alone.
    Video chat, call or write to family members and friends, especially those who are most at risk”, live alone or are introverts who may not reach out to you. And spend quality time with the people you’re with.
  3. Show Leadership
    When everyone around you is afraid, anxious and preoccupied with their own troubles, it’s an open invitation for you to step into that best version of yourself and reach out to others. To be someone who helps pull others out threat state” and helps them return to trust and calm. Every individual in your community can be that leader in Sri Lanka now.
  4. Make the most your time

    If your work and life have been disrupted by travel bans, self-isolating and being told to work from home, recognize it as a golden opportunity. You’ve been given the gift of time now that you don’t have to commute or attend meetings and events. You may have getting rested, thinking strategically about your engagements, and clearing up backlog of admin tasks etc. According Lord Buddha this time will pass as well.
    The key is to take actions now, fully engage and follow the health professionals expert advises. We have the world best dedicated health care professionals in Sri Lanka, and emerge better and stronger than before. I hope these strategies will help everybody.

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