Chandrika’s techniques of character assassination-The lessons of Batalanda
Posted on August 18th, 2015

By Prof Rajiva Wijesingha

Seeing all the posters asserting that ruggerite Wasim Thajudeen was murdered, I was struck by the similarity to the allegations made when Chandrika Kumaratunga was President regarding Batalanda. The Sunday Leader in December 2001, soon after the UNP won the election she had called, wrote:

‘The legacy of evil that Kumaratunga has left behind is so rich that she is driven to defend her turf with all the tenacity she can muster. This is in part the genesis of her evil rhetoric in recent days, with talk of murders, plots and killing’.

The Sunday Times had the same idea about President Kumaratunga, and highlighted three occasions on which she came out with very harsh allegations about her then great enemy, Ranil Wickremesinghe. In August 2010 it noted that ‘Even those with short memories will recall that it was only a few weeks prior to the presidential election in December 1999 that the Batalanda Commission report was released to the media’.

That report was very hard on Ranil Wickremesinghe, but President Kumaratunga did nothing about it. This may of course have been because of the terrible injuries she suffered at Tiger hands just before the election. But by the time of the parliamentary election in October 2000, she was ready to resume the charge. In August of that year the Times reported the return of Douglas Peiris who had given evidence against Ranil as follows – ‘The ‘arrest’ of Peiris will surely be a prelude to major onslaught on Ranil Wickremesinghe linking him to the alleged atrocities committed at the so-called torture chamber in Batalanda.

The language is interesting. I have no idea whether Ranil was responsible in any way for what happened at Batalanda and would prefer to give him the benefit of the doubt, knowing how readily Chandrika jumped to conclusions and then found evidence to support her prejudices. One has only to remember her claim that it was the UNP that killed Vijaya Kumaratunga, which paved the way for her to enter into an alliance with the JVP, an alliance that now seems to have been renewed, though the common enemy now is the SLFP rather than the UNP. But even assuming as I would like to do that Ranil was not guilty of the atrocities at Batalanda, there is no doubt that atrocities did occur there, the death of Wijeyadasa Liyanaarachchi being only the most prominent amongst many horrors.

Chandrika had won the Presidential election in 1999 and then won the Parliamentary election in 2000. 2001 however was a disaster, and several members of her party abandoned her that year which precipitated another election which the UNP won. I voted for them then, but before long it was clear that Ranil had no idea how to control the Tigers, and rather concerned himself with busily dismantling the State.

It was understandable then that Chandrika, who had been persecuted in defeat (Ravi Karunanayake and her handbag being amongst the more entertaining episodes of her solitary struggle against the UNP cabinet) returned to the fray at the end of 2003. Ranil refused to compromise, assuming that he and the then LTTE dominated TULF would get more seats than the SLFP and its allies.

He was wrong, and Chandrika established her own government again in April 2004. Needless to say, Batalanda was trotted out again for that campaign. The Times reported in March that year that she had announced ‘if the Batalanda Commission recommendations related to the 1988-90 period were implemented properly, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe would not have been a free man today. President Kumaratunga addressing women’s organization representatives at the President’s House in Kandy said that in future, action would be taken to implement the law properly and corrupt persons, including 18 cabinet ministers, facing charges before the Bribery Commission would be firmly dealt with’.

Typically, nothing was done after the election. Chandrika works hard in adversity but, as I told her last November, if she succeeds she then relaxes. The 18 ministers did not face any charges, though perhaps she will now trot out allegations against those who are back with the SLFP.

On balance I suspect the Leader was right, and it is Chandrika who is behind the campaign to call her present hate figure a murderer. That was not Ranil’s style in the past. But people change, and succumb to the examples of politicians who seem to have succeeded through low tactics. So even the Times claimed that Chandrika’s persecution of Ranil happened because ‘she must have learnt her lessons locally. After all, she was witness to JR stripping her mother of her civic rights over some alleged land transaction and then saw the same JR accuse her husband of being a ‘Naxalite’ and then having him imprisoned. Now it appears that President Kumaratunga learnt the moral of the story well: ‘all is fair in not only love and war but in politics as well’.

