Let us all get together and organize an unprecedented welcome to Sarath Weerasekara at Katunayaka on his arrival  and form  a National Save Lanka Movement to be named the “Lakmava Berageniime Jatika Meheyuma Sanvidhanaya.” under his Leadership
Posted on March 22nd, 2017

Dr Sudath Gunasekara.

Former Secretary to Prime  Minister Sirimavo   Bandaranaike President Sri Lanka Administrative Service Association, PresidenetMahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Jesta Puravesiyange Sanvidhanaya.


The way he planned and executed demolishing LTTE remnants and Tamil Diaspora at Geneva single handed has undoubtedly made him the” Geneeva Veeraya” of the 21st century Sri Lanka. Really this should have been done by the Government of this country. It isthe duty of the Elected Government But instead the whole world knows what the Foreign Minister pf this unpatriotic Government Ava-Mangala  Samaraweera did. Though My3 and Ranil talk bullshit to the contrary I have no doubt what Mangala did wa just carrying out their instructions. Otherwise why is he not remove from his portfolio. Neither the past or the Present Government could do what Sarath did. Both Government sent third grade lackey to Geneva. Thay never sent a Patriotic and knowledgeable person to Geneva or UNO.

Therefore I don’t think any patriotic citizen of Mother Lanka who has an iota of brain will disagree with me on this stand. We all must a must accept him as the Nation’s only Modern day Leader who had the guts to represent the Sinhala nation without any reservation. Therefore in my opinion he merits a hero’s welcome on his arrival in the Island. I am fully aware of the possible recent, professional politicians and NGO wolves liking the bones falling from Yahapalanaya table and the Tamil Diaspora will naturally try to make.

To defeat such movements I suggest we invite all Ranaviruvo under his (Sarath’s) Ranaviru Sanvidhanaya to organize and lead this movement. Prominent Buddhist monks (Jatiye Muradevatavo), like Bellanvila Wimala Ratana , Bengamuw Nalaka , Bodubala Sena and Ravana Balaya leaders, and any other monk whom the organizers think of and patriotic Sinhala leaders like Gunadasa amarasekara, Harischandara Wijetunga, Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, Gomin Dia ,Manohara Silva, Gevindu Kunaratunga and media men like Keerthi Warnasuriya  and any other whom the organizers decide. Among those who are many among those abroad I suggest Kama you, Chandrika, Ananda (US) to any other from Spur Australia, and any other organization the Committee decides.

I suggest from Mahanuwara we invite Mdagama Dhammananda and Getambe  Keppetiyagoda Loku  Hamuduruvo.

This welcome must be followed by a Perehera to Independence Square  and end up with a Public meeting in front of the Nidahas Mandiraya for the day with a National vow to save this country from the present day rogue politicians who have ruined the motherland for the past 70 years from 1948 (except a very few)..

This new Sanvidhanaya can later decide to absorb any patriotic politician, if there is any, from the present lot if they agree with the national policies of the new Organization.

We must set up a National Committee to prepare this Sacred Document after the Torrington meeting.  I am there to serve as an ordinary member at any time if they want my services.

I also suggest we invite MR the leader of the 2009 LTTE war and get Mahanayaka Thera of Asgiriya Chapter to preside along with some prominent, fearless members of Asgiriya ,Malwatta and the other two Nikayas, Amarpura and Ramanna

Please note that this is an elaboration to what said below last night and Kamal Rajapaksa’s immediate respond to it.

Note I made last night

We all must get together to rally round all patriotic forces to around this great patriot the only Mp who opposed the 19th Amendment in the preset monkey cage called Parliament out of the  225 selfish and unpatriotic bunch of Mgodis pinguttaryo jointly headed by  treacherous My3 and Unpatriotic Run-nil. I see him as the first Sinhala Bauddha Viiraya after tradition of Variyapola Sumagala Thera and Weera MAdduma Bandara and the first Sinhala Bauddha leader after Anagarika Dharmapala.

This is the leader we all patriotic were looking for. I wonder it is Diyasena reborn. all those politicians who want to remain in politics should follow him and accept him as the national leader of the day. Those who are no ready to do so mus immediately say good by to Parliament and go home before they are chased out by the voters

I propose that we all at Home and Abroad organize a ‘Save Lanka or Sinhale National Movement’ with Sarath as the National Leader immediately with the next election in mind to rescue our motherland and the Sinahla Nation.

