Demonstration in London by Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement in UK – 31st March 2016
Posted on April 12th, 2016

Press Release

Following on from their last demonstration in Central London, where the group of Sri Lankan expatriates showed their dismay with the current political situation of the country, it was decided that more was needed to be done to get their message across.

The new strategy would take them all the way to the doors of Whitehall Court to make their voices heard. Reconvening once again with their previous group, including new faces who were eager to join the fold, the Sri Lankan Solidarity Movement brought their fervent demonstration to the UN offices in Central London to rectify a newer and more pressing issue.

Concerns had arisen after a recent OHCHR report and a resolution sponsored by the US given at the UNHRC, the United National Human Rights Council, which made biased and unlawful allegations against Sri Lanka, giving rise to potential threats of intervention by outside governments.

The resolution is in itself against the United Nations Charter, which was something that needed to be brought to the attention of Western governments. Rejections were primarily made to the hybrid courts and foreign judges to be utilised in the country’s affairs, as proposed by the resolution.

Many in Sri Lanka had felt, including those present in the days events, that they were not treated fairly and that no personal acknowledgement was shown to them in the face of regular atrocities carried out by the LTTE terrorists in Sri Lanka. During a day of solidarity, with a group of Sri Lankan men and women united by their common ground, they stood firm on the views they preached.

A petition was composed for the UNO and Prime Minister of the U.K, to view and see the true reality of what Sri Lanka faces at the present moment and has faced during a brutal 26-year civil war with the terrorist faction the LTTE, which had cost thousands of lives and left key regions in disrepute, with many religious sites, financial/economic centres and leisure mainstays left in ruin, costing the lives of thousands of Sri Lankan people in its wake.

Such topics they felt needed to be brought to the attention of a higher authority if any changes could be implemented. After a day of stern viewpoints and camaraderie amongst the Sinhala community, some were holding placards envisioning the ideal, “One Nation, One Sri Lanka”.

As the stoic Sri Lankan community came together in defiance of their country’s civil rights, the petition was eventually passed onto the relevant authorities, in which the Sri Lankan community waits with baited breath for a dutiful response to be made to their country

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