Post War Sri Lanka: Fractured and Unjust For Tamils by Visvajit Sriramrajan
Posted on May 27th, 2020

I. de Silva Canada

The Editor
Diplomat Matazine
Ottawa, Ontario

Dear Ms. Campbell:

                                   Re: Post War Sri Lanka: Fractured and Unjust For Tamils by Visvajit Sriramrajan

I am writing to correct the many falsehoods in this article. The first sentence indicates clear bias and false information that continues throughout the article. To support this statement I am providing you with examples of falsehoods in the article. 

The opening statement states ” This month marks 11 years since the Mullivaikkal massacre which shook the Northern Province of Sri Lanka back in 2009 with the brutal killing of nearly 50,000 Tamils over just a few days”. There was no massacre.  Even the Tamil terrorists overseas propaganda machine called Tamilnet,  clearly acknowledged that in the last stages of the war the number of dead was 7398.   Since then, this number has been increased to 40,000, 50,000, and even 100,000 by the LTTE propaganda overseas.  However, nowhere in the Northern Province has there been evidence of mass graves. Nowhere has there been any evidence of indiscriminate killing by the Sri Lankan forces. The fact remains that it was 7398, acknowledged in 2009 by the Tamil terrorist supporters overseas and confirmed by the U.N. representative in Sri Lanka.  How can it be called Tamil genocide when it was the Tamil terrorists who terrorized, murdered, and massacred Sri Lankans of every ethnicity? The terrorists were the Tamils known as the Liberation Tamils of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).  In May 2009, the Sri Lankan security forces finally destroyed the leadership of the Tamil Terrorists  (LTTE) who had terrorised Sri Lanka for nearly 30 years. The LTTE cadres who surrendered to the government forces were rehabilitated and released. Over 300,000 civilians who had been held by the Tamil terrorists as a human shield were looked after in camps set up for them by the Government of Sri Lanka and released into civilian life.

Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa was the Defence Secretary in the Government of Sri Lanka in 2009 and is acknowledged as the leader who finally defeated the Tamil terrorists in Sri Lanka to the consternation of the western countries who throughout the war maintained that the Tamil terrorists could not be defeated militarily and therefore the Sri Lankan Government should give in to their demands to divide the country. The Tamil terrorists were funded by their Tamil supporters overseas and western political leaders who did so just to get Tamil votes in their respective countries. They had no concern for the plight of Sri Lankans who were being terrorised. There was no “Tamil Genocide”, only the defeat of the leadership of the Tamil terrorists. To state that “Rajapakse orchestrated the Tamil genocide” is a blatant lie and merely indicates the bias and support that the writer has for his Tamil terrorists. The fact that Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse was elected in 2019 with a commanding majority clearly indicates that Sri Lankans acknowledge and commend him for the great service he provided to all Sri Lankans who can now live without fear of being terrorised by the Tamil terrorist LTTE.

Mr. Rajapakse is what the citizens of Sri Lanka wanted and voted for as their President. They voted for his agenda. That it does not suit non-Sri Lankans such as the writer is of no consequence to Sri Lankans.

Yours truly,

I. de Silva


One Response to “Post War Sri Lanka: Fractured and Unjust For Tamils by Visvajit Sriramrajan”

  1. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sinhalese and Sri Lanka suffered so much under these ungrateful foreigners and to add insult to injury the
    ungrateful diasporats putting bogus claim after claim and it is our duty to show what they really are. Hence this
    lengthy comment. Over 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese were brutally murdered. Buddhist monks’ heads were
    mercilessly chopped, pregnant mother’s wombs were open with machetes and fetus were pulled out and
    the expectant mothers were hacked to death, infants dashed on trees until they disintegrated (Dollar Farm
    massacre), Central Bank bombing which killed over 350 and injured 1000s. List goes on and on, not a word
    to say sorry, and still want to annihilate Sinhalese and get the country for the traitors. Have an iota of shame?
    Of course not. Not humans, ungrateful to the core, selfish, greedy traitors. Sorry, if I’m offending people like
    great Murali who are genuinely Sri Lankan and want to co-exist with us. How much these terras hate us shows
    they don’t even spell our country’s name property. It’s SriLanka or Srilanka to them. Can anyone believe the
    treachery and the hatred? This is all down to the religions of conveniences they follow which don’t regard sins
    as sins and their mythical gods okay with their action. Yet this is 21st century, and people still believe in
    mythical gods and want to destroy the only true religion, Buddhism, in the world with its followers.

