SLFP will contest future polls with SLPP: Prez
Posted on December 24th, 2018

Ranjan Kasthuri Courtesy The Daily Mirror

Making a firm statement yesterday, President Maithripala Sirisena said the SLFP has decided to contest the forthcoming election jointly with the Sri Lanka Podujana Permuna (SLPP) and warned that district and electoral organizers who obstructed this process would be removed from their positions.

Addressing an electoral organisers meeting at the President’s residence, the President also warned organisers who offered to join and strengthen the government to do so after quitting the SLFP.

A group of SLFP organizers had objected to the President’s proposal and demanded a sole SLFP programme.

They had expressed their displeasure to the party general secretary and some senior party organisers. Meanwhile, the party organisers meeting had come to an end before the scheduled time. District and electoral organizers, executive committee members, provincial council chief ministers and provincial governors were among the participants. Responding to inquiries, Party General Secretary Prof. Rohana Lashman Piyadasa said the President wanted to confine the number of electoral organisers to one per electorate.

Prof. Lakshman also said some managerial assignment would be entrusted to district organisers and new organisers will be appointed to vacant electorates.

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  1. ranjit Says:

    I was against the president from the day he joined with Ranil the bank robber but now I am supporting him 100% for his brave stand against UNP TNA JVP western and Indian parasites and standing with true heroes of democracy. He come to his senses on time if not we wouldn’t have a country to call home. We Sinhala Buddhists must stand with Mahinda and Sirisena at this critical hour of our democracy to save Motherlanka from the enemies within and outside. No time to waste we need to organise Island wide to face the enemy and defeat them once and for all. Only way we can save our motherland is supporting these two leaders and stay united. If we miss this chance defeneitly our enemies UNP TNA JVP western and Indian parasites and Tamil diaspora together will go through with their master plan to break our country in to nine pieces and make our life miserable therefore listen to these two leaders and follow them to make our Sinhala Buddhist country great again.

  2. Christie Says:

    You trust India or an Indian?

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