Diagnosis of Genocide Account on Sri Lankan Affairs
Posted on May 27th, 2020

Kanthar Balanathan
Former Specialist Engineer Power & Control NRG-GPS.

Dr Hugh McDermott MP
PO Box 2518

Hon Dr. Hugh McDermott MP,

Diagnosis of Genocide Account on Sri Lankan Affairs

With due respect to you Dr Hugh McDermott, as a true Australian citizen of this great country that practice ideal democracy, and having the statesman Hon Mr Scott Morrison as the Prime Minister and Hon Berejiklian, Gladys MP as the Premier of an assiduous state of NSW, and Hon Anthony Albanese as the Leader of Opposition, where people live in peace and happiness I seek to write to you Dr Hugh McDermott, regarding your speech on the SriLankan affairs.

I am of a SriLankan origin and a Tamil, able to speak fluently, English, Tamil & Sinhalese. I have lived and worked in the UK, SriLanka, Nigeria, India (short) Rhodesia-Zimbabwe, New Zealand, and Australia till to date and have an eclectic understanding of the cultures, ideology, and customary practices of the people in the above countries. I comprehend that Australia is the best country to work, live and retire. People in Australia live cohesively and that’s what our Aston MP and the Federal Minister advocates, which is quite fair. I contend that as a citizen we shall not get involved in partisan politics. Please forgive me for stating this. To me, all are equal although I am not a politician Dr Hugh McDermott.

I am sending two of my books published by separate post which may highlight the genuine authentic facts that prevailed in SriLanka. (i) SriLanka, Sovereignty, Democracy & Terrorism, (ii) Communication & Essays in Politics. These are by Engr. Kanthar Balanathan

I give below the text of your speech on Facebook. Quote ref: https://www.facebook.com/hugh2019/videos/253961789156113/

Hugh McDermott MP: State Member for Prospect

18 May at 03:01 · 

Today, May 18th is the 11th anniversary of the Mullivaykal Massacre. Part of the Genocide that targeted the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka and resulted in the deaths of 160,000 innocent, unarmed men, women and children. Many were murdered because of their culture, faith, language and traditions.

The Sri Lankan Government must acknowledge and accept responsibility for this Genocide. The international community must deliver justice to the families of the victims.

Although we cannot commemorate this genocide in person I would like to thank the Australian Tamil Congress for their unwavering fight to bring justice to the victims and their families so to ensure that this genocide will never be forgotten. I stand with you and remember.

Dr Hugh McDermott, with your permission I would like to discuss the responsibility of a State MP, please. To my understanding the responsibility of an MP is as follows:


In their electorate, MPs:
• receive requests for assistance and information from local people (for example, housing, transport, environment, taxes, etc.). They try to solve these problems or refer them to Ministers or other authorities;
• meet with local organisations, businesses, media and government departments and find out their needs;
• make representations to Ministers on behalf of local organisations and individuals;
• support provision of local services and facilities from government funds;
• be involved in local functions and meetings, and support local organisations and events;
• attend party branch/local supporters meetings.

In Parliament, all Members:
• form part of Government, Opposition or Independents (or ‘Cross Bench’);
• attend sittings of Parliament;
• consider proposed legislation (they may also propose Private Members’ Bills);
• participate in debating and voting;
• participate in Parliamentary committees;
• network with other Members, media, community groups;
• raise issues in Parliament on behalf of constituents through such means as:
– questions during Question Time
– making Private Members’ statements
– presenting petitions;
• may have additional responsibilities such as a Minister or holder of parliamentary or party office (for example Speaker, Whip);
• participate in party meetings, party organisation and decision-making.

Any matter that focuses on foreign affairs is to be addressed by the Foreign Minister particularly in the case of ethnic differential and fragmented living by the groups in an overseas country. As far as Sri Lanka is concerned, the current Executive President thinks and acts that all shall be Sri Lankan and equal. I apologise for not being able to know under which of the above role you made a statement of a genocide, please. Please forgive me for highlighting this matter. As citizens, we would like to educate ourselves. I am citing two of my letters written to the Deputy Labour party leader and the Greens leader.



I would like to educate myself as to what is considered genocide: Maybe the deliberate killing of a large group of people, especially those of a particular nation or ethnic group.

Quote ref: https://www.ushmm.org/genocide-prevention/learn-about-genocide-and-other-mass-atrocities/what-is-genocide

Killing members of the group Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part

Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group

Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group

The word genocide” did not exist before 1944. It is a very specific term coined by a Polish-Jewish lawyer named Raphael Lemkin (1900–1959) who sought to describe Nazi policies of systematic murder during the Holocaust, including the destruction of European Jews. 

It is not clear as to why some country politicians always refer to the 2009 affair as Genocide”. It believes that the 2009 affair was a war on terror” and not genocide. It may be that some countries want SriLanka to be subdued, however, SriLanka stands up straight and not bow down to foreign intrusion, hence those countries build up cooked stories. Dr Hugh McDermott, can anyone for sure prove that what happened in Mullivaykal was genocide?

Army rescued over 300,000 civilians across to safe place.

Dr Hugh McDermott, it is not fair to mix the WWII affair and the Nazi genocide with that of a small country like SriLanka. I am a Tamil and my village people safely exited Mullivaykal with the help of the army and safely returned to their place. They were driven by the LTTE as Human shield from Vaddukoddai to Mullivaykal in 1995. Genocide can be an example on Hitler, Americans, Canadians & Spanish wiping out millions of Jews, In cars, ascots, Mayans & red Indians.

  1. Picture 1 above is a submarine of the LTTE. This is not fancy equipment or toy. This is to blow up Sri Lankan Navy and passenger ships. This is the worst form of terror.
  2. Picture 2 is the civilians held as human shield exiting from Mullivaykal with the help of the army. numbers exceed about 100,000. This is only one lot of people who were safely allowed to safety. There were other lots of safety escorted to safety by the army. If then, how could this be a genocide Dr Hugh McDermott?
  3. Picture 3 Army Field commanders in the liberation of the terrorist-held area. It is to be wondered as to who helped the terrorists to build aircraft and submarines.
  4. Picture 4-Foreign military commanders advising the SriLankan military.
  5. Picture 5-Another lot of hundreds of thousands exiting the human shield area.
  6. Picture 6- Heavy weapon; 32 feet cannon buried in-ground by the coward LTTE.
  7. Do you know the value of the property LTTE demolished? LTTE demolished a Cement factory which was producing 265,000 tons of cement per year. 132kV transmission lines/towers which was feeding electricity to the North.
  8. Massacred thousands of Tamil civilians and buried them.
  9. Murdered Rajiv Gandhi (PM India) and several SriLankan politicians.

Australia is a country where we all live and work hard to survive, it is considered that when politicians play on cheap partisan politics supporting only one side of the ethnic race, it is unfair, and maybe human rights violation. Why not talk to the SriLankan High Commissioner in Canberra, and the SPUR- Sydney & Victoria to study the real truth of the situation. It may be that the practice of democracy can lead to partisan politics, I do not know.

At this situation of the Corona Virus pandemic period; firstly, Tamils should not have gathered for Mullivaykal remembrance, but stayed at home and remembered. Secondly, Dr Hugh McDermott, you could have avoided a speech in FB about the false pretence of Genocide” as it would have hurt thousands of SriLankan Australians. It is to comprehend that you in the labour party may be attempting to drive a wedge between the two races in SriLanka, Australia and the world.

It is a polite request that kindly politicians could avoid practising partisan politics and let democracy take its progression.

Kind regards,

Kanthar Balanathan
Former Specialist Engineer Power & Control NRG-GPS.

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