Road to Paradise Needs Positive Solutions against Alleged Dramatics
Posted on March 16th, 2015

Prof. Hudson McLean

Problems as alleged in various accusations against the Rajapaksa family are being repeated over & over again by the cohorts in the President Maithreepala Sirisena Trio – CBK-RW, who should look at their own “Glass House”.

However it seems that those who are screaming loudest have darker clouds hanging over their heads, which do not give them any credibility.

Are these accusations simply created as a pre-cursor to hide their covert strategy of a “Sell-out of Sri Lanka” to Tamil Terrorists, supported by India and the vote-hungry electorate seeking Tamil support in the UK?

Prime Minister Modi visit was as smooth as his synthetic-fabric rainbow coloured shawl he paraded in. His offers to counter the Chinese influence, without a time frame, are not worth a dime, until the dimes are delivered in reality.

India is currently trying to build-up their New Colonialism in South Asia islets, where Sri Lanka is the Shining Star.

Sri Lankan strategic position is the Crown Jewel.

Main features of a State-within-a-State-; The Assets – Tricomalee Harbour + the Oil Tank Farm, are already in place.

Land line with a bridge between South Indian Tamil Nadu and Talai Mannar is a minor Indian Army Engineers’ corps military assembly operation.

Palali military airport, Jaffna, is operational.

Population of Tamils dominate the North & East regions.

Vital Solution:

Most writers have repeatedly mentioned about the key political points which Mahinda Rajapaksa should include in his manifesto. Points do have validity.

One solution which has not being emphasized with determination, is How to Rehabilitate and Integrate a minimum One Million Sinhala population from the South of Sri Lanka to North & East. The programme should involve Creation of Housing, Schools, Medicare, Employment in Industry, Fisheries, Agriculture.

The Bay of Bengal which is the main final destination of warm-water Tuna Belt, borders Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, should be an important consideration for Sri Lankan Fisheries Export Industry. Furthermore the bordering nations may be strategically monitored and controlled from Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan Army engineers should be actively deployed to assist the infrastructure development, to help the newly incoming Sinhala population.

The requests to deploy the SL Army in UN Peace Keeping Projects, is simply a white-wash. However, a minor token contingent sent to support the UN Peace Keepers might be considered, as active currently.

Parallel, the Ministry of Defense (Navy & Air Force) should increase the training facilities for new recruits, in the North & East locations,  with major presence in Jaffna & Trincomalee. No foreign comments or protests should be given any undue importance since both Jaffna & Trincomalee are major points of National Security of Sri Lanka, a Sovereign State.

Taking a note on Security – Apart from the potential Tamil Tiger resurgence, there are indicative rumours that ISIS is considering a take-over of Maldives, as a precursor to Indian Ocean dominance with a naval presence, similar to that of LTTE Sea Tigers. There is a danger that, LTTE remnants may join hands with ISIS, as the Boko Harem announced recently in Nigeria. This will “sink” the Maldives Tourist industry, which may offer opportunities to further develop tourism into a secure Sri Lanka.

The rumour of ISIS-LTTE would be a “Nightmare Scenario” for South Asia!

More importantly, India should take note that Tamil Nadu could be a breeding ground for ISIS, in cooperation with Bangladesh fundamentalists, who are active in their Madrases, funded by several Bangladeshi corporates.

Two major Bangladeshi Banks are known to cooperate with Muslim fundamentalists since 2002. India has already experienced Al Qaeda attack in Mumbai.

These potential dangers as well as opportunities, are key elements which LankaWeb Sri Lanka Patriotic (intelligent) contributors should take note seriously.

With both hands in their deep pockets, majority of the Sinhala politicians, as most other global politicians, are concentrating on their own personal welfare. Happens in USA, UK, Russia, China, Africa, South Americas etc….

Re: The Eagle Has Landed. Land Grab Starts from the Top!

Posted on March 13th, 2015Sooriarachi Says:

March 14th, 2015 at 8:06 am

Sir, You are absolutely correct on your comment regarding Crimea comparison with Russia does not apply to India-Sri Lanka.

Re Modi meeting MR: Its traditional that all visiting political dignitaries make a symbolic gesture to the Leaders of Opposition and ex-Leaders. In the case of MR, he did command a sizable political clout at the Presidential election.


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  1. Jayantha Says:

    Ranting of an old man about matters that does not concern him. Seems to have assumed the role of “Know it All” and “knows what is good for the whole world and for its populace”.

    A joke


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