Allegations and counter allegations seems to be the name of the game
Posted on August 6th, 2015

Siri Munasinghe 

Any body if the Police or who have connection to those doing investigation for the last 4 months on alleged frauds.please verify the truth , its a favour to prove me wrong for the benefit of all Sri Lankans future.

Allegations and counter allegations seems to be the name of the game, How far this is true or false is in the head of reader, If he is a MR or Ranil supporter. The rest of us, are traitors and not sinhala veeryas. are as confused  and been confused more.

Anyway the question that bugs me the delay in investigation to alleged frauds during MR reign, why they cant get enough evidence after 4 months ,it took two months to set up the org to investigate.We are speculating on political whims etc.but the best is to get from the horses mouth, those investigators. Many of you have friends there ask them.

Well I did , what was told is shocking if true. I was told of a case of so may thousand tea shirts promoting tourism in Russia. A small fraud less than a 50 Million of our 30 % poverty line citizens{let us remind our selves we dont belong to them- though I am close with my pension, own house etc etc]..The few document available is dated Aug . year for the cheques written for payment, the letter for order is dated is July, sent through a request letter to Sri lankan Airways dated Aug same year. But the letter of receipt from SL Embassy in Moscow dated June same year. Imagine the investigator filing a case with this type of evidence.

I watched  the Boss on TV, the confidence  and the smile on his face, catch me  if you can , is how I saw him as I heard this story[ please verify if you have any connections to any investigators in other alleged frauds] and correct me as it may be detrimental to speak about a leader who won the war.Is that  why UNP is greedy to come into power so that they too can do this and make a fast buck.

If I was a kandyan in 1815, I had little choice  between a Malabar king, a set of greedy Chieftains and the British, I am told many has the same choice, except the converted and those bumming Ranil, who will fill in the blank of the British.We all need to rethink

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