The Survival of Sri Lanka: 
Posted on February 2nd, 2023

Prof. Hudson McLean

There is no other way out. We are a country with 22 million people. We have to find markets outside.”

BBC Article Confirms What I Have Said Many Times!

Can Sri Lanka trade its way back to prosperity?

    Can Sri Lanka trade its way back to prosperity? Ben Chu, Newsnight’s economic editor, takes a closer look at the country’s economic woes.

The Survival Of Sri Lanka Depends on Foreign Trade!  Period!!!

Furthermore, based on IMAGINATION. The Spirit of Albert Einstein!

“Legally, Countries cannot become bankrupt whether they pay off their debts or not.”

Walter Wriston, the former CEO of City Bank, believes that sovereigns will always have the ability to meet their debt obligations. He argues that ‘countries don’t go bankrupt since their assets always exceed their liabilities, which is the technical reason for bankruptcy’.

Colombo, Sri LankaCNN — 

Sri Lanka is bankrupt,” Prime Minister, now President Ranil Wickremesinghe said Tuesday, as the country suffers its worst financial crisis in decades, leaving millions struggling to buy food, medicine and fuel.

As the leader of Sri Lanka, the President is destroying the Credibility of the Island.

Ranil Wickremasingha  was a serial Loser to become the President of Sri Lanka several times.  Just by sheer accident he became the President, but not by popular vote!

Long time ago, I met the honourable late father of Ranil Wickremesinghe, Esmond Wickremesingha in his elegant home study in Colombo. During the conversation over a a large Black Label, he was concerned about the intelligence of his son as a politician!

The reason for financial negativity is due to mismanagement of Sri Lanka by the politicians of the governing operational political parties since the independence.

Question: How many politicians who were ordinary citizens made their illegal millions, overseas properties, mansions, luxury vehicles during their political adventures?

It is Pay Back Time Now!

The Politicians & the Public MUST Swallow Their Pride and Place Their Emphasis on the English Language as a Vital Medium of Education.

With Credit to Dhammika Perera, he may decide to Promote English as an Important Medium for the Immediate Primary Exportable Opportunities-;

1: Medical & Healthcare Personnel

EU-USA-UK has tremendous immediate opportunities which will flow Billions of dollars inward through employment.

2: IT / ITC  Personnel

India has set an example in this sector and has made India a Global Powerhouse. 

Sri Lankan leaders  have been, and are asleep! 

Sri Lankans have very similar IQ compared to that of Indians. Let the leader unshackle this latent asset!

3: Sri Lanka Diplomatic Community

The entire Block of Sri Lanka Diplomats should “Earn their Keep” by seeking Revenue Generating Export Products and Proving their Worth annually, with results, to the public.

4: Tourism with a difference

This is a High-Value Product.

Due to Covid-19 Global Tourism suffered. But now the doors are opened.  The Diplomats should have Sales Events to Highlight the High Value Benefits of Sri Lanka to select countries.

Apart from Sun-Sea, there are Cultural Benefits as well as Aryurveda, that may be promoted to specific markets in Germany-Sweden-Finland-USA-UK-China.

There are many Sri Lankan skills which are attractive to the rich pensioners of the West. They have accumulative wealth and time if the Tourist industry exert a little bit more Imagination, to promote.

Sri Lanka grows some of the most important local products which are very important to Diabetics, persons with Heart problems, High Blood pressure. The Sri Lanka Aryurveda specialists could offer both advice and medical products, with the potential applications, under medical supervision.

Local produce such as Pomergranite, Ceylon Cinnamon, Saffron, Turmeric, Ginger, etc may bring benefits as exports, promoted to tourists, while they are in the Island.

Sri Lanka is Not Bankrupt.

The Island is alive but not well taken care of by the governing bodies.

If the Head of State, has no Trust and Belief in the country, how do you expect Doors and potential clients to offer solutions of recovery?

This is Not the End of Story but the Beginning!

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