LTTE Rump Behind Unceasing Hate and Harass Campaign against Gotabhaya?
Posted on October 20th, 2016

Dilrook Kannangara

Various investigative units have harassed former defence secretary more than anyone else. He is not even a politician but almost every month he is summoned to appear before some form of politically motivated investigative body. Even the executive president is unable to stop this malicious harassment! The truth may be even the UNP may be unable to stop it as LTTE Rump wants him punished over cooked up charges and gross absurdities. All those who work in various investigative bodies must be thoroughly investigated if they have any vested interest, politicisation or monetary incentives to do so.

The Essence of the MiG Deal

One of the most talked about cases is the MiG jet deal made around 2006. Various fancy numbers are given about the value. The entire fleet of six (6) jets including trainers costed less than $18 million. Each jet costed less than $2.5 million and a procurement fee for selecting quality planes, clearances, insurance, transportation, agency fees and other essential related costs added $3 million. Buying six (6) jets capable of carrying a wide array of explosives at supersonic speeds, avoidance of enemy fire and surface to air missiles and last for the course of the war at $18 million is a bargain. Ridiculous figures float in the media, some even high as $1 billion. For the record, the total value of defence imports since 1983 to 2015 adds to less than $1 billion.

The report on the deal was not published as it would expose buyer liaison officers, agents that did the actual buying and others involved. It puts their security in danger. Sri Lanka received more than $18 million it spent on these jets during the war. Any other jet of 30 year old technology costs $18 million. Buying six nearly capable jets that are sufficiently capable for the conflict at that price was actually saving a fortune. Agents were used in inventory selection and other administrative work for their knowledge in the industry. It required intense specialist knowledge and it is the common practice of every country to buy through agents (unless the manufacturer). Otherwise, low quality purchases would be made by those who know little or nothing about these complicated machines.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. These jets (along with others) played a key role in winning the ‘unwinnable’ war in less than 30 months of their deployment. Targeting LTTE positions deep inside enemy territory was achieved by these jets with a huge payload, ground troops were supported in close air support, dispersing terrorists, destruction of terrorist fortifications and elimination of terrorist leaders were some of the heroics attributed to these jets. With a rate of climb of over 100 metres per second, MiG-27 though outdated in most parts of the world remains one of the fastest ground attack planes (therefore the safest among comparable in evading enemy counter attacks). Of course, post-war requirements exclude this plane, as there are more appropriate Chinese and Pakistani platforms available today. That doesn’t in any way diminish the value they brought to the war.

Funnily enough, most busybodies complained against the MiG deal are peaceniks and others opposed to extermination of Tamil terrorists! If the deal was corrupt, they should be rejoicing instead of complaining.

Various Other Baseless Allegations

There are other various baseless allegations against Gotabhaya. All have been proven wrong by now. However, various interested parties keep harassing him and trying despicable means to frame him. Recently the wife of corporal Rupasinghe made it public these devious tactics used by government agencies to frame him. Accordingly, the arrested officer was told he could go free if he implicated Gotabhaya in a crime. Police officer Anura Senanayaka was offered a similar deal.

These heavily politicised investigative units have long lost credibility. Their members must be investigated under a future government and if found guilty of politicisation and victimisation, must be punished for their crimes. Therefore, they must ensure impartiality at least now.

Central bank bond fraud turns the MiG deal into nothingness given the massive value and annually recurring nature of the fraud. According to some estimates, a year’s loss is $34 million – roughly double that of the MiG deal. And the bond fraud keeps bleeding the economy every year for many years to come at the tune of $34 million a year. Why isn’t that investigated?

Joint Opposition Should Stop Baiting Gotabhaya

Certain sections of the Joint Opposition bait Gotabhaya to these agencies to make political capital. This should stop immediately. There is nothing to say Gotabhaya will contest the next presidential election. He avoids getting into politics as his high work ethnics and professionalism have no place in the corrupt, deceitful and opportunistic politics. Allowing him time to enter politics at the appropriate time is best. The more he is portrayed as the next president, the more LTTE instigated harassment on him. It will even attract external interferers to harm him. Gotabhaya as anyone else has the right to contest the next presidential election, but, as he has not been nominated still and he has refrained from taking party membership, he should be left out of wild predictions.

2 Responses to “LTTE Rump Behind Unceasing Hate and Harass Campaign against Gotabhaya?”

  1. S.Gonsal Says:

    Sira’s show of “kindness” towards him could be a part of this campaign. TRUTH will win one day.

  2. Christie Says:

    I have no idea what people think write and act. It is India that is behind all these. India wants to get Rajapaksa Family in particular Gotabhaya Rajapaksa.

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