Please do not vote for the Interim Report if you love this unique  land with over  2500 years of history.
Posted on October 31st, 2017

By Charles.S.Perera

In ancient Ayurveda the test to detect presence of  sugar  in a diabetic patient is to  put  a drop of urine from the patient  on the ground.  If the drop of urine contains sugar the black ants which  love sugar trickle in numbers around the drop of urine proving that the drop of urine does contain sugar.

This methodology can be used as a sure means to detect whether  the Interim report hatched by Sirisena Ranil Government and placed before the Parliament contains  hidden inside it Federalism palatable to the Tamils.

Eureka there is certainly the poisonous Federalism hidden inside this Interim report. Because  the deadly black ants of the  Tamil National Alliance  MP M.A.Sumnthiran  has accepted it  calling it a historic moment for him ( though not for Sri Lanka).

Sumanthiran had said in Parliament , This is a historic moment  that Tamil party Representatives  have agreed to the proposals made in the interim report. Let all join and support this.”.

They are the  ants around the drop of urine.

What more proof is necessary  for all those patriots of Sri Lanka now,  not to vote for this deadly Interim report placed before them which if passed  will be paving the way to allow the demons of Yahapalanaya prepare the the New Constitution with a federal character based on the Interim report.

The new  Constitution may have been already prepared by the experts  in the USA State Department. Perhaps the USS Nimitz the Aircraft Carrier with its  accompanying war ships  heralded the  delivery of Sri Lanka’s unitary status blasting New Constitution  to Ranil Wickramasinghe the US Agent in Sri Lanka.

We saw the Prime Minister do his war dance inside the Parliament, taking the Parliamentarians for a set of fools saying that it is only an interim report before them and there is lot of time for the New Draft Constitution to be presented. But the Parliamentarians should know that if they once vote in favour of the  interim report, the damage will be done  for the presentation of a New Constitution which would certainly be federal in character.

JVP Anura Kumara Dissanayake present at Salakuna  the Hiru TV programme showed that he is with Ranil Wickramasinghe and that he was supporting the presentation of a new Constitution based on the interim report presented in Parliament. The nick name the red elephant seems to suit him.

He said that once the people have rejected both the UNP and the SLFP the third force to form a government would be JVP as they had been politically clean”. Is that enough to ascertain the people that JVP would be the correct political party to form a Government ?

Marxism is outdated and JVP has no valuable programme to be presented to the Country. Further more the JVP  leadership Anura, Bimal, Tilvin,Wijitha   are aggressive people and do not give the people the assurance that they would be good leaders to govern the country and give them peace and security.

Things to come if this new report is passed and a new Constitution is prepared in terms of the Interim report  became clear  from the interview of Sivajilingam a close relative of late Prabhakaran in Derana  360. Sivajilingam says the Constitution should be non religious and if the Sinhala people want Buddhism they can have it in the South and the North should be free of Buddhism,  as Buddha is already a God for them in their Kovils.

The Tamils had been given all what the Sinhala Majority enjoys and there is really no necessity for a reconciliation. It is not giving a federal Constitution that will change them but a change of mental attitude.  Otherwise the reconciliation effort by the Sinhala will be a waste of time , like pouring water on a ducks back.

In France there are the Algerians, Vietnamese, and Africans, but they have accepted the French Constitution , speak French and do not ask for separate regions with police powers. It is the Tamils in Sri Lanka that is separatists and ask for separation from the rest of the people.

This is mainly because the West and unfortunately UN too are not helping developing countries to unite its people and get them under one flag, but they encourage separation of minorities from the majority,  as it helps their agenda for  world power.

Sri Lanka should not give in to this Separatist mentality of the Tamils , but find means to get them to become normal citizens of Sri Lanka, sharing all the citizen rights of the Country as it happens in France, USA, etc.

The proposed new Constitution to be prepared on the basis of the interim report  being debated in parliament today will not help unity of Communities as it gives into separatism and eventual break up of the Country, which is what the USA and the West is expecting to happen.

This should be understood by the Parliamentarians  and do what is necessary to avoid the  precipitation of  this eventual doom of separation by voting against the Interim Report now so that they will not be responsible for what is to come.

Sudarshani Fernandopulle in an interview to Ceylon Today says,  that there is no harm voting for the present document being debated as it is only  a report. How naïve are these SLFP Group with Sirisena who are more concerned with their Ministerial posts rather than the danger looming before Sri Lanka.

The President Maithripala Sirisena’s voice against this interim report has not been heard obviously because his hands are bound and voice silenced by his Prime Minister who is working to the Agenda of the USA and the West along with Chandrika a Member of the NED-National Endowment for Democracy which promotes NGOs  with an aim to destabilise countries-sovereign States,  on  programmes supposed to be to re- establish democracy.

The Parliamentarians are prayed on behalf of the ordinary people of  Sri Lanka to keep in Mind that Sri Lanka is unique being the only country in the world where Sinhala is spoken and the Theravada Buddhism exists, which is the identity of Sri Lanka.

The interim report that is being debated in Parliament if passed with a two third majority would be the end of all that Sri Lanka had been for the  last 2600 years. Sri Lanka had been thrice blessed by the visit of the Compassionate Buddha and should be saved from the diabolical Yahapalana forces.

4 Responses to “Please do not vote for the Interim Report if you love this unique  land with over  2500 years of history.”

  1. SA Kumar Says:

    In France there are the Algerians, Vietnamese, and Africans- We-Ilankai Tamil are not minority in TE last 2,000 years or more according to Mahavamsa !

    FYI, MP M.A.Sumnthiran would had unnatural dead (like Neelam Thiruchchevam) long long time ago if OUR Thesiya Thalaivar VP alive Today.

    Velu where are you ???

    Naalai Pirakkum TE !!!!

  2. Ananda-USA Says:

    The TIME has COME for ALL Sinhala MPs who are PATRIOTS to LEAVE the Yamapalanaya and JOIN the JO in OPPOSITION to the NEW TRAITORS CONSTITUTION!

    If you RAISE your HAND in SUPPORT of the New TRAITORS CONSTITUTION, and you will FOREVER be LABELLED as a TRAITOR, and WILL NOT SURVIVE in Our Motherland!

    We PATRIOTS of Lanka will ENSURE that!

    It is TIME to CLEAN the STINKING Augean Stable at the Diyawanna!

  3. Charles Says:

    Ananda we cannot depend on these power crasy individuals who value their Ministerial posts and perks more than have any love for the country to take any risk even when things have taken a worstturn- Wijitha de Soyza, Sudarshani Fernandopulle, Dilan Perera are defending the stupid interim report calling that it is not the Constitution. We will never learn.

  4. ranjit Says:

    Except for few in the parliament who love this nation truly majority uneducated, uncivilised, money hungry, power hungry parliamentarians, do not have any love to this country. They love money (green bucks) more than anything else. We have seen that many a times in the parliamentarian circle of crooks. Anyhow if anyone raise their fingers on this issue should be branded as traitors to our Motherland. We Sinhalese must be united on this issue and should work hard to stop this before going for the vote.
    Charles your article is a timely written and we appreciate for sharing all this information with all of us. Though our blood pressure rise sometimes it’s a pleasure to read these kind of articles daily appear in Lankaweb from Well known writers and patriots. Lankaweb is doing a great service to the nation by allowing such great writers to write their minds and sharing their thoughts openly. I hope all god’s from different religions will listen to the voice of good people and help to save our motherland from enemies of our Motherland. Patriots should be more active in this regard. I wish them good luck. Theruwan Saranai to our Motherland and to all our citizens.

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