Ironically the abuse of power JR engaged in to destroy the SLFP is now being used by both Ranil and Chandrika to try to destroy the SLFP again.

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  1. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    PROF RAJIVA !! I believe that it was after the alleged Land Transaction that she came to be known as Binduwathie. Old memoirs. I may be wrong.
    I remember having met your Late father with Late CCT.

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    The NEXT ISSUE is the ALLOCATION of the NATIONAL LIST seats, and HOW the two major parties could form a Parliamentary majority to govern, temporarily leaving aside Somarama Sirisena’s treacherous interventions!

    The UNPatriotic Front can easily form a National Government usin … .

    1. Its own UNF Elected Seats
    2. Its UNF National List Seats
    3. The SLMC Elected Seat
    4. Some UPFA Ship-Jumper Elected Seats
    5. Some UPFA Ship-Jumper National List Seats

    and finally, if necessary, after agreeing to DIVIDE Sri Lanka into a Federal State

    6. The TNA Elected Seats
    7. The TNA National List Seats

    On the opposing side, the UPFA-led Patriotic Forces are in a MUCH WORSE State ….

    1. UPFA Elected Seats …. MINUS the loss of Somarama Sirisena;s Ship-Jumpers to the UNpatriotic Front
    2. UPFA National LIst Seats …. MINUS the loss of Somarama Sirissena’s Ship-Jumpers to the UNpatriotic Front
    3. JVP Elected Seats …….. UNCERTAIN
    4. JVP National LIst Seats …. UNCERTAIN
    5. EPDP Elected Seat …. UNCERTAIN

    This CLEARLY SHOWS the TERRIBLE INJURY caused by Somarama Sirisena to the Patriotic Forces of the UPFA and the Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka, who needed about 120 seats, at least, to offset DEFECTIONS by Ship-Jumpers and form a STABLE Government, because ALL Minority Communal Parties were OPPOSED to them.

    Given the TERRIBLE DIVIDE & RULE BARRIERS erected by Somarama Sirisena, the performance of the UPFA, as a whole, is still CREDIT WORTHY.

    However, GREED for PERSONAL GAIN, will now be ON HORRIFYING DISPLAY as UPFA Ship-Jumpers BEGIN TO SCRAMBLE for SCRAPS like HOGS at the SLOP TROUGH of UNpatriotic Front!The JOSTLING will be severe, not for faint-hearted or the high-minded! A piece of my country ON SALE for a few lakhs, or millions, of rupees and a political job! GOING CHEAP … I am DESPERATE, they scream!

    PATRIOTS! You may now WEEP RIVERS OF TEARS for our Motherland, Once PROUD, Now FALLEN and DEFENCELESS!

    So, I warn you to get out of the way of ……

    The Stampede of the Ship-Jumpers!

    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Treason
    Into the Jaws of Dishonor
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Bribes to the Left of them
    Jobs to the Right of Them
    Power in Front of the Them
    Cudgels to the Rear of Them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Half-a-Jump, Half-a-Jump
    Half-a-Jump, Onward!
    Into the Valley of Tears
    Driven by Nameless Fears
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Jostled from the Left of them
    Jostled from the Right of them
    Massed Asses to the Front of them
    Hoots of Rage to the Rear of them
    Jump the Ship-Jumpers!

    Sri Lanka 2015 parliamentary elections: Final Results

    Aug 18, Colombo: Sri Lanka Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe’s United National Party (UNP) emerged as the winner at the parliamentary elections held Monday to elect a new parliament.

    The United National Party claimed victory receiving 5,098,927 votes, 45.66 percent of the votes and 93 seats in the 225- member parliament.

    The main opposition United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA) which backed the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa to regain power as the Prime Minister received 4,732,669 or 42.38 percent of votes and 83 seats.

    Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi (ITAK), the major constituent in the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) claimed victory in the Tamil-dominated Northern Province receiving 515,963 or 4.62 percent of votes and 14 seats.

    Sri Lanka’s Marxist party, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna received 4.87 percent of the vote amounting to 543,944 and gained 4 seats.

    Eelam People’s Democratic Party and Sri Lanka Muslim Congress each received one seat.

