FM Fonseka’s utterances make Gunawansa Thera to take bold stand
Posted on September 8th, 2017

by Eric Gamini Jinapriya Courtesy The Island

The Chief incumbent of Dharmayathanaya, Colombo Ven Elle Gunawansa Thera yesterday said that he would come forward to prevent the division of the country.

“I will join forces with patriots. I have no intention of contesting elections but will do everything possible for the victory of the motherland and patriotic forces,” Gunawansa thera said in a brief interview with The Island.

Commenting on Regional Development Minister Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka’s recent statement that Gunawansa Thera was a mad man in robes, Ven Thera said that statement had compelled him to decide to join the camp of patriotic forces and get on their political stage for the sake of the country. “I have no anger or animosity towards the former army commander, who made a statement without knowing facts. He, too, has visited this temple many times in the past. But, today he is in the camp of anti-nationalist forces. His statement helped me understand how much people love me. Soon after that controversial statement many former commanders of the forces arrived here. Politicians, devotees, civil society leaders and many others have condemned his statement.

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