Posted on December 9th, 2018


Sunday newspapers in Sri Lanka in Sinhala, English and Tamil published many articles in relation to constitutional crisis of the country and the points mentioned in many articles were beyond the level of understanding of ordinary Sri Lankans as they referred to various legislations and academic style of points and arguments mentioned by lawyers. The points mentioned in the articles were talking about the human rights, power and authority and many aspects.  It seemed that the constitutional matters in Sri Lanka like tax legislation in Wester countries, which cannot be understood by ordinary people, who must seek professional advice spending more money.

Many people filed cases against the decision of the president to dissolve the parliament for a fresh election to elect representatives to the parliament.  People has an open question why these so-called protectors of human rights went the highest court of the country when common people got an opportunity to exercise their power.

The other point people mentioned is that the president of Sri Lanka mentioned that the parliament was dissolved by him as the members of the parliament, who were elected by votes offered by free of charged by people put them to a tender for highest bidders.  The members of parliament who were elected by votes, which was free of charge and elected members free votes of public can sell them for millions of monies.  This is also a human rights related question.

The ordinary people of the country think that the right to gain an employment, finding food for living, building a house for living are their fundamental human rights, but nobody is talking about their rights and argue about so-called rights written in a piece of paper (Constitution).

In fact, people are of opinion that when they got an opportunity to exercise their power through an election, it must be given to them and nobody has authority prevent such right.


  1. Caesar Says:

    Judiciary is biased to UNP!

    Conspiracy of Judiciary!

    Project, bring UNP back to Power!!!

    The hearing of petitions against dissolution of parliament had been concluded on the 07th Dec. evening not declaring a date for verdict while the suspension order on dissolution of parliament is extended indefinitely until the verdict!

    The other case filed by opposition against the functioning of govt. appointed by president was heard earlier and cabinet of ministers and prime minister is been suspended until 12th Dec. pending decision.

    The courts in Ceylon goes on vacation for about a month on 14th. Dec.

    This is the conspiracy of the Judiciary

    The decision of the former case has been postponed indefinitely falls in to vacation.

    On the 12th Dec. a verdict will be given favoring UNP and to restore UNP govt.

    Then the Jan. 2019 verdict of the former case need not be imagined!

    Latter case decision on 12th Dec. does not allow counter action since the courts go on vacation.

    The other scenario in which if the Judiciary give verdict in favour of UNP, that means the Judiciary approves illegal and secretly done 19th amendment to the constitution without the 2/3rds majority and People’s approval by a referendum will place the Judiciary in Ceylon as corrupt, unlawful and Anti people a dilemma to be faced by judges who are on payroll from public of the country.

    The conspiracy of the Judiciary with the involvement of USA, CIA, WEST, RAW, LTTE, UNP, TNA & JVP comes to the stage.

    Judiciary restores UNP back in to the govt.

    Angry Ranil and UNP takes the gun

    End of Sirisena

    20 A will be rushed, country divided, full federal given, UN forces will come to stay in the merged North –East to stay.

    All lands sold to foreigners

    Monks jailed

    Patriots will disappear

    America, CIA, RAW, LTTE, UNP, JVP, TNA runs the show

    End of Sinhelaya!

    What it the Sirisena yet waiting for?

    This traitorous B(u)ench should be sent eight feed underground immediately!

  2. Christie Says:

    Hitler said when I see a lawyer my hand goes to the holster.

  3. Caesar Says:

    Hail Hitler !

  4. Hiranthe Says:

    Forget about the rights of 21million people.

    The way it goes, it is obvious that the Rights of the following shall be protected:

    • Traitorous UNP, JVP, TNA and SLMC members and blind supporters.

    The heroes for the hyenas who are waiting to eat and feed from Mother Lanka will be:

    1. Chief Justice Nalin Perera,
    2. Justice Buwaneka Aluwihare,
    3. Justice Sisira J de Abrew,
    4. Justice Priyantha Jayawardena,
    5. Justice Prasanna S. Jayawardena,
    6. Justice Vijith K. Malalgoda and
    7. Justice Murdu Fernando.

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