    Party Number of Votes Percent Seats
    United National Party 5,098,927 45.66% 93
    United People’s Freedom Alliance 4,732,669 42.38% 83
    Ilankai Tamil Arasu Kadchi 515,963 4.62% 14
    Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna 543,944 4.87% 4
    Sri Lanka Muslim Congress 44,193 0.40% 1

  3. Ananda-USA Says:

    National List seats and the impending Stampede of the Ship-Jumpers!

    Elected Seats…..National List Seats….Total

    UNF …….. 93 …………………13………………..106
    TNA……… 14…………………..2…………………..16


    Sri Lanka ruling party gets majority in parliament with106 seats

    Aug 18, Colombo: The ruling party of Sri Lanka’s minority government got the majority in the next parliament by winning 93 seats at the general elections held Monday and with the 13 bonus seats has secured 106 seats in the 225-member legislature.

    Although falling short of the 113 seats expected, the UNP more than doubled its presence in the new parliament from the 40 seats it had before.

    The UNP leader and incumbent Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe is expected to form his government once all the election results including preferential votes are released and confirmed by the Election Commissioner.

    The Prime Minister has stated that he will form a national government with the members of other political parties.

    However the Tamil party Tamil National Alliance (TNA), which has secured 16 seats inclusive of the 2 bonus seats, and the Marxist party, Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna with a total of six seats including the two bonus seats have indicated that they will not join a national government. They will sit in the opposition and support the government for key legislations on a case by case basis.

    The opposition United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA), which staged the former president Mahinda Rajapaksa’s comeback bid as prime minister, has received a total of 95 seats with the 12 bonus seats. The former leader will sit in the new parliament as an opposition MP.

    It is speculated that several UPFA members, who are loyal to President Maithripala Sirisena will join the government giving a clear majority to the Prime Minister Wickremasinghe’s government.

  4. Independent Says:

    Within three months we will see more colours of MR. He has won highest preferential votes so far. It is his duty to be in the parliament and protect our motherland from RW and MS. I don’t rule out him joining RW to when forming Avajathaka Government again. Let us wait and see.

  5. Independent Says:

    Patriots should propose MR and Deputy Prime minister to fight it out with RW at Cabinet Meetings.

  6. Independent Says:

    Patriots should propose MR as Deputy Prime minister to fight it out with RW at Cabinet Meetings.

  7. Cerberus Says:

    The character assassins of President Mahinda Rajapakse who had no ammunition to use against him since no one found proof of Lamborghinis, race horses, palaces, or $18 Billion dollars did not know what to do. So suddenly they decide to exhume the body of Thajudeen to cast aspersions at MR. They did not directly say anything but did it to cast doubt in peoples minds. It was done against the request and feelings of family members.

    The worst thing was for President My3 to declare at 3 pm on the Friday Aug 14 after the courts have closed in his capacity as the Chairman of the SLFP that he has suspended the party memberships of Anura Priyadharshana Yapa and Susil Premajayantha and has also removed them from the posts of General Secretary. Meanwhile the President appointed Minister Duminda Dissanayake as the Acting General Secretary of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) and ex-Minister Prof. Vishwa Warnapala as Acting General Secretary of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA).

    This is against the constitution of the UPFA party as well as against election laws. In addition my3 also sacked 13 CC members of UPFA on Aug 17 on election day. However, former UPFA MP Bandula Gunawardena told Ada Derana that there is no legality to sack SLFP members without convening its Central Committee.

    This should be looked into by Election monitors since it threw UPFA in to confusion and also caused confusion in the minds of the people of Sri Lanka. It is equivalent to electioneering on behalf of UNP. Following on the treacherous act of his in November last year when he stabbed MR in the back and joined UNP to contest elections this is another one. He seems to have no compunctions about treachery to his leader or his own party members so long as his skin is saved.

  8. nilwala Says:

    Whatever the ugly machinations of CBK, the crafty and cruel game played by Pres. Sirisena surpasses all of this election’s manipulations, in the way he has succeeded in splitting the SLFP – tha nationalist party which carried the brunt of responsibility for the preservation of Sri Lanka’s history by using his divided loyalties to favour ONE SIDE in order to bring about the split, and this result. That split will determine Sri Lanka’s Future in ways that are too worrisome to imagine.
    He permitted and joined in with CBK’s Game of Vengeance being played out on the Party that represented most of the people of Sri Lanka, just in order to wreak vengeance on ONE person – ex-President Mahinda Rajapakse..