Because we cannot expect any of the politicians now in the field from Parliament down to Provincial Councils to Pradeshiya Sabha. They are all crooks and and pests who jointly suck peoples blood. Shame on these parasites and hell with them. I also suggest all patriotic movements organize to welcome Sarath on his arrival from Geneva at Katunayaka and conduct him i massive perahera to Independent square and have the inaugural meeting of the ‘Save Lanka or Sinhale National Movement’ and take the message all over the country as a wild fire

As for me I am there with Mahanuwara Sinhala Bauddha Purawesiyange Sanvidhanaya to join you

Dr Sudath Gunasekara 071 8075326/ 081 2232744




44 Responses to “Let us all get together and organize an unprecedented welcome to Sarath Weerasekara at Katunayaka on his arrival  and form  a National Save Lanka Movement to be named the “Lakmava Berageniime Jatika Meheyuma Sanvidhanaya.” under his Leadership”

  1. Dilrook Says:

    This is the correct speech.


    Excellent speech within the 90 seconds he was allowed.

    The other one is a response to the bogus comments by a Tamil (South Indian) man.

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Yes, a Hero’s Welcome should be accorded to Rr Admiral Sarath Weerasekera. He spoke the truth at the UNHRC sessions – spoke the truth with spunk & passion ! Well done !

  3. Lorenzo Says:

    As I said before, Sarath Weerasekara for president.

    This is NOT the first time. He was the ONLY MP to vote against 19 amendment.

    He served in the NAVY and the CDF both. UNMATCHED achievement.

    He also won the vote and came to parliament in 2010.

    He is an all-rounder.

    Sarath Weerasekara should be the next president. JO should NOT be allowed to ROB the glory of Sarath Weerasekara. JO did NOT play any part in the COUNTER UNHRC BOOK and JO deserves NO credit.

  4. Ananda-USA Says:

    Dear Sudath,

    I FULLY SUPPORT your proposal to organize a MASSIVE WELCOME for Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara when he returns from GENEVA!

    Our objective should be not only show him our GRATITUDE for his PATRIOTIC INITIATIVE on our behslf, but also to put the TRAITORS of the Yamapalanaya, the Tamil Diaspora, the pusillanimous SINHALA Buddhist Yamapallas of Geneva unwilling to help him, and the UNHRC itself, of the DETERMINATION of the Sinhala Buddhist majority of Sri Lanka to fight for TRUTH & JUSTICE on our own behalf, come what may!


  5. Ananda-USA Says:


    Thank you for listing THE CORRECT WEBLINK to the SPEECH that Sarath Weerasekara gave in Geneva.

    I urge LankaWeb editor to post this speech in a separate LankaWeb article to give in crease it’s visibility.

    There was also another Youtube Video that was posted at LankaWeb recently on an interview of Sarath Weerasekara by Derana TV 360 program.

    His statements at that interview were also excellent, comprehensive and well reasoned. He addressed and DEBUNKED all salient aspects of the war-crimes allegations and Tamil Sepatatist demands being made in Geneva!

  6. Susantha Wijesinghe Says:



  7. Dilrook Says:


    It arouses extreme disgust to view the other video of a South Indian liar spewing hatred and unsubstantiated absurd claims. Sarath didn’t handle him well though. He should have told on record that LTTE financing diaspora is also responsible for war crimes in Sri Lanka, Maldives and India. This is a common trick played by South Indians. They come up with astronomically idiotic claims each time keeping the other party guessing.

    Sarath’s 90 second speech is excellent where he points out the correct position on the matter.

  8. Sarath W Says:

    Susantha, I wish I was there to tell that bugger we should have killed 300,00 more murdering LTTE thugs like him.

  9. Lorenzo Says:

    What is Sivajilingam doing there?

    3,000,000 Tamil deaths would have resolved the ethnic problem too!!

  10. Hiranthe Says:

    Patriots, Please watch this one where an LieTTE agent attacks Sarath Weerasekara and he replied nicely…


  11. Hiranthe Says:

    Good on you Dr Sudath.. Show the traitors that there are true sons on Mother Lanka still exist

  12. Hiranthe Says:

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rB_P6KsOa9o…This is the best one…

  13. Charles Says:

    It is great at last some one to speak out to tell the truth, when Sirisena -Ranil-Mangala-Chandrika keep kissing the feet of the white West and accepts all insults by the local and diaspora Tamils.

