Posted on July 3rd, 2021


The current developments of the management of religions or the operation of corporate religions needed to be debated by all religions unless ordinary believers may attempt to rationally think that Karl Marx’s opinion on the religion was accurate that it was a substance like opium, which deviates human being from the right path to the wrong way through false consciousness. Is the faith of religion not a material thing that is possible to cause harm to others? Why people are believing one religion attempts to insult another religion or its believers? The answer to these problems would be the attitudes of people or how people think about other religions without a clear understanding of the philosophy of that religion.

About 95% of people in the world have gained a religion by birth based on the religious faith of their parents. When religions spread in this way like a family heritage, people do not understand the philosophy of other religions or even the philosophy of their religion and how they should respect others. Some people are too much aligned to own religion as educators of the religion cultivate in the minds of kids that only right faith is their religion but others faiths or religions are mythical or evil things without knowing the facts and details of other faiths. In this way, hate against other faiths or religions begins and later it continues to provoke people to take part in violence.

When looking at the history of all religions, it can be seen that religious writers promoted violence using fabricated stories, and many people don’t understand the message of religions. The philosophical views of many religions were contained in ancient books of which authors were difficult to trace or it was not sure whether the books were written by authors for the explanation of religious philosophies. The obvious nature of these written contributions was that authors wanted to make additions to literature based on fascinating thoughts, which were in their minds. The objectives of writers were not clearly explained, but they were believing religious mysteries, faiths, or truth without a scientific assessment. It is quite clear that many writers had no intention of writing religious mysteries or disclosing divine intentions. They were merely fabricated or manipulated stories; however, later religious teachers converted these fabrications to religious values, which might apply in a variety of practical situations in the world. 

The style of writing shows that authors wanted to attract readers by writing attractive mythical stories rather than developing religious principles to be believed or worshipped or practiced by religions in the latter days. Sometimes the same story or writing has been repeated by several religions. For example, the Bible, Book of Mormon, and Quran present similar stories and Jataka stories, and many Hindu books provide comparable stories. Certain stories or readings in old religious books contradict modern religious views and laws. Jesus Christ rejected many approaches of the Old Testament, showing that they were not divine rules. Therefore, it is essential to careful reading of many ancient religious books because readers need to comprehend the messages of books rather than the literal meanings of the stories of the book. The other significant aspect of the books was that writers focused on the society at their times and the understanding ability of readers in their times and they never imagined the probable changes in the future world of harms could have happened in the society because of the readings.

 When people are reading religious books such as the Old Testament, Quran, Bhagawath Geetha, Jataka Stories, Book of Mormon, and many others, they might misunderstand the messages contained them as some books are carrying violent stories or motivations that are unacceptable to the current society, which is supposed to promote peace, unity, and harmony among the members of the community. The developing hate among various religions is harmful to the existence of society and many people have an idea that the world is better than without religions as the violence promoted by believers of religions is entirely against the religious philosophy. It would not open the gate of heaven but it might open the gate of hell.

How the concept of time originated in this world is explained in many religious books with the creation and this time was how to measure was not known by anyone. Many religious books explain that the magnitude of the universe cannot measure and humans are a tiny part of the universe and humans to understand the universe take time and need to take a massive effort and it will take time. According to current information, as religions believe, there was no fixed beginning to the universe, and similarly, there will not be a fixed ending to the universe. There may be planets with humans like us or different. They might study about us and try to understand the nature and the behavior of the creator. 

According to our knowledge, people were born into this world and they died after that individuality ended and names extend to a certain period if people accept a particular person should be in memory otherwise they ended. This is the truth of religion, irrespective of any religion will be the truth. When people are weak, they worship religions, thinking that religions can help to get away from problems.

The other vital fact is because believing in aligning to religion in peaceful Mannar would not be harmful to the society, frequently, it will be helpful the society.     

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