    Thus, he demonstrated that his selfishness far exceeds his sense of responsibility for the TRUST the people placed on him in January 2015, towards preserving the security and integrity of the COUNTRY.

    WHY and HOW, despite all the disastrous aspects of the conspiracy/political association which was marketed as Yahapalana, that took the country through a 6mo. hiatus with a focus on a witch hunt and NO DEVELOPMENT, somehow managed to mesmerise the people into voting the way they did, is the most BAFFLING FACT of ALL….

  9. Jag Says:

    At least now, people should realise as to who is the real author of all this mess. It is none other than the Bandit Woman who has taken Gon Siraa prisoner and uses him as her cat’s paw in realising her dreams.

    People should realise by now, a village born and educated arrogant idiot such as Siraa would never be able to think at the first place to do what he did. It is all that corrupt Bandit Woman’s venom that is at work from the background.

    This article itself exposes her real nature, and I am sure that people blame LTTE for not doing their job right with that bomb.

    MR clearly failed to come up with a counter strategy to deal with her for all this time. Singhalese Buddhists will be paying a big price for that mistake. Knowing this low life is around, he should’ve had his guard on and done things differently. Because he knew that she is going to do this one day.

    In common man’s eyes, there are only a very few/limited options that are left for MR. That is ”if” a similar rift crops up between Siraa and Ponil, if not he got to wait till next general elections in 5 years. But by then, the damage is done.!

  10. Lorenzo Says:


    I don’t think there was large scale cheating. TRUTH TO BE TOLD. MR accepted the result.

    We have to CORRECT our approach without blaming others at least now.

    Had MR promised to scrap 13 amendment (as SWORDB promised SINGHALA ONLY) he would have won 125+ seats and trumped Maru Sira.

    UPFA has many UNPers – Thonda, Radhakrishnan, Grero, etc. They will crossover. UPFA has non-UNP My3 people too. They too will play hell.

    We have a difficult journey ahead. FIRM POLICIES and UPRIGHT POLITICIANS are needed. The GOLD STANDARD of upright politicians is 1956 SWORDB SINGHALA ONLY IN 24 HOURS.


    People to parliament LINK is TOOOO LONG now. They have to go through this council, that council, this MP, that minister, this secretary, etc. It has to be shortened. This is what VOTERS mean when I talked to many in MR voting areas. This was why MR was not aware of what was going on down there.

    BTW SB DISANAYAKA has LOST his seat!!!

  11. Christie Says:

    Professor: The Indian Empire won the second innings also.


    CHRISRI, you are right. MR hesitated and as you say Not the second innings but the whole series. Let’s see how he gets on as the oppression leader.
    Lorenzo If there was no cheating explain why did the computer STOP?

  13. Fran Diaz Says:


    Concerned Constitutional lawyers of Lanka ought to take up the case along with concerned IT specialists. There was cheating, no doubt of that !

    I cannot say what MR should have or should not have done. The deeds have been done by CBK/Ranil/Sirisena and finished. As Nilwala says TRUST has been broken – severely, I might add, by these three Sicko Trio. Sirisena is the worst in some ways as he soft talked the Nation into thinking him nice and reasonable. CBK is the most demented due to death of father & husband too. Ranil is just plain west crazy – nutty on the west.

    We have to bring back sane politicos.

  14. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:

    LORENZO !! Fully agree with you on that 13th amendment thing. Apart from comments in the Lanka Web, I do remember writing a separate Article, asking mahinda to negate it completely. We are mere nonentities, he did not think that we could even suggest some stray ideas. We were totally ignored. If I was close to him I would ha Given him a plan. As a Group Marketing Manager,, iwould have given gems of ideas, but it was not to be,

    The best way to fling it out is to have a strong support base on our side and invite those proponents from the other side to meet at the corporate table in a common Hotel Lobby. Thrash it out in our favour. IT IS NOT A BIG ISSUE WHEN IT IS DICUSSED FACE TO FACE. Let us wait and see.

