Karannagoda challenges Julie Chung
Posted on May 2nd, 2023

Courtesy The Daily Mirror

In a strongly-worded letter to US Ambassador Julie Chung, North Western Province Governor Wasantha Karannagoda yesterday accused the envoy of infringing upon his human rights with the recent decision to designate him and his family.

Wrongful imputations made by you has seriously affected my honour and reputation” earned over a period of over 45 years of unblemished Government service. Your action is directly violating my rights under article 17 of the ICCPR cited above and I intend to seek redress through the legal process for gross violation of my human rights in terms of applicable Law in Sri Lanka,” the letter said.

The former Navy Commander also stated that the Secretary of State had not notified him of any allegations made against him. He (The Secretary of State) has not sought my observations on any of these imputed allegations.”

Citing the recent Daily Mirror news article titled Wasantha’s ban; Julie Chung informs Sabry in advance”, Admiral of the Fleet Karannagoda stated in his letter, “the purported designation has not been notified to me being the person affected, although you hastened to inform the Minister in advance” and followed up by releasing it to the media.”

He also said that the purported designation has been made in total violation of the Principles of Natural Justice recognized and respected by all civilized Nations and in total violation of the Due Process of the Law”.

…your hasty communication to the Minister made in advance” and the subsequent media release has been done for a collateral purpose, of giving publicity, in this country, of a wrongfully imputed significant corruption and/or gross violation of human rights” on my part.,” it said.

Aforesaid imputation constitute serious attack on my honour and reputation” in violation of article 17 of the ‘INTERNATIONAL COVENANT ON CIVIL AND POLITICAL RIGHTS,” the letter added.

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