Court order on the Post Mortem of the Black Panther – (Video)
Posted on May 29th, 2020

Courtesy Hiru News

Hatton District Judge and Magistrate J. Trotsky, today ordered a post mortem examination of the black panther who died while undergoing treatment at the Udawalawa Veterinary Hospital to be conducted in the Peradeniya Veterinary faculty.

This was after considering a request made by Prabash Karunathilaka of the Wildlife Conservation Department of the Nallathanniya Wildlife Office.

The black panther was found caught in a snare at a vegetable farm on Laxapana-Walamalai estate on the 26th and was taken to the Udawalawe Veterinary Hospital after being initially treated by wildlife officials.

Udawalawe Veterinary Surgeon Malaka Abeywardena said that this rare black panther died while receiving treatment.

He stated that the animal may have died due to complications from the wounds around the neck area of the leopard.

However, Prabash Karunathilaka of the Wildlife Department of the Nallathanniya Wildlife Office stated that the dead leopard was not seriously injured.

He also stated that he has expressed his reluctance to take the black leopard to the Udawalawa Veterinary Hospital.

He said that it was because he thought that moving the animal to a different climatic environment could have an impact.

He further stated that he has requested the court to carry out the post mortem examination of the Black Panther.

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