  15. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


  16. Ananda-USA Says:

    Independent is now attempting to “Broker a Marriage” between the MR-led UPFA and the UNPatriotic Party ….. EXACTLY what the LTTE Operative FACEBOOk LORENZO is ATTEMPTING to do …. in support of his former God of BACKSTABBING Somarama Sirisena!

    Oooh …. what are we seeing here? Birds of a feather, flocking together???

  17. Ananda-USA Says:

    Moda-Lorenzo is still trying to get others to believe the FICTION that he ACTUALLY WORKED to bring VOTES to the UPFA, whereas he only WORKED to FURTHER DISRUPT and DESTROY everything the UPFA achieved and built under MR.

    Even “Independent” says Lorenzo is TRYING TO CREATE “BIG TROUBLE” for Sri Lanka, but knows not what.

    Independent has not been studying and analyzing LORENZO and his TEAM of Avatars (eg. Moshe Dayan and, Kumar Moshe, to name but two he values) as I have over two to three decades of hosting and bogging at Patriotic websites and bulletin boards before the advent of the Web! He embedded these avatars decades ago deep in the bowels of patriotic websites including one or two of my own, and these avatars are functioning under deep cover even at LankaWeb!

    So, the Independent covers up his lack of knowledge by adopting the “everyone has a right to express his opinion” dishwater standard. Hey, by that “who cares, anything goes, what me worry?” standard, even child abusers have a right to advocate child abuse … because they were born that way … and would have an inalienable “birthright” to ply their trade!

    Independent, you sound like a lukewarm fly-by-night patriot who cares little for what happens to Sri Lanka, but many of us, in addition to our own personal love for our Motherland, have very large families, and thousands of friends and colleagues whose survival is at stake in Sri Lanka. Too bad you are unwilling to fight fiercely for your Motherland; that is your choice, but don’t try to make EXCUSES and DEFEND the PROVEN TRAITOR and BACKSTABBER LORENZO!

  18. Kumari Says:

    This result is engineered. Are you trying to say that UNP became more popular after pulling out the greatest robbery in the history of Sri Lanka and the arrival of the Underworld?

    Election Commissioner’s computer system goes down and I got the result from Daily Mirror. At least get Moratuwa University involved. Modi congratulates then Hilary Clinton talks of War Crimes. Mind you we have an international mass murderer and a war criminal Tony Blair in the country on invitation. When the white skinned man does it, our slave minded brown skins must be overjoyed as to the ruthlessness of the white skins.

    I am not happy with any of the ungrateful voters, but the result is not their franchise.

  19. Lorenzo Says:

    LANKAPUTHRA and Fran,

    Even I claimed there is POSSIBLE “jilmart” when the server went down before the election but NOT SO.

    You have to VISIT a counting center to understand what really happens. It is like 1950s.

    1. It was the department of election’s PUBLIC SERVER that host the WEBSITE that broke down.
    2. NOT the internal PCs that do all the work.
    3. The two are UNRELATED.
    4. COUNTING is done MANUALLY by people (mostly women – teachers, etc.)
    5. They add up manual counts and cross check (that is why it takes a long time).
    6. Then they add all for an electorate MANUALLY. This is done by MANY people and they should agree.
    7. Then an officer signs the paper after matching all differently counted totals.
    8. Then women from the IT department gets it. They punch in the numbers and show to a boss who approves for release.
    9. TVs and websites grab this and run. Department also publishes.
    10. Seat allocation is also done manually based on the PAPER TOTALS.

    There is no way this can go wrong.

    BUT dumping votes before reaching counting centres after bribing the other party observers in the booth, exchanging boxes (very difficult though), placing wrong boxes for likely opposition voters and low caste people (this is done in Jaffna and Nuwara Eliya) – this box is not official and discarded, giving wrong ballot papers to voters are still possible. Deliberately giving wrong instructions to voters to SPOIL their vote is another trick. Did you notice that this time ALL media showed little interest in showing the REJECTED VOTES???

  20. Lorenzo Says:

    “Small minds discuss people. Average minds discuss events. But GREAT minds discuss plans and theories!”

