Sri Lanka fuel crisis: ‘Living in my car for two days to buy fuel’- BBC News
Posted on July 1st, 2022

Courtesy BBC

Being the first in the queue is usually a coveted spot, but Ajeewan Sadasivam has no idea how long he’ll be stuck in this one. “I’ve been in line for two days already,” he says, as he waits patiently outside a petrol station in the capital Colombo. As a taxi driver, fuel is his lifeblood, but Sri Lanka has no fresh supplies of petrol coming in. “I have been sleeping in this car. Sometimes I leave to go and get food, then I come back and wait… I haven’t bathed in days.” He says he has no choice but to wait it out: “I have to look after my family, my wife and two children… only if there’s fuel can I start running my cab and make a living.” With no international shipments of fuel coming in for at least two weeks, supplies are being sent to the capital from other parts of the island, where there are still some reserves. But the island nation runs low on supplies.

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