    It is good to give the Yahapalanaya goons a shiver.

  14. Charles Says:

    Sudath we have to be careful about proposing him for any thing Just now. You see how the foreign Media and Aljazeera is reacting to Gotabhaya Rajapakse because he has been named a possible Presidential Candidate for Presidential Election ?

    They are all out to discredit him from the first sign of any reposnsibility to be given to him. They began attacking Mahinda Rajapakse when he was elected President calling him a Hawkish Prime Minister elected as the President. And the West and western media was responsible for the regime change and discrediting the President Rajapakse.

    They will soon start off with Sarath Weerasekara as well. The local enemies will begin by praising Sarath Weerasekara as Presidentiable and soon be secretly preparing to stab him on his back, plant mines where he walks, and invent all tricks to make Sarath a non-starter for whatever Political Position.

  15. Fran Diaz Says:

    The S. INDIAN person who shouts lies and ‘arrest him’ in the chambers of the UN shows that South INDIAN involvement is evident in the LTTE show – then and now.

    And RW wants to build a sea tunnel to Tamil Nadu.
    Also deep sea fishing is being allowed by Yahap between Tamil fishermen & NORWAY (!!!))

    Stupidity has no limits with Yahap !
    The RW/CBK duo plus others in Yahap have a talent for laying down future trouble which others who are truly Patriotic will have to deal with and get the flak for saving the country, just like with the MR Govt.

  16. Fran Diaz Says:

    The Game is some Yahap Unpatriotic types take the Power through the back door like RW did, then do a ‘CRASH & TAKE/SELL’ and heap the fault on the previous govt viz the MR Govt & the PATRIOTS to solve the exacerbated problems !
    How mean and how UNPATRIOTIC !

    Neat Games brought from abroad for RW/CBK & Co.

  17. Charles Says:

    There are some who moot the idea that by accepting Sarath as a future Presidential Candidate leave out JO and that means MR. Of course Sarath has stepped out into the lime light and definitely a great heroe. But MR is still a popular heroe of the Sinhala Buddhists. What ever strategy is thought out to oust the Yahapalanaya crooks, neither MR nor JO should be left out. That ofcourse is my opinion.

  18. Fran Diaz Says:

    Agree with Charles.

    Lanka now needs all the past proven Heroes active in the frontlines as Trusted Leaders.
    In my opinion, MR is the most trusted Hero along with Gota, Sarath, and some others.

  19. Ananda-USA Says:

    Like Fran, I too agree with Charles.

    NO one else has the acceptance of MR among the majority Sinhala Buddhist voters of Sri Lanka, for very compelling reasons.

    Without MR, it will not be possible to restore a PATRIOTIC govt to Sri Lanka.

    MR, GR, Wimal, Sarath, DEW Gunasekara, and the JO will have to work together to achieve that URGENT patriotic goal.

    The regime changers, the Yamapallas, and the minority communities, especially the Eelamist Tamils, will do their darnest to divide the Patriotic Forces with MISLEADING PROPAGANDA! Let us not be DELUDED as some were in 2015, and keep our FOCUS on RESTORING a Patriotic Government led by MR and GR!

  20. Lorenzo Says:


    MR CANNOT become president ever again. Constitution does NOT allow him.

    Sarath can become president and he deserves to be president.

    I’m not the ONLY person to suggest this. MANY MANY have already suggested this.

    Sarath Weerasekere President, Kamal Gunarathna PM and Anil Amarasekere FM will be the prefect scenario for SL.

    IF that happens I will SUPPORT DEMO-CRAZY.

    GR is also a good choice.

    In short ONLY a past or present MILITARY MEN are suitable to become the LEADER of SL. This was how it was before BRITISH invaded SL. This is how it should be.

  21. Lorenzo Says:

    Sarath W is NOT part of the JO.

    He has INDEPENDENTLY met president My3 to discuss issues.



    “The National War Heroes’ Unity headed by Rear Admiral Sarath Weerasekara met President Maithripala Sirisena today (Dec. 21) at the Presidential Secretariat.