    I’d rather FART than respond to a small mind.


  21. Independent Says:


    You said

    “So, the Independent covers up his lack of knowledge by adopting the “everyone has a right to express his opinion” dishwater standard. Hey, by that “who cares, anything goes, what me worry?” standard, even child abusers have a right to advocate child abuse … because they were born that way … and would have an inalienable “birthright” to ply their trade!”

    yes. But there will consequences. They have a right but hell a of a lot of suffering to pay back. Too scary to even think. It is not my duty to impose punishments. But I have a duty to disclose and educate others and share what data I have. They have to decide themselves.

    Ananda, it is human nature, I will be proven a Modaya in 1 years time. Until then I will remain not a Modaya.

    Any way I let you win. I am ready to loose.

  22. Ananda-USA Says:

    BACKSTABBING LTTE OPerative LORENZO’s mission now is to broker a Marriage between MR and Somarama Sirisena (for whom BTW he coined the name of “Maru Sira” just to polish up his credentials with the Patriots) and get the PATRIOTS to swallow this defeat without any resistance questioning.

    If that is achieved, and the UPFA MPs are bought lock, stock and barrel, then the TNA can get the UNPatriotic Party to Devolve power to a Federal State of Proto-Eelam in the North and East, without too much protest from the “National Government”.

    As a DEDICATED EELAMIST who helped OUST the Patriotic MR/UPFA GoSL that posed an INSURMOUNTABLE BARRIER to EELAM, this is the NEXT DIRECTIVE LORENZO has received from the LTTE Secretariat in the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora and the TNA.

    To all those playing FOOTSIE with this SHAMELESS BACKSTABBING EELAMIST I say, you are ENABLING him and being led by the NOSE!

    Look how this TRAITOR LORENZO, who helped oust MR/UPFA in the GoSL in the Presidential Election, is now instructing the Patriots on the path forward to Eelam:

    …..”We” have to CORRECT our approach without blaming others at least now.

    …..”We” have a difficult journey ahead. FIRM POLICIES and UPRIGHT POLITICIANS are needed.

    NEXT, I am SURE, he will provide an itemized LIST of steps for the Patriots to SLAVISHLY follow.!

    It is like the FOX who stole the HENS coming back to get the HENHOUSE also!

    Are there any PATRIOTS STILL WILLING to be led by the NOSE by this SELF-INCRIMINATED EELAMIST DISINFORMATION specialist? Hello …. ANY Patriotic HOGS out there volunteering for NOSE-LEAD-TRAINING by LORENZO the EELAMIST Operative???

  23. charithsls Says:

    The question comes then Raiv,why you all,the masterminds in the MR camp took all these to the public & shouted from the roof top.MR camp has failed miserably in the publicity campaign with so much information & facts against RW in the offing,how did we lose? you are responsible to us.It is very sad but Sinhala patriots like (& shown their capability) to rise when their back is to the wall & all chips are down as by King Dutugemunu & MR over murderer Praba & we will have this one day again.On the one hand I would blame the MR camp not realizing that the Tamils,Muslims & Christians (most) will vote en masse for the UNP & the ONLY way to win was to unite ALL the Buddhist forces;see how many Buddhist leaders campaigned against MR (whether you like or not),Ven Sobitha,Ven Ratna & JHU,Malwatta Venerables,BBS ,Ven Dhamila etc.I’ve been writing it here to forget & forgive but ours were more controlled by hatred & revenge & mud slinging to them,rather than planning to win.(After all the then JHU wanted to work with MR suggesting reforms which he foolishly rejected).MR camp was hoodwinked (silly) by the ‘Nugegoda man’seeing large crowds at the rallies & did not learn that lesson from the January defeat.To get Christian on our side identify one of you,if you don’t plan to jump the boat now,should work hard to be seen as a worthy leader for them.
    MR camp should plan now itself than crying now, to the future opportunity & I would say they approach Ven Sobitha & send overtures to Ven Ratna & JHU .They have become (you like or not) the face of yahapalanaya & now should be seen with them to the public.This govt will have issues with them very soon & capitalize then.
    On the other hand,the election was lost due to infighting in the SLFP than to UNP winning.The damage caused by MS & Chandrika near the election was huge;the poor man had to fight to get his nomination than planning a win over RW.He was the SINGLE target for a vituperative campaign by the opposition,NGOs & the UN & the West& India.Feel sorry for him,should now take a break for his own health & then plan his strategy.Of course he (should have scrapped 13A) and his family) was his downfall ,so he can see & learn his mistakes & come back stronger.Our country will have the blessings of the Dhamma as it was all the way over 2600 years.