    Keep them on our soil, get eliminated or ask them to leave for their beloved tn and saudi where they came
    from? The traitors don’t want Sinhalese to be on the Island, and they don’t want to co-exist, plus their hearts,
    minds and loyalties are with tn and saudi. Do we need these sort of cancers on our soil who are after our blood
    and making our lives hell and making us prisoners in our country? We should be prepared to sacrifice millions of Sinhalese lives for their looming drealam and mussisthan wars? Do we want that? Ask all the Sinhalese on the Island! These traitors have abused and abused our hospitality and have been after our blood and our land.

    Drealam war halal bombs, last presidential elections (drealam map), not any good thing done by them during the last 500 years, all showing Sinhalese are in eternal danger from these cancers! Nightmare tenants and it is time
    to evict them and reclaim our country! It will save millions of Sinhalese lives and will be the most practical and bloodless solution to their lust for Sinhalese blood and our land in the long run. We are simply fed up with these greedy, ungrateful, selfish (all coming from religions of conveniences they all follow which don’t regard sins as
    sins) traitors’ demands, claims day in day out. Do we want to/have to put up with these? Why, why, why we go through these and still keeping these undesirables on our soil?

    HLD should write an article about the above topic. Even if the two traitor lots get their drealam and mussisthan,
    after killing millions of Sinhalese of course, is it going to end there? Of course not! The traitors will be then
    continuously fighting to expand their territories and Sinhalese going to be refuguees in their own land. Do we
    want that? These articles/comments are like beeri aliyanta veena gayana. It won’t do anything as long as there
    are people on terras/mussies payrolls and corrupt dehapaluwas who lick the traitors backsides for few thousand
    votes. Mr Modi has opened the door for tamils where they came from. Mussies turned old Buddhist
    countries to mussies by multiplying and there a lot of other mussies only countries where they can lead the
    lives to their hearts’ content. Why stay on our soil and try to eliminate us at every opportunity, leave for
    everyone’s sake. This is the only way forward without creating eternal bloodbaths! Our archaeological sites are
    in danger, we can’t even keep a Buddha statue, we need permission from the traitors put up a name board,
    we can’t sing our national anthem, and we can’t have any peace of mind; we have to dance to their tune and
    in the end have to be prepared to die in millions surrender our land. Do we need that? Do any Sinhalese in Sri
    Lanka need that? Unless you have no children of course like the samanala gang!

    One day it will be sooka yaka, next day it will be reeri yaka, then maha sona, bahiravaya, navichcha pillai, david milibanda, michael farting, monkey boon (previously), then thambi from UNHRC etc. etc. etc. bleeding hearts
    order Sri Lanka to look after the special people in the Island tamils and mussies. Sinhalese, in their own country
    not supposed to live or go to universities there while they can live, do whatever they want to say, do whatever
    they want to do. Special people and demand special treatment knowing Sinhalese are divided thanks GooandPee murderous (Sinahese Buddhists only of course) thieves. Even our wild life sanctuaries are prey. Traitor bada
    udin imported more breeders and settled then down as if we don’t have enough of the menace already.

    Tamils can write in tamil, get to any uni through the back door most of the times, receive FREE education and contribute to eelamists to murder Sinhalese and break up Sri Lanka. Not even the richest country in the world
    give FREE education and FREE health. Grateful? What? We are after Sinhalese blood. We don’t want Sinhalese in
    Sri Lanka, that is these traitor lots’ goal. War displaced tamils and mussies were quickly resettled by their deshapaluwas. Sinhalese? They are still langushing in camps since tamils and mussies vehemently oppose
    settling them down. We have become prisoners in our own country. It’s time to claim our country back. After
    all Mr Modi has opened the doors and waiting. Mussies can disappear to 80 mussie countries in the world of
    course with their baby machine wives (BMWs?). They can of course go to previously Buddhist
    countries iran, afganisthan, pakisthan, bangladesh, malaysia and indonesia which they converted to mussie
    countries within a few hundred years of their arrivals in those countries with their baby machine wives.

