Sri Lanka need this president for the Country
Posted on May 17th, 2020

Sunil Yatalamatta Gamage 

Sri Lankans can be proud, as the country is developing in the areas of Political, Socioeconomic, and Cultural, directions. People could see, the areas of vital importance are blooming in the country. As compared to the previous administration, leadership and state governance are working responsible ways for the people of this country. We have experienced the development of many areas of above and it is continuing to grow and prosper in many ways as the leadership and his vision empowering and improving, progressively. At the same time state rule of law and order is working and politicians cannot interfere in its functioning. So we can hope we would have a much better-disciplined society in the future. 

Covid-19 Pandemic

Today the United States Of America suffers and bleeding more than ever in their history of mishandling of the pandemic. The Government of United States Questioning from the front line leaders of various works of professionals, to find out what went wrong, and why it happens, etc. This is happening in the powerful country of the United States of America. But as Sri Lankan’s we must be proud of our political leadership, health care hero’s, administrators, our valiant dedicated forces, and people; as altogether in the process of, beating the virus successfully. All these positive gains have been achieved because of the leadership, and it’s practicality. The task force was able to make decisions at the right time using the proper expertise of professionals as well as the law and order of the country. We felt and experienced, when the country moves forward with more positive achievements, we can be proud as a nation as we are being respected by others as well. We will never be able to achieve anything in the battle of Covid-19, if we were with the former parliament and the government. The former parliament and that bunch were playing games using the people mandate in the legislature. In many countries, the legislature itself is a respected place, but it was just my kind of place to behave irresponsibly way to achieve their narrow political gains. We all aware of how former prime ire behave in the parliament. They make use of the parliament to draft amend laws; betrayal to people mandate. Exactly, that is what happens in this parliament in the immediate past of previous government. Dr. Jayampathie Wickramaratne, so-called constitutional expert and the bunch were amending the laws of the constitution betrayal to our country. The big difference I may see with this president and his cabinet as such; they act as trustees for the people of the country. The President’s vision of prosperity will go a long way as it will do good to people of the country.


My personal opinion says the parliament will not need to summon. It will be an utter waste of public money. Our country doesn’t have money to waste. We must use money properly which is public money and should achieve expected results, otherwise calling for outdated parliament will not bring anything to the people of this country. Champika, Ajith Perera, Ranil, Premadasa, beating their old democracy of Liberal, neo-liberal movement in various ways to gain the power of the country through a parliament gathering. It seems the People mandate is fragile to Democracy, Constitutional readings, etc. It has been a passion in our politics as they are trying to find loopholes of the present governance and then appeal from the court the democracy of the Constitution. People’s mandate is powerful more than political gimmicks. The people of this country are happy and safe with the present governance. This governance is a blessing to our country & it has to prevail and continue, for the future good of the country. The approval rate of the current government is quite high, It is because of the president’s statesmanship, and craftsmanship in challenging situations of the country. He has proved himself on two occasions of his leadership by defeating Tamil terrorism and preparing the country to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. In this pandemic, we have been a nation successfully challenged the Virus and controlled.


COVID – 19 has given us the opportunity to think about our social behavior to re-imagine again. As individuals, we need to be responsible and accountable for our actions and behaviors. At the same time, the virus gave us the opportunity to think about how to be responsible to keep social distancing, wear masks. We have seen how dedicated our health inspectors were in their duties to educate the public in this educational event. They have been empowered to do their jobs, and they did it very well and continuing. We saw how people behave when liquor shops open for the public. The liquor stores were closed for a few days and then open. I saw the big queues to buy their liquor needs.  At the same time, we saw some people start drinking by the roadside and throwing the bottle into bushes. This is where the conflict begins with others. You cannot throw the bottle into a bush. And you cannot drink liquor in public. And media people must aware as they cannot advertise those behaviors in public. These little things matter a lot when a nation going through the process of becoming a more civilized nation. When we practice our freedom and autonomy we need to care about using it the way we wanted, but we need to comfortable admitting it because we have been taught to prioritize the environment, and proper recycling. 