  24. Lorenzo Says:


    “After all the then JHU wanted to work with MR suggesting reforms which he foolishly rejected).MR camp was hoodwinked (silly) by the ‘Nugegoda man’seeing large crowds at the rallies & did not learn that lesson from the January defeat.”

    Another sensible comment.

    The power of JHU can be seen from Charmpaka + Udaya = 300,000 votes in Colombo. MR should have given WHATEVER and accomodated the JHU in NOVEMBER 2014. It is still worth it. Funny thing is those who told MR NOT to entertain JHU demands also crossed over to My3!!

    Many RELUCTANT voters for My3 were RELIEVED by RATANA and CHARMPAKA. They canvassed VICIOUSLY against MR. People like Rajiv have NO VOTES.

    Sometimes you have to win the GATEKEEPER to win a sale.

  25. Ananda-USA Says:

    And so RETRIBUTION for the HIGH HANDED FLOUTING of the Nations Laws begins to gather steam for the Foreign Puppet who became President Somarama Sirisena! A man has GOT TO KNOW his LIMITATIONS!

    This is just the beginning; the Violation of ELECTION LAWS in the Sunday Night Massacre of the UPFA leadership are bound to follow on its heels!

    Former CJ challenges President’s move

    Former Chief Justice Sarath N. Silva claimed yesterday President Maithripala Sirisena should learn the law of the country from the kindergarten level.

    Addressing the UPFA election rally in Kurunegala, he said a secretary of a political party could not be removed without an order from the Supreme Court when an election had been declared and therefore, the removal of the UPFA General Susil Premajayantha and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Anura Priyadarshana Yapa were legally not valid.

    He said a lower court has no jurisdiction in this regard. Already, he said the elections commissioner had accepted these two as the party secretaries and therefore, a district court could not rule against the election law.

    He said the election law could not be changed from a signature of a district judge who was on his way home after finishing duties for the day.

  26. SA Kumar Says:

    Sometimes you have to win the GATEKEEPER to win a sale- What a brilliant advise by your mate .
    no wonder you are so angry with your so called Demil friend.

  27. Ananda-USA Says:

    Now this SHAMELESS EELAMIST Operative Facebook LORENZO, POSING as a “born again” PATRIOT, is LECTURING Former Defence Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaksa on the Security of Sri Lanka!

    Have you seen a GREATER LEVEL of SHEER ARROGANCE, than the LECTURING of Gotabhaya, our hero who RESCUED our Motherland, by a self-incriiminated BACKSTABBER who helped OUST MR from the Presidency, and put Gotabhaya himself at risk??

    It was NOT TOO LONG AGO that this EELAMIST REPROBATE LORENZO was APPEALING to Gotabhaya Rajapaksa to a undertake a coup-de-etat and takeover the country MILITARILY!

    Soon after that, LORENZO received a NEW DIRECTIVE from the LTTE Secretariat in the Eelamist Tamil Diaspora to begin work on DEMONIZING and UNDERMINING the MR/UPFA GoSL and support Somarama Sirisena’ for PRESIDENT. He did that with a PASSION for MAKING of INANE manufactured drivel, which is his forte!

    Once that EELAMIST Goal was achieved, LORENZO received a NEW DIRECTION fom that same EELAMIST LTTE Secretariat: BUTTRESS the UNPatriotic Front GoSL JUST LONG Enough to get POWER DEVOLVED to their Proto-Eelam.

    As you can see, the BACKSTABBING EELAMIST Operative LORENZO is working FULL BLAST on this latest Project!

    To do this he needs GULLIBLE Patrioitic Sri Lankan HOGS to feed at his EELAMIST TROUGH for TRAINING of DOCILE followers.

