USA  heal thyself first
Posted on March 12th, 2015

Ranjith Soysa

Niel Kromash of US State department’s Asian desk has repeated the wonky big brotherly sentiments expressed by the US Secretary of the State , John Kerry that USA will help Sri Lanka to heal her wounds in regard to the ethnic conflicts.

The USA is the last choice for any country in the world to turn to seek advice for healing the scars resulting from ethnic tensions. Even, Obama the US President very recently at the 50th anniversary meeting of the Bloody Sunday in Selma rejected the notion that the racism has been defeated in the USA. He said We just need to open our eyes ,ears and our hearts to the nation’s racial history still casting its long shadows upon us”

From the year 1824 to date there had been more than 150 incidents of extreme ethnic violence in the USA and in the post  Civil Rights era alone –from 1978- nearly 25  incidents of extreme tension and conflicts between the section of the Afro-Americans and the whites had taken place. According to some Afro-American leaders  ethnic violence against their members have become a common occurrence.

Both John Kerry and Niel Kromash are pretty well aware of the fact that the ethnic violence now haunting the nations in the Middle East was set in motion by the USA who led the war against Iraq – which was a stable country- creating tensions among the different ethnic and religious groups which has now engulfed many countries.

The USA , heal thyself as the charity begins at HOME.

Ranjith Soysa


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