Gota Gama Protests in Parliament Square in London -Why Not have placards Saying “Sri lanka Welcomes Tourists”
Posted on May 3rd, 2022

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM Wellington NZ

Several of my Kiwi patients and medical colleagues have asked me repeatedly

why Sri Lankans are washing their dirty linen in public and driving off

potential tourists and investors from going to Sri Lanka, when this is

precisely what Sei Lanka needs now.!

On a personal note the latest Gota Go Gama in Parliamentary Square in

Westminister London,i s precisely where the Tigers were camped for over 12

months after their defeat on 19/5/09 with one of them infamously going on a

fast that made the London Metropolitan police provide personal protection at

a significant cost, only to find out later that the guy was being fed by his

colleagues on the sly.That was “Koti Gama” then!

During that period in November ’09, on one of our visits to London,, the

Tigers were one of the many groups camped out for months  on this square as

the Police could not drive them off because there was a dispute ( now

resolved)as to  whether this square was under the jurisdiction of HM the

queen or the UK parliament. When I walked there one morning , I saw a

placard outside the ” Tamil Tiger tent “, referring to the camps housing the

300,000 human shields rescued from Tiger clutches a few months earlier,

saying, ” what was once a concentration camps now an extermination camp”

Charged up,I crossed the road to confront who ever was inside for spreading

baseless allegation to find it empty. In frustration complained , to one or

two of the Metropolitan Policemen  patrolling this area,  that by allowing

this type of false baseless allegations in the name of free speech , my

human rights was being violated by being made the butt end of completely

baseless , maleceous allegations.

A few days later, when I went there again to confront who ever might be

there, I was pleasantly surprised to see both the tent and the placard gone!

I wish this new breed of placard waving heroes who dared not show their face

then,  would have at least have some  placards making it known that SL is

open for tourists , so as to provide some immediate relief to the suffering

masses whom they claim to be ‘aragalaying” for.!

Is not doing so  stupidity or hypocrisy ?

Dr. Chula Rajapakse MNZM

Wellington NZ

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