    Dutch brought tamils from tn to work in tobacco plantations. Then British brought more from tn to work in tea
    plantations. That’s not all. A lot of tamils crossed the 16 miles of sea in the 60s to save their lives from the
    severe famine in the 1960s (kallathonis). Remember, to save their lives. How grateful they have been? There is
    only 1 tamil, great Murali, who wants to co-exist with the Sinhalese. Can you believe the treachery, hatred, selfishness, greed? All down to the religions of conveniences they follow which don’t regard sins as sins.

    Today, all of them are natives with 1000s of years of history without an ancient tamil brick older than 400 years
    to substantiate their bogus claim. Oldest building in Jaffna is the 400 years old Dutch Fort. No Anuradhapuras, no Polonnaruwas, etc etc. yet the bogus mantra goes on knowing divided Sinhalese are easy prey. Anti Buddhist,
    anti Sri Lanka, anti Sinhalese, minority worshiping, Mother Lanka dismembering, murderous (Sinhalese Buddhists only of course) GooandPee aka UNPatriotic_rats divide the Sinhalese and make minorities kings and Sinhalese pariahs in our own land. Sinhalese are not supposed to live in the N&E while the foreigners can do, say, live anywhere in Sri Lanka.

    Traitor alugosuwa (to Sinhalese Buddhists only) thambi mudiyanselage jr@ abolished Sirima-Shasthri Pact
    which was in operation to send 650,000+ estate tamils in the 60s. jr@ gave citizenship to all of them to secure
    their votes. Today, they must be numbering 3-4 million or even more and they too aspire for a greater drealam. Then thambi mudiyanselage jr@ created ever Mother Lanka hating, ever Mother Lanka dismembering
    diasporats (developed countries only of course) who fled Sri Lanka to escape barrel man hitler mala paharan’s
    forced conscription and claimed bogus asylums blaming Sri Lankan government (of course, of course for the
    sympathy) and we see the damage those ungrateful eelamist separatists doing from abroad. Thanks GooandPee traitor low lives. Now traitor alugosuwa jr@’s treacheries to destroy the Sinhalese race, Sri Lanka and Buddhism
    bearing fruit to the delight of tamils, mussies and catholics. Yet traitor jr@ is a great president to some pea-
    brained Sinhala dhrohiyas.

    We didn’t bring any tamils or muslims to our country and both foreigner sets won’t settle down shorter than
    their own drealam and mussisthan. One traitor lot created a blood bath and 100,000+, mainly Sinhalese gave
    their lives to secure the country. Yet the traitors haven’t given up the drealam. Meanwhile other traitor lot
    multiplying like hell and getting ready for the next blood bath. Sri Lanka going to be an eternal blood bath
    without a shadow of doubt in the future. Since these traitors don’t want to co-exist with the Sinhalese and
    plotting the demise of the Sinhalese, Buddhism and territorial integrity of our country we should seriously
    consider asking them to depart for their beloved tn and saudi. Skip that and the survival of the Sinhalese race, Buddhism and Sri Lanka in one piece going to be in eternal danger. After all, Mr Modi has opened the doors
    and waiting. Do it now before it is too late. We don’t want to sacrifice our children, grandchildren as canon
    fodder for the traitors drealam or mussisthan campaigns looming before too long! After killing 100,000+, not a
    word to say sorry. Now bogus claim after after bogus claim to get more tamils abroad and make life difficult for
    Sri Lanka. Get rid of these undesirable traitors on our soil and claim our country back for the Sinhalese race,
    Buddhism and Sri Lanka to survive. Encourage them to leave for their beloved lands since they don’t want to co-exist without their separate kingdoms! When the dust settled all 3 parties going to realise it was the right thing
    avoiding eternal bloodbaths.

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