As we know we had a government that couldn’t remove the municipal garbage even. It was such a periled and disable the rule, we Sri Lankans went through,  over the years, and there were two different people as president and a premier did massive devastation to our country in many ways by the name of Yahapalanaya”. I am so adamant of the writing of that rule and it’s suffering to our people and an immense curse to our country. Now the same culprits: they skillfully preach democratic rights in the parliament and even now they are very much with high tones about protecting so-called democracy & constitution, which they couldn’t save the precious lives of Holy Sunday. Those people who suffered are remembered at this moment even. I know Sri Lankan people never ever will bring those heinous criminals to bring to power again. Those people’s names must be erased from Sri Lankan politics and Sri Lankan people have the right to know the truth behind this crime and those culprits must be brought to justice and punished. Our country is a beautiful land with enormous biodiversity. Every plant, animal, waterfall, grasslands, forest lands, must be preserved with strict laws. We must love our country’s beauty. In my younger age, I went and explore through the Sinharaja” rain forest. I still remember the flora and fauna in that beautiful place. The diversity of plants, that is the most important rain forest in our country. It must be preserved for future generations of this country. When I was a young boy I learned about monsoon rain. But those days, never had floods, displaced people, and natural disasters. Over a period of time, we never preserved enough our natural flora and fauna, and now the result is torrential rains causing huge environmental damage. We need to preserve our environment with strict laws. I firmly believe it is an essential and prominent duty we all need to implement, practice more than so called ethnic reconciliation. This is our land we must protect, and preserve it for us to living and hand over the beautiful heritage to our younger generation. People who devastated our forests and natural forests must be given capital punishment if they have been proved and done crimes in the previous government. All Sinhalese, Tamils, Moors, burgers, etc, need to be aware as this is their country; love their country. There is no other place in this world beautiful as our motherland of Sri Lanka. 

Historic Valuables.

We are a nation enriched in Buddhist culture. Sinhalese are the key nation of the country. Former northern Governor of Sri Lanka tried in many ways to challenge this truth by defamation of our written history Mahavamsa”. And our culture also enriched with Tamils and Muslims. Those people are integral parts of our nation and their unique cultures. All of us make a country called the Democratic Socialist Republic Of Sri Lanka. We love your cultural values, and entities. There are no barriers in the country to practice your religion and culture in my country. So please respect that freedom and cherish and talk about that freedom openly. Buddhist historic valuables and monuments are buried, every corner of the country. Ancient Sri Lankan kings preserved Buddhist values and religion as one entity. That is how we became a great nation in the world. So please do not try to make new history by vandalizing Buddhist monuments and culture. It cannot be done. It will never be possible as well. We need Tamil Kovils, we need Christian churches, we need our mosques. We need to respect those cultures and values and practice from ourselves in deep of our hearts.

Tamil /Sinhalese Language

We must make Tamils and Sinhalese as equal languages. Public service needs to take this entity seriously. Public service: preference of recruiting must be given to employees who could speak, write, read both languages. Executive-level jobs in public service must only be given to employees who could handle both Tamil and Sinhalese fluently. In Tamil dominated areas when somebody speaks Sinhalese must be translated to Tamil at the same time. Reconciliation lies in these types of collaborative efforts not by fighting for constitutional changes asking for a separate land in north and east. We must respect our Tamils and Muslims as our own people. Think about the upcountry people employed in Tea Plantation. Those people are the backbone of our economy. They are one of the partners of our economy. So they are our hero’s. Please have that attitude and do more to bring their livelihood prosper.

We have a window of opportunity to develop as a country and prosper our economy more than ever before, but to achieve this goal is not easy the leadership of the country alone cannot do that. We need to get together as one nation, despite politics. We need to prepare leadership for the future as well at the same time. That is the way to bring prosperity to our beautiful country of Sri Lanka. Be a patriot to your country.        

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