    During this meeting, the President’s attention was paid on the problems faced by war heroes. He stated that the government is committed for the welfare of the war heroes, and will take every possible action to provide facilities for them.

    The President who emphasized that no damage, whatsoever would be occurred to the national security of the country by the new constitution, said he would be appear for the valiant war heroes always as the Commander in Chief.

    He recalled the actions taken by the government for the betterment of the War Heroes, including granting of the service pension for the disabled war heroes who with service period less than 12 years and giving the opportunity for the retired war heroes who completed 22 years, to rejoin the government service.

    Representatives of the various war heroes’ unions who joined this meeting said this was the first time they got an opportunity to meet the President of the country.

    The war heroes expressed their gratitude to the President and stated they have complete trust on the President.

    Representatives of the various war heroes’ unions who joined this meeting said this was the first time they got an opportunity to meet the President of the country.

    The war heroes expressed their gratitude to the President and stated they have complete trust on the President.

    This is the type of leaders we need. Leaders who can SET ASIDE HATRED, HATRED, MORE HATRED, POLITICS and work for the good of the country and the people.

    IF Sarath Weerasekere cannot be the next president, My3 must make him the PRIME MINISTER.

  22. Lorenzo Says:

    The war heroes expressed their gratitude to the President and stated they have complete trust on the President.

    Need I say more?

    Sirisena is the ONLY SL leader in 43 years after Sirima to be INVITED to Russia. ONLY 3 SL leaders have been INVITED to Russia ever – SWRD-B, Sirima and My3. Russia is the LEADER of the FREE WORLD. Putin’s invitation to My3 speaks volumes.

    So I invite all ANTI-IMPERIALIST, ANTI-TERRORIST and ANTI-AMERICUNT people to RALLY around the new world leader HIS EXCELLENCY AND HIS GRACE VLADIMIR PUTIN ESQ, and his personal invitees to usher in a new peaceful and prosperous world order.

    The Russian way is to WORK WITH people.
    The American way is to WORK AGAINST people.

    So we must work with My3 to REMOVE UNP imperialist, colonialist and American puppets to save SL. DIVIDING the SLFP is not the wise thing to do. WORK WITH it is the solution.

  23. Charles Says:

    Lorenzo, From what you said you did in the past. We c

  24. Charles Says:

    Lorenzo, From what you said you did in the past. We cannot trust you will sincerely work for any Sinhala Leader. You were pretending to be aMR follower and worked for his defeat. You said you helped Maithripala Sirisena to become the President, after he won the Presidential election. Now you are pretending to be working to remove Maithripala Sirisena, and proposing a Taking over the government by the Armed Forces and Buddhist Monks. Then you said you would like Gotabhaya to become the President and now you are dropping that to suggest that Sar

  25. Ananda-USA Says:


    Katussa (Lorenzo) is at it again, diverting, misdirection and diffusing the FOCUS of the Patriotic Forces to enable the Yamapalanaya to win in 2020! You can see his strategy now to somehow exclude MR abd GR!

    GR must be Presidential candiate and MR the candidate for Prime Minister, ably supported by Wimal, DEW Gunasekara, Sarath Weerasekara, the JO and other patriotic forces!

    Patriots, MAINTAIN FOCUS on the PRIZE: the restoration of a Patriotic government to Sri Lanka ABLE, READY and WILLING to defend, foster and grow our country ….. as it did under the previous MR/UPFA government.

    The Sinhala Modayas should have learned by now from the DEBACLE they inflicted upon themselves to NOT LISTEN TO THE Yamapalana PUPPETS of the FOREIGN regime changers!

  26. Charles Says:

    Then you said you would like Gotabhaya to become the President and now you are dropping that to suggest that Sarath should be the President. (I am sorry my post is getting constantly cut off.)

    Lorenzo I don’t trust you I cannot help thinking you are with Wigneswaran, Sumanthiran and TNA Crowd. Good Luck for you. What you are really after posting your ridiculous ideas in Lankaweb no one will ever know.

  27. Lorenzo Says:


    I DID work for My3’s win in 2015. But I have criticized his bad things.

    In 2005 and 2010 I worked very hard for MR. MOST of SF’s past dirty things were unearthed and originally published by me in 2010.

