An open letter to President Sirisena
Posted on June 10th, 2018

Dr Sudath Gunasekara


I hope you have seen today’s newspaper headlines this morning, especially the Irida Divaina banner headline where Vignesvaran Chief Minister NPC has made two very serious statements

1 That you must break up the Sri Lanka Army in to 9 parts and relocate in the other 8 Provinces as the people in the north don’t want the Sri Lanka Army to remain there, as if he is already reigning over his dream EELAM.

2 He also has said that the NPC has passed another resolution that they will not give any land  to the Sri Lankan Army within the NPC area without the approval of the Council

Has the Northern Province already ceased to be a part of the Republic of Sri Lanka. If not how can a man like Wignesvaran who is supposed to be a learnerred retired judge of the Supreme Court makes such drastic statements in public. Should the Sri Lankan Government get permission from a head of a local Authority within its territory to deploy armed forces to protect the country and its people which falls within the domain of its main functions under the Constitution.

I would like you to make a public statement as to whether your yahapalanaya Government has already granted Independence to the NP as a separate Tamil State or at least the Prime Minister has done so without your knowledge. I have a feeling that you or your Prime Minnister may have, at least given an undertaking that it will be officially confirmed before your term of office ends. Who knows whether it is a part of your election promisess. The way things happen in the North, the people of this country have every reason to think so.
Otherwise how can he make such bold statements when the 6th Amendment to the 1987 Constitution which read as follows is, I think, is still vin force and therefore valid.

157A (1) No person shall directly or indirectly, in or outside Sri Lanka, support, espouse, promote, finance, encourage or advocate the establishment of  a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka

2 No political party or other association or organization shall have as one of its aims or objects the establishment of a separate State within the territory of Sri Lanka

Isn’t what Wignesvaran has said and done not a violation of the law enumerated in 157A. The whole country poses this question to you as the Head of the State, the Head of the, Executive and of the Government and the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces.

Punishment for such acts are enumerated under 157A (3) a) b. c and d as be subject to civil disability, forfeit his movable and immovable, property, not been entitled to civic rights for seven years and cease to be such member in Parliament or any position referred to paragraph 1 of Article 165 This should apply to any politician holding positions in any local council as well, though it is not mentioned under 157A 3, (d).

Under these circumstances why don’t you Mr. President immediately dissolve this rabid monkey cage and communal piggery called the NPC and take legal action against these errant politicians?

I am asking the question as to why this section  has not being invoked so far by the President against the CM  and other lunatics like Sivajilingam who have been indulging in this type of lose talk for the past three years. Now that it has come to an unmanageable climax, why don’t you deal with them at least now?

Mr. President you owe an explanation as well as a duty by the people of this country as they are the people who have elected you as the President of this country and you too have taken the oath under the fourth schedule to the Constitution to faithfully perform duties and discharge the functions of the office of President in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Sri Lanka and the law and to be faithful to the Republic of Sri Lanka and that to the best of your ability to uphold and defend the Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

You may forget things like the promises you made to the people in your election manifesto and things like how the 100 days programe was made and by whom etc but surely you can’t forget your Constitutional obligations by the country and the people who have elected you, particularly at a time where you have already declared your candidacy for the Presidential election 2020.

Furthermore I would earnestly request you to abolish the 13th A and close down all these wasteful and devastative monkey cages called the Provincial Councils that have ruined the whole governing process in this country, as I have said more clearly in another letter published in the Lankaweb (5. 10, 2018) in the following words.

Abolish these monkey cages and dens of thieves that have exponentially increased waste and corruption and completely ruined the decent political culture of this country for the past 31 years and multiplied separatists tendencies and communal agitations dragging the nation to complete disintegration on ethnic lines with no chance of redemption in future.

This is the billion Dollar question I pose to the entire nation in view of the President’s above statement which he appears to have made after a deep slumber?

I know it very well that no political party, including the UNP as well as all those who were against them in 1987 will ask for their abolition as they use these Councils members to net votes at the general elections. But for the general public these Councils are an eye sore when they see the way how public funds are been wasted criminally on the upkeep of these useless lotus eater Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers, Members, plethora of officials and the institutions that house them. Other than enjoying the luxuries of office, attending openings, weddings, funerals school functions like sport meets, temple functions, and various other social and private tamsas, roaming all over the world on pleasure trips and running all over the country to show their loyalty to their political masters,  misusing public funds, and collecting votes and funds for their political leaders in Colombo and herding people for their meetings like May day rallies and propaganda meetings of their masters in Parliament who in turn ruin the whole country and throwing their weight on the innocent and helpless masses on the other hand, I ask these parasitic creatures as to what service they to the people or the country that pay their salaries and ill-gotten fabulous perks”

I can assure you for certain that even if you have the elections to these Councils at the end of the year, going by the present political situation in the country, you want win a single Council. That will only further depreciate your chances at the next election in 2020. Why add pain to injury.

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    The current situation of yeilding more authority to Tamil Lenaders in Sri Lanka, was wrong. It has placed extremist Tamils on a pedestal. They simply ignore the President, whilst Prime Minister is a puppet of Tamil.

    The unfortunate situation is the current status of President Maithreepala Sirisena. Is he mentally stable? Is he insane? He cannot remember number of years since Sri Lanka became independent. He cannot remember how former Prez. used helicopters and who gave authority to do so. He cannot remember sequence of events leading up to the formation of Yahapalana regime.

    Ranil is making use of this opportunity to maximum. Tamils on the other hand, have no respect for the President.

  2. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Sri Lanka is today run by the worst kind of traitors in the history of Sri Lanka headed by the traitor chief die hard catholic
    token Buddhist mega thief mega thakkadiya bay gal karaya walking crime bomb with the timer set for 10-20 years
    Batalande Wa(n)dakaya Pol Pot r@n_leech wickrama Sinhala killer. These traitor low lives like pig neshwaran, church
    acolyte sumanthiran, sivaji linga, bada udin, xxxxhim, a sad ali (not enough children to be sad?) etc. etc. know this is
    the best time to drive nail after nail to Mother Lanka coffin to dismember her. You have an uneducated traitor puppet who
    is clueless about running a country and these traitors are at Mother Lanka’s throat like a rash. We need a strong,
    patriotic leader to tell these parasites to behave or pack up and go to where they came from. Until that time these viruses not going to disappear from Mother Lanka.

  3. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:


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