Posted on December 16th, 2018

Daya Wijesinghe  Hony. General  Secretary De Dham Rakno

Our organization, De Dham Rakno, is a movement of the people of Sri Lanka, that is committed to preserving the sovereignty and the integrity of our country, and the right of all its people to live in peace, equality and harmony across the length and breadth of the island.  It is not aligned or affiliated to any political party either directly or indirectly.  It spurns foreign funds and is financed purely by the meager contributions of its members and well wishers.

This letter is to express our utmost displeasure over the continuing acts of interference in the internal affairs of our country, by the ambassadors of some Western NATO countries and their allies both in the East and West, riding rough shod over Sri Lanka’s sovereignty, with scant regard to the sensibilities of our people.  Some of these ambassadors act in the most despicable and shameless manner, as if Sri Lanka is a colony of the countries they represent.  They are not only violating all norms of diplomacy but are also flagrantly abusing our sovereignty.

In the aftermath of the recent ousting of Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe from power, which is purely an internal matter of our country, the role that these ambassadors played in holding discussions with the Hon. Speaker of the house, Mr. Karu Jayasuriya, and persuading the latter to change his earlier position recognizing the appointment of Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa as the new Prime Minister by His Excellency the President, in accordance with the powers vested in him by the constitution, amply supports our position stated above.  Their over eagerness to reinstall their ally Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe as Prime Minister, led them to demean themselves to the level of DPL jokers, when they applauded and rejoiced in the lobby of the parliament, over the declaration made by the Speaker that Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa has lost a no confidence motion, that was rushed through parliament without regard to proper procedures.  They no doubt consider the occasion as a victory for their joint effort (or conspiracy?) to restore Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe to power.

We could have dismissed their behaviour lightly as arising from a burst of unbridled  but crude expression of colonial mentality, if not for the fact that their governments, casting aside international law, jointly endeavour to have their puppets installed and maintained in high offices in countries across the globe.  In many a such country, these puppet regimes have readily allowed the wealth of their countries to be stolen by their masters, and further commit their people to serve in proxi wars to oust other legitimate governments that resist the demands of the Western NATO states.  But we Sri Lankans do not want such a fate to befall us.

While civil unrest, military power struggles and separatist wars have brought untold suffering to people of nations that have undergone the “regime changes” effected by the NATO states, the wealth of the latter has burgeoned by the sale of armaments to the warring factions.  The citizens of NATO states, basking in the comforts of sitting rooms furnished by such ill begotten wealth, are inclined to readily believe the reports churned out by the biased high profile Western media, without going through the trouble to ascertain the truth from alternative sources of information.  We believe that if this world is not only to be a safer place for all, but also one where all its inhabitants could satisfy at least their basic needs, the good hearted citizens of NATO states should pay greater attention to the operations let loosed by their leaders, especially in countries that cannot defend themselves.  Further, they should bring pressure on their leaders to allow people of other nations to solve their internal political issues of their own accord.

We also take this opportunity to call upon the Indian government, or rather, once again, its good hearted citizens, to examine their country’s foreign policy, especially vis-a-vis its small neighbouring states.  We believe that if India is to be the great world leader it has the potential to be, and we sincerely wish it to be so, it should stop playing second fiddle to USA, and seek its position in the world on its own merit.  A great country that has produced a Buddha, an Asoka, a Ghandhi and an Ambedkar, should be a beacon of righteousness to the world, rather than one that trains and arms terrorists, promote separatism and indulge in cloak and dagger operations to bully or end governments and leaders of neighbouring states.  It should stop its policy of arm twisting smaller neighbours, forcing them to accept trade agreements and investments, that they fear would lead to the economy of the smaller state being swallowed by India, finally leading to its complete annexation, as happened to Sikkim.  Such murky unethical stratagem may be in order for one time colonial powers that have killed, raped, enslaved and plundered country after country from the 15 hundreds, but it is certainly anathema to the enlightened, modern and powerful Bharatha we wish it to be as one that protects the smaller states around it from the political machinations of the West, instead of conniving with it.

Leaders and diplomats on the other side of the Palk Straits use hackneyed phrases such as “ancient cultural ties”, “brotherly relations”, “spiritual union”, etc. to assure us how highly they value the special status of relations between our two countries, and consequently, the good intentions of India in its dealings with us.  However the general public of Sri Lanka cannot be hoodwinked, for we can never forget, the steps leading to India’s invasion of Sri Lanka in the guise of sending a “peace keeping force”, purportedly to disarm the very same terrorists trained and armed by itself, with the “consent” of the then President of Sri Lanka, who was made to bow down to the Indian Ambassador.  We can neither forget how the 13th amendment was forced on the parliament and ratified at the point of a gun instituting provincial councils, that have become the bane of development and harmony among the different races, and hangs like the Sword of Damocles threatening to disintegrate Sri Lanka to nine independent warring states.  We can neither forget India’s attempt to establish a separate independent state in the North and East and its setting up of a Tamil National Army in support of it.

Even if we cannot forget India’s past aggression, we can forgive India, if only it is in turn prepared to mend its ways allowing us to solve our problems by ourselves, truly respect our sovereignty, integrity and independence.  If India wishes to go further and live up to the claim it makes about the special status it affords our relationship, it can stand by us in resisting the pressure brought on us by the NATO states to carry out their diktats.  However what both India and the West should realise are that when they act hand in glove to our detriment, neither can complain if we seek closer ties with other powerful countries in the world to protect our sovereignty.


Daya Wijesinghe                                                                             21st of November, 2018

Hony. General  Secretary

De Dham Rakno


  1. Cerberus Says:

    Mr. Wijesinghe well said. We need more group like yours to keep the public informed. The West is collapsing since the Capitalist model is collapsing.
    Sri Lanka fought the terror war and managed to do all the development work with help from mainly the Chinese Govt who give help with no strings attached. Yet while some in the West and India do not like Sri Lanka moving too closely with the East they do not and cannot give us much help at all. As they say in Sinhala “බල්ලා පිදුරු කන්නෙත් නැ කන ගොනාට කන්න දෙන්නෙත් නැ”.
    Instead of Western-style democracy which does not seem to work well even in the USA or the UK, we might, with some alterations, adopt the Chinese model which appears to work well. See: also the following Youtube videos by Dr. Richard Wolff who talks about Democracy in the workplace as an answer to problems of Capitalism and also Marxism. – Richard Wolff: “Democracy at Work: A Cure for Capitalism” | Talks at Google – Richard Wolff | Masterfully Explains France’s Yellow Vest Movement

  2. ranjit Says:

    Indian parasites and the western hypocrites are no longer friends of ours because under the guise of friendship they have done immense damage to our country and to it’s people throughout the past many years after the independence. People like Wijesinghe doing a great job by standing with the patriotic citizens of this country and fighting against our enemies within and outside. We wholeheartedly appreciate what they are doing. Most of the dirty jobs around the world done by these western bullies and they do not have any shame or repent about it. These hypocrites jealous about our motherland and trying every trick of the book to break the unity of the Sinhala Buddhist population. UNP TNA JVP unpatriotic traitors were paid servants of these powers and citizens must be aware of it and stay alert and be ready to defend our motherland. President must keep his presidential powers to himself and act strongly to defend our sovereignty and dignity to live in peace and freedom. This is the time for Sinhala Buddhists to get united and stay as one powerful force to fight the extremists, terrorists and evil forces to our motherland. Let’s pray for a better future for our citizens defeating all evil forces in the country.

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