A  Hindu temple with Prabhakaran elevated to the status of a demi-God.
Posted on June 10th, 2015

by A concerned Reader.

The extent of mis-information and blind faith that exists among those who hear, read and think only in Tamil  has been highlighted by the recent news from the Sevugaraya Ayyanar temple in South Poigainallur village near Nagapattinam in South India.

Apparently, Prabhakaran is raised to the level of a Guardian Deity, with the   Pro-LTTE Periyar Dravida Kazhagam acting as the prime mover of this deification. Apparently, the Tamil Nadu police had moved rapidly and  removed the statues. However,  we can well ask  what would happen  when Jayalalitha recovers her full powers. Similarly what can happen if and when  the Northern province in Sri Lanka is granted a full 13A+ constitution?

There have surely been some attempts to  re-ignite the Maavir celebrations (of suicide killers) on 27th November, as was done during the time of the LTTE.  The LTTE had cemeteries typical of  Christian countries (often with empty graves).  The statues to LTTE hero-figures” like Thileepan, (a person who was effectively converted into  a human sacrifice in front of the Nallur temple) and other LTTE monuments are also missed by those who are still dreaming of the invincible LTTE”.
In Europe there are no cemeteries to the slain Nazi  fighters or worriers. An intense program of de-nazification was carried out after the fall of Hitler, while in Sri Lanka the old practice of pandering to separatist demands are mistakenly championed in the name of  reconciliation”.  The very people who remained silent or rejoiced openly when a whole  host of  Tamil leaders and intellectuals ranging from Amirthalingam to Kadirgamar were assassinated   sided with the LTTE and acted as the LTTE mouthpiece. They are now the champions of human rights, reconciliation and good governance. Surely, reconciliation must commence with a condemnation of those events, as well as at least an apology from those who sided with the LTTE. They could express mitigating circumstance such as the mortal threat from the LTTE. However, no such sentiments have been expressed. Instead, the Chief Minister of the Northern province has accused every government since 1948 of genocide. Given that Mr. G. G. Ponnambalam came before Soulbury and accused the colonial government in Ceylon of discriminating against the Tamils, Mr. Wigneswaran could have included  the British rulers of the time as those who began the  genocide of the Tamil people” in Sri Lanka! Of course, if the UNHRC-inquiry is to be done in affair manner, then  those political  leaders who colluded with the assassins of Amirthalingam, Kadirgamar and others  have to be indicted as well.


The Sinhala reading public as well as the Urbanized southerners have always been oblivious of what is going on in the North, or in Tamil Nadu,  because they do not know Tamil. They were even fooled by the name The Federal party” while the true name of the challenger was The Ilankai Thamil Arasu Kadchi”, viz., the Lanka Tamil Sovereignty party.

Some pictures of the Kovil statues  dedicated to Prabhakaran  as reported from a Tamil newspaper are presented  for the consideration of your readers, as this should be food for thought for every one.


A concerned reader.

2 Responses to “A  Hindu temple with Prabhakaran elevated to the status of a demi-God.”

  1. mario_perera Says:

    The long and short of the story is that the system that goes by the names: Hindu, Hinduism, Hindutva etc, HAS NO RELIGIOUS CONTENT.

    The three words indicated above is, JUST LIKE THE SYSTEM, of elastic and rubbery content. They can be pulled and pushed and stretched according as the situations demand. In the final analysis, they are all very heavily ‘communal’ and ‘nationalistic’ in content.
    At first sight, the word Hinduism denotes the religion. Hindu, is an adept of that religion. Hindutva (the primary BJP slogan) can only mean ‘religious and national fanaticism’ (just think of the Muslim massacres in the Gujarat under Modi).

    Hinduism can best be compared to an endless field where anything and everything can be made to sprout. It, by itself, has no religious content but it is a ‘container’ of religions (by religion here is meant ‘anything and everything’). In hinduism God and the Devil co-exist, so do light and darkness, purity and impurity. Nothing strange in a fanatic terrorist being elevated to the status of a god. That is the essence of the system.

    The system of Hinduism was conceived to embrace all, be they opposites, contradictions and whatever else, and finally DOMINATE all that has been dragged into its fold.

    Hinduism is NOT a religion in spite of the temples, the endless rituals, the colour and the pageantry.They are all hoodwinks, magic, the reality of the silver screen brought to the door-step to hypnotize and mesmerize while the work of domination, amalgamation, appropriation is at work in its underbelly or under the ‘sarong’.

    All that I have stated above is best illustrated by the Gandhi-Ambekdar confrontation. It ended with Ambedkar (who was recently voted as the ‘greatest Indian’ ever) quitting ‘Hinduism’ in total contempt and disgust. That was without any trace of doubt the ‘most audacious act’ of an Indian faced with the pernicious and nefarious ‘system’, a system conceived with the relentless, implacable ideology of exploitation and domination under the cover of the great illusion of ‘religion’.

    Mario Perera

  2. Lorenzo Says:

    Very true Mario.

    HINDUISM = whatever that is BENEFICIAL to me is GOOD (=god). Whatever that is NOT beneficial to me is EVIL.

    There are NO CONSISTENT morals. Everything is opportunistic. ANYTHING (I mean anything) can be justified using HINDU scripts. Murder, rioting, sexual violence, abuse, discrimnation, you name it.

    ANYTHING can be condemned using HINDU scripts. Others’ prosperity, honesty, etc.

    This makes HINDUSTAN much more dangerous than IS.

    Even when VP was alive some Hindus called him SUNGOD and worshipped him.

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