Grow More Food for Domestic Consumption & Exports with Imagination!
Posted on June 1st, 2022

Prof. Hudson McLean

It is about time that the President has declared the need to develop food cultivation.  Above all, Use your Imagination!

Necessity is the Mother of Invention.  Add Imagination!

Sri Lanka desperately needs both!

During ancient times, Ceylon, Lankaawa, was a net exporter of rice. The British watered-down domestic production for their own political-economic selfish agenda.

The prestige of City life made the “amude” clad farmers into third-class citizens.

The basic necessity of food on the table should give farmers and fishermen, more government support and prestige.

Give them technology & financial incentives to create more.

If one visits the food supermarkets in Europe or USA, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines come on top with some of the basic products, which are widely available in Sri Lanka.

Small households may be taught to use space by Vertical Gardens for selected products. Once again imagination!

Sri Lanka has coconut trees in abundance.  Coconut water, packed in one litre Tetra Pak (cost USD 4.00) or canned, is a natural product to help Diabetics. There are several basic vegetables that may have medical qualities, which Sri Lankans have not realized.  

Bitter Gourd, Cinnamon Tea, Garlic, Red Onions, Turmeric, Tamarind, Coriander, and Cucumber, are a few which may bring in revenue from the EU & USA.

Being an island in the Indian Ocean, part of the Tuna Belt should look at Omega-filled fish of all sizes including nutritious mackerel, sprats, and sardines.

Curry powders & spices are a growth industry. 

More Europeans are growing out of starchy potatoes selecting rice as a staple as well as desserts.

Marketing of Sri Lanka produce in foreign markets is not a Sri Lankan forte.  Salesmanship is Not Just Talking!

The British promoted Ceylon Tea.  But the Sri Lanka exporters have done very little to take the market further.

Black Tea has many health properties if the exporters delved into niche areas. 

Tea Bags have taken over the market against loose tea. 

Tea Bags offer a cost-effective Portion Control, whereas loose Tea may offer better-added value by promoting the benefits of the larger Tea leaf, which may be used after the cuppa, for skin applications, and other uses.

One of the fruit trees which does not need any help to grow is the Papaya. Throw a few seeds out of the window, and within months, nature provides the benefits of a great fruit with medicinal values.

Papaya, like the Pine Apple, could be sundried for export.

Sri Lanka is a God-blessed land of opportunity.

No Sri Lankan should starve.

The government should educate the populous to squeeze the natural opportunities staring at you, around the clock. Sri Lankans should use more of their Imagination!

Like Albert Einstein said;

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

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