    But by 2014 I lost faith in MR particularly over the fate of SINGHALA INNOCENT people in Anuradhapura, Methavachchi, etc. over the YARL DEVI thing (I witnessed this first hand), for NOT RESETTLING Singhala people in the north and KP.

    I STILL prefer removing My3 and replace him with a MILITARY SANGHA rule which is my perfect situation.

    The next best thing is a DEMOCRATIC power transfer to WAR HEROES.

    The next best thing is to BRING MY3 to the right path by REPLACING UNP CROOKS around him with PATRIOTIC WAR HEROES.

    I will NOT allow breaking up the SLFP. The party that protected SL interests since 1956. That is a HUGE SIN. I know some green card funded US conspiracies to break up the SLFP so that UNP can rule the country forever. I will NEVER allow that to happen.

    You are more reasonable than others in terms of My3. You do NOT HATE him unlike others. So you should understand why we should WORK WITH My3 to save SL and keep UNP under control. Replace My3? Not a bad idea. Hate My3? No. Love My3 secretly and hate him in public? No.

  28. Lorenzo Says:

    DEW Gunasekara is a FEDERALIST!!

    How can you support a federalist and call yourself a patriot?

  29. Lorenzo Says:

    I told you clearly GR is not a bad choice for president. What IF they BLOCK GR? Then what? Complain and NOT have anyone for president? How about the time until 2020? Are we going to just do nothing?

  30. Lorenzo Says:

    I’m NO Wigneswaran supporter.

    Wigneswaran is ANOTHER reason why didn’t like MR. Viggie was appointed by MR. He even went to TEMPLE TREES to take oath!!

  31. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo) is the ULTIMATE MOVING TARGET!
    Dodging and weaving he spins his WEB OF DECEIT!



    Helping to achieve EELAM by MISLEADING the Sinhala Buddhist community is the SINGLE FIXED UNCHANGING GOAL of this UNDERCOVER EELAMIST AGITATOR Katussa (Lorenzo).

    If he AGREES with you TODAY, it is to PUSH you off the CLIFF TOMORROW!


  32. Ananda-USA Says:

    Well there you go: Katussa (Lorenzo) REPEATS what I been saying!

    “I did work for My3” but “Maru Sira FOOLED me”. So, this self-proclaimed MASTER STRATEGIST was FOOLED when most of us Patriots at LankaWeb were NOT FOOLED?

    If he was FOOLED, why should we TRUST A FOOL?


    If he is an EELAMIST, why should we TRUST AN EELAMIST?

    In either case, WE SHOULD NOT TRUST HIM!

    Never admitting defeat, he now says, “but wait, I have ANOTHER brilliant idea: a takeover by the Military+ Sangha”.

    Oh, yeah? So he can pit the two MOST PATRIOTIC FORCES left in the country against the people by seizing their democratic rights?

    The military that is supposed to serve the people at the direction of the people, is now supposed to seize power and become the masters of the people?

    That will PIT them AGAINST their own people and RUIN the reputation and TRUST we have in our Armed Forces as our TRUSTED DEFENDERS!

    If that is NOT THE OBJECTIVE of the EELAMISTS, to render the Sinhala Majority defenceless as in CBK’s time as President, pray tell me WHAT IS THEIR OBJECTIVE to clear their way to EELAM?

    Now you have the REASON for Katussa (Lorenzo)’s devious plan: it is to DISCREDIT the Armed Forces and leave the Sinhala Buddhists DEFENCELESS!

    NEVER TRUST this DEVIOUS RATTLESNAKE; not even as far as you can throw a GRAND PIANO!

  33. Lorenzo Says:


    SL politics CHANGE everyday.

    In 2005 MANGALA was good enough to be MR’s FOREIGN MINISTER. After 2006 he is bad.
    SF was good enough to WIN the war. But bad after war.
    KP was a TERRORIST until 2009. After that a VIP!
    Mervin was a MINISTER until 2015 but now he is bad.

    You talk big about ELAM. Who is the founder of ELAM people’s revolutionary liberation front – FIRST peaceful (later violent) ELAM group – DAYAN J. And he is a TOP PATRIOT!!

    I have been always against the Elam project and I’m bad!!

    This is how SL’ political scene works.

    Sirisena was going MAD at some point and we as PATRIOTS pointed it out.

