Did Sirisena Fall in the Japanese Death Trap?
Posted on June 1st, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

Japan and USA used the G7 summit to bash China and rope in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Vietnam by the lure of funds (loans) to disrupt China. If Sri Lanka changes its stand on South China Sea as a result, there will be dire consequences. Not even powerful nations mess with China. It is utterly foolish for Lankans to go against China just to receive peanuts from Japan partly to be wasted on useless projects in the north.

Japanese assistance of $340 million pales into insignificance when compared against Chinese assistance. That too is a loan from Japan. Close to one third of it goes to Tamil-only Jaffna University which benefits only a very small fraction of the people. Japan has also promised, since 2014, two patrol ships. It failed to deliver them for 2 years already after making the initial promise in 2014. Once Sri Lanka Navy has them, Japan will force Lanka to participate in joint naval exercises much to the annoyance of China. Sri Lanka will continue to incur very heavy maintenance cost paid to Japan for spare parts of annual maintenance. Since the cost of everything in Japan is extremely higher than China, the real benefit Sri Lanka receives will be much less than China even if the amounts were the same.

Japan-Sri Lanka Joint Statement is aimed at hurting China. It said the two countries are committed to the freedom of the seas and for the respect of the international law of the seas. China is set to reject the court ruling on South China Sea sought by the Philippines. By ganging up against China, Sri Lanka is fighting Japan’s proxy war against China. This joint statement is also a contradiction of Lanka’s previous position. Sri Lanka’s earlier position was that the dispute must be resolved by regional countries peacefully using bilateral negotiations. It was acceptable to China. The new stand hurts China and repercussions will be nasty.

In 1951, USA and Japan lured Ceylon and Pakistan to support the San Francisco Peace Treaty (SFPT) that deprived China its islands it lost to Imperial Japan since 1895. Instead of returning these to China, they were retained by USA until transferring them to Japan. It was a fraud on China. Hopefully Sirisena didn’t fall in the Japanese death trap JR fell in 1951. If he did, the fatality of his wrong foreign policy choice will be felt very soon.

5 Responses to “Did Sirisena Fall in the Japanese Death Trap?”

  1. stanley perera Says:

    Our ignorant politicos don’t read, cannot understand the language we use. So what the heck they can do? Ignorance and illitracy is a common disease with the Battaramullos. What can we expect from a beedi mudalali who did not go to school?

  2. Dham Says:

    Let us see what China says.

  3. Christie Says:

    The quarter Indian JRJ always followed, licked and sucked the Indian Empire.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Stanley you are very correct saying “what can we expect from beedi mudalalees”? Nothing just empty words and bogus promises. If a white man comes and shake hands with them and talk few words in english is enough for these baboons. If they stand in front of Obama or Cameron its a big thing for our stupid Gramasevaka who takes our country backward with his talk only shit governance. I do not understand what the heck is going on around the country. Ten guys say ten different things about the economy, floods, about Vat etc. Opposition doesn’t have any freedom to send their messages out except thru webs because all the TV channels are closed for them. This is press freedom of theirs. We cannot allow this evil govt to go on like this. People’s power is the need of the day. Let’s get united under the lion flag to get rid of all reactionary forces out of Srilanka.

  5. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Dilrook is right. All these baits from G7 is to rope in China’s influence. China is the new super power in today’s
    world. But some of our Sinhala modayas think it is the west. The traitors don’t know Chinese rule the world.
    US owe them trillions of dollars. Simply no China, no US. That’s how powerful the Chinese are today. Not like the
    west Chinese don’t brag. They are simply cool customers. We have had Chinese living in Sri Lanka for generations.
    Did they multiply and took over towns? No. They simply integrate into society and become native. That’s how
    they live world over. They are people who you can trust. But Sinhala modayas don’t see these
    values. They don’t know these values.

    How much progress we made being with them within a short time. Also they made us very strong in the
    international arena. Nobody dared hassling Sri Lanka since China and Russia safefugarded Sri Lanka’s interests.
    But maru sira and pol pot ponil wickramasinhalakiller are not for Sri Lanka. They will go in all fours just to get a
    pat on the back from these old power houses. Leaving China was a very very big mistake. We would’ve
    more motorways, more money, more security etc etc. Traitor UNPatriotics fell out with the best friend Sri Lanka had!

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