    Don’t be BASHFUL now, FREE SLOP provided in PLENTY by courtesy of the EELAMIST Tamil Diaspora Secretariat!! Come ONE, Come ALL, LINE UP now …. PLENTY of EELAM SLOP & top quality EELAM DISHWATER in the TROUGH …. managed by … you guessed it …. Facebook LORENZO …. our local EELAMIST Operative!!

  28. NAK Says:

    I get the feeling that the UPFA for some reason gave up the fight some where on the way for some reason.
    It was evident that there was no campaign as such and not even a few blue street decorations.
    Practically no house to house promotions and the result was 01 Mn votes less than 8th Jan and half of that would have won the election easily. Had Susil Prem Jayanth gone to higher court to get the enjoining order against meeting removed and kicked Sirisena out in early August the result would have been different.
    Reasons could be to turn the situation favourable in Geneva next month or some powerful black mail on something.

  29. Fran Diaz Says:


    The Elections were flawed. Herewith evidence of attempts to do so, caught in time. How many FALSE ballot papers escaped the authorities ?

    August 15, 2015 10:30 pm
    Thalathuoya Police today arrested three suspects and seized 1,324 model ballot papers being transported in a three-wheeler from Kandahandiya to Galaha.

    The discovery was made by police officer at a checkpoint upon searching a suspicious three-wheeler.

    In addition to the ballot papers officers also found 323 election handbills and 1,482 small stickers printed with a party symbol and a preference number.

    Police also seized the three-wheeler used for transporting the illegal ballot papers.


    And this from the DAILY NEWS, Aug 7, 2015

    Fake ballot papers seized in Kantale | Daily News Online …

    Daily News

    A stack of fake ballot papers had been seized from a store belonging to a UNP CANDIDATE
    this morning.


    Note that all evidence has been erased (attempted to) from the internet. The Daily News revelation was reconstructed with some effort.

  30. Fran Diaz Says:

    Herewith the complete article, this time from “Ceylon Today” of 7 Aug, 2015 :

    “Candidate Arrested With Nearly 15,000 Fake Ballot Papers

    Ceylon Today, 7 Aug 2015
    A candidate of an independent group was arrested this morning with nearly 15,000 fake ballot papers at Kantale in Trincomalee District this morning.

    Police Spokesperson ASP Ruwan Gunasekara said that the arrest was made by Kantale Police on information given by the Assistant Elections Commissioner in Trincomalee.

    The fake ballot papers were found at a store near the Clock Tower Junction in Kantale. There was a total of 14,989 ballot papers in the store.

    It was reported that the store was rented by a UNP candidate in the district”.

  31. Naram Says:

    Thanks for reminding the shameful saga of the rise of a lady, who once boasted of much academic credentials, before being proved bogus by her own entourage like Rajitha who continues to receive her favours.

    I have read an article by the darling of the NGOs, Prof Kumara Davith crediting Man Sam for introducing gangsterism of a new scale to 1999 Vayamba election. The talk at the time I recall was that the same person went on to manage 2005 Presidential Election along with ex nave man Sripathy Suriarachchi before being shown the door from the most powerful Minister of Foreign Affairs position, in the following cabinetfor some demonstrated incompetence. All this may explain the hatred for MR some feel.

    If there was any bribing of VP /LTTE prior to 2005 election it would have taken place under Man Sam’s beat.

  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    Shenali …. Thanks for investigating and revealing these voting discrepancies.

    Chandrasena Pandithage …. Thank you for looking at this. I myself have not verified the data you presented, but those increases in the number of REJECTED VOTES are TRULY ASTOUNDING!

    Already, the Elections Commissioner and the so called foreign “Election Monitoring Agencies” and even the IGP are singing Hosannas and whitewashing the Election Results as PERFECT!

    This is in addition to the ILLEGAL Election Day INTERVENTIONS by the highest official in the land … the IL Presidente’!!

    I think if all of this is TRUE, it SMELLS TO HIGH HEAVEN, and the UPFA should demand an INVESTIGATION and FILE FUNDAMENTAL RIGHTS cases at the SUPREME COURT on ALL of these issues!

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