    There is NO DIVISION. ANY patriot who serves SL earns the right to serve the country.

    LISTEN to SARATH’s speech. He says Mangala GOING AGAINST PRESIDENT SIRISENA agreed to the resolution.

    President is RIGHT on this and we should support him. Even Sarath supports him on this!!!

    I gave you the link of when Sarath met My3 and praised him and pledged to work with him and restated full confidence in him.

    Does that mean he is a My3’s man? NO WAY!

    Whoever protects SL needs to be supported.
    Whoever is for ELAM project must be rejected.
    This is the PATRIOTIC view.

    This is the CARTEL view.
    Whoever supports MR is good.
    Whoever not supporting MR is bad and must be called names and removed.

  34. Ananda-USA Says:

    Oi Katussa (Lorenzo ),

    How should we treat you?

    As a self-admitted FOOL, or as an EELAMIST?

    Since your APPARENT FOOLISHNESS has only ONE CONSISTENT result, it’s BENEFIT for the EELAMIST cause, I call you an EELAMIST!

    Everything you say and do, CONFIRMS that CONCLUSION!

    GO AWAY, you are digging yourself into a DEEPER HOLE everyday!

  35. Lorenzo Says:

    What nonsense USA.

    You have been UNABLE to answer anything. JUST insults like SF!! You must be his relatives.

  36. Ananda-USA Says:

    Katussa (Lorenzo)

    You got your response in my first comment, which you ignored. My counter after that is to ignore your dialogue because I don’t play by your rules!


  37. Charles Says:

    Lorenzo No, I do not like Sirisena. He is the cause of all problems since 8 January,2015. He was greedy for power and did not care what would happen to the country. He knew that Ranil and Chandrika are not good politicians and that they contribute nothing positive to Sri Lanka. Sirisena is a gutless man under Ranil’s thumb. All his Commissions are worthless, it is Ranil who decides not Sirisena. This Bond Commission will also come to nothing.

    Sirisena is well received by foreigners but they know that he is not the power behind the Sri Lanka Government.

    Lorenzo, you should be ashamed that you have contributed to destroy Sri Lanka that was progressing towards development under Mahinda Rajapaksa. Now your proposals are just to sow confusion; You are irrational and you have no creidible suggestions to get Sri Lanka away from Yahapalanaya goons and set it back on to a progressive path.

  38. Lorenzo Says:


    I do regret My3’s presidency ALLOWED RUN-NIL and CBK.

    But it could have been WORSE. At least now we have a SLFP president.

    We have to WORK WITH him.

  39. Nimal Says:

    I hope you remember this day,24.3.2017,when I meet you next in Kandy next,how I got cheated by a Sinhalese ‘friend’ who gave me a cheque for a colossal amount and took my money and his cheque was fraudulent with the signature that doesn’t match,etc was returned in unpaid.
    He came with a hard luck storey, but gave me the impression constantly what a good religious person he was and for obvious reasons I don’t want to give his religion as it might hurt people. I will show you the bounced cheque and he will be traced and criminally charged.
    Please don’t give encouragement and support to people who want to come to power or stay in power using a religion and don’t do or support any scheme that divide communities, as this encourage people from outside the country to divide us and eventually bring chaos and destruction, and even intervention, like in Cyprus.
    Perhaps those you participate on these discussions live away from the island having no direct involvement in the day to life in the island and that’s why they don’t put their 2 cents when some write articles about the real day to day situations and events in the country taking no interest to comment, except to act as cheer leaders to people who are misusing our established institutions in the island to make money, do criminal acts thus keeping us the real tax payers in misery.
    Few days ago by cousin was buried after a tragic accident and a person who just travelled to SL,supposed to do charity work took some money for me to my cousin’s hospital treatment and sadly to his funeral,but vanished without a trace.I wanted to spend that urgent money for his funeral and cursed Mala Batha where all scroungers come to eat and drink but non went to his bed site at Kalubowila hospital but came to his Mala Batha.This a familiar occurrence in our Darmadeepaya.
    So don’t encourage thieves to run our country who use race and religion to divide and rule.
    Recent attack in London has it’s own hope for us where people with the right mind could appeal to the major powers to curtail all religious and so called cultural attachments to any country’s leaders,politicans and governments that undermine our lives, well being of all of us that share this earth. Out of all the three Sri Lankans ever visited me this year, two have cheated me very badly, which tells much about us Sinhalese. Soon we will be friendless in this world, thanks to our communalists and our stupid criminal minded leaders.
    As usual I just can’t be bothered to correct what I have written as I worked last night till 5.20 AM, had little sleep and woken up by my staff when the letter containing the bounced cheque was open. Hope LW web has the honesty to publish this.
    Please do things to put right the wrongs that are plentiful in the island,as you may not get many supporters in the island as they have other priorties much close to their live in the island than prop upfake leaders.

  40. Charles Says:

    SLFP President ? What for ?

  41. Ananda-USA Says:


    EXACTLY …. Work with “Maru Sira”? What For? To what end?

    To WAIT until ALL EELAMIST OBJECTIVES are attained within this term of Yamapalanaya government without a WHIMPER of PROTEST or ANY substantial PRESIDENTIAL ACTION to DISMISS this THEIVING KALLIYA of a PARA-GATHI AGA-MATHI and his CABINET of 40 thieves stuffed with Sri Lanka’s ENEMIES?

    What for … INDEED!

    DESPERATE rearguard action by Kattusdsa (Lorenzo) to “WORK WITH HIM” and DELAY ACTION by PATRIOTS to OUST this ENTIRE Yamapalanaya!

  42. Ananda-USA Says:

    Russia in discussions with Sri Lanka to deliver frigates, offers to set up helicopter maintenance center
    Fri, Mar 24, 2017, 06:47 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 24, Colombo: Russia is in discussions with Sri Lanka over a contract on the delivery of Gepard 3.9-class frigates to Colombo and has also proposed to set up a service center for Russian-made helicopters in Sri Lanka, a Russian official has said.

    According to Russian news agency Sputnik, deputy chief of Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation Mikhail Petukhov has revealed the plans on Friday at the LIMA-17 International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition in Langkawi, Malaysia.

    “We’ve submitted our proposals to equip a helicopter maintenance center and provide spare parts for armored hardware to the Sri Lankan side,” Petukhov said at the LIMA 2017 military show.

    Sri Lanka has 12 Mi-8/17 military transport helicopters, six Mi-24P attack helicopters, 36 BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles, and around 50 BTR-80 amphibious armored personnel carriers.

    Regarding the Gepard 3.9-class frigates, Petukhov said “The contract is currently at the stage of discussion.”

    An export version of Gepard-class Project 1166.1 frigates, Gepard 3.9 may be used in wartime to resist the engagement of enemy aircraft, ships and submarines; conduct escort missions; carry out of patrol duties; and provide fire support to landing missions and mine-laying.

  43. Ananda-USA Says:

    The ORCHESTRATED Gathering of the VULTURES to YOKE Sri Lanka to full implementation of the UNHRC agreement in Geneva within the next 2 years!

    The UK, US, India and now the EU joins the wailing LTTE proxy the TNA to demand a timetable schedule for implementation; SL is now like a schoolboy being supervised by principals to do his homework!

    If that is DONE in FULL in 2 years, there will be NO Motherland LEFT for the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka!

    DID we really WIN a violent insurgency against murderous terrorists? Or, did we LOSE IT?


    UK welcomes Sri Lanka’s continued commitment to improving human rights
    Thu, Mar 23, 2017, 08:40 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 23, Colombo: The United Kingdom welcomes the co-sponsorship of the new UN Human Rights Council resolution by the Government of Sri Lanka, which reaffirms commitments made in resolution 30/1 in October 2015, for the next two years, the British High Commission in Colombo said in a statement.

    “By co-sponsoring a new resolution the Government of Sri Lanka has demonstrated its commitment to human rights, accountability and reconciliation, as important elements of a lasting political settlement for all Sri Lanka’s communities,” it said.

    As the report of the Office of the High Commissioner notes, there have been some improvements made to the human rights situation in Sri Lanka since January 2015.

    “We recognize that further progress is needed and believe that continued support and encouragement from the international community, including through the UN Human Rights Council, will be an important factor in delivering this,” the statement noted

    The UK said it joins the High Commissioner in recognizing the steps taken by the Government of Sri Lanka since January 2015 to improve the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, in particular the restoration of important democratic checks and balances, improvements in respect for freedoms of expression and movement, the return of some military-held land, the passing of legislation to establish an Office for Missing Persons, the ratification of the Convention on Enforced Disappearances and the initiation of a process of constitutional reform.

    “However, as the High Commissioner’s report clearly states, much remains to be done. We encourage the government to take the steps necessary to deliver fully on the commitments it made when co-sponsoring resolution 30/01 and to develop and communicate a comprehensive and time bound implementation strategy. In particular, we encourage the Government to deliver meaningful devolution through constitutional reform, establish credible transitional justice mechanisms, return all remaining military-held private land and replace the Prevention of Terrorism Act with human rights compliant legislation.”

    The UK also welcomed the work of the Consultation Task Force on Reconciliation Mechanisms and encourage the Sri Lankan government to give due consideration to its recommendations.

    In November 2015, the UK committed £6.6 million over three years to support Sri Lanka’s ambitious reform agenda. This includes work on police reform and training, defense engagement, support to the UN’s work on reconciliation and peace building, inter-religious dialogue and mediation, capacity building on anti-bribery and the fight against corruption, and demining in the north of the country.

    The UK and the wider international community are helping support Sri Lankan government efforts to implement its commitments on reconciliation, accountability, human rights and a political settlement that delivers equitable and just governance for all Sri Lankans.


    U.S. suggests Sri Lanka government to make a public strategy and time table to fulfill UN commitments
    Thu, Mar 23, 2017, 09:17 am SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 23, Geneva: The United States while commending Sri Lanka for the important steps taken since 2015, toward implementing its key human rights, justice, and reconciliation commitments, suggested the government to make public a strategy and timetable for implementation of the reforms and commitments outlined in the UN Resolution 30/1.

    Delivering a statement during the Interactive Dialogue on Sri Lanka at the 34th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council on Wednesday in Geneva, Head of U.S. Delegation William J. Mozdzierz particularly commended the government’s public consultations with civil society and victims across Sri Lanka.

    The U.S. official also recognized the joint efforts of President Maithripala Sirisena, Prime Minister Wickremesinghe, and Opposition Leader Sampanthan in drafting a new, more inclusive and democratic constitution, passing legislation to establish an Office of Missing Persons, and ratifying the Convention on Enforced Disappearances.

    Noting that the reconciliation processes are complex, Mozdzierz said the Council hoped to see greater and more sustained progress over the past 18 months.

    “While over 4,500 acres of land have been returned to private owners, many thousands of acres seized during the conflict period remain under military control. While arbitrary and illegal actions by security officials appear vastly reduced from the number reported during the previous government, we are concerned by reports of continued arbitrary arrests and detention, torture, sexual violence, and harassment by security officials,” the official highlighted.

    He said the Government statements against international participation in any future Sri Lankan judicial mechanism raise understandable concerns among victims and families about the integrity of any judicial process.

    “Yet lasting peace requires that the government remain committed in word and deed to implementing its international commitments fully,” he said and added “Therefore, we encourage the Government of Sri Lanka to make public a strategy and timetable for implementation of the reforms and commitments outlined in this Council�s Resolution 30/1.”

    The U.S. underscored that the priorities should be reforming the constitution, operationalizing the Office of Missing Persons, passing new counterterrorism legislation, establishing a truth commission, continuing releases of military-occupied land, and implementing fully all outstanding international commitments.

    The U.S. said it looks forward to continued close engagement with the Government of Sri Lanka on these processes to achieve lasting peace.


    India will go with consensus on Lanka resolution at UNHRC:Govt
    Thu, Mar 23, 2017, 08:30 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 23 (PTI) India today said it will go with the consensus at the UNHRC on the US-sponsored resolution which proposes to give two more years beyond 2017 to Sri Lanka to fulfil its promises on protecting the interests of Tamils there.

    External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said in the Rajya Sabha that India’s approach in the UN Human Rights Council is been guided by the belief that promotion and protection of human rights can be best pursued through constructive and collaborative engagement.

    She said a resolution sponsored by the US had come up before the UN in 2015 and a similar resolution has now been brought again in 2017, sponsored by the US and some other countries.

    “Our aim is the protect the interests of Tamils in Sri Lanka. You can achieve this through two means, by either doing it forcefully or through persuasion with the friendly country,” Swaraj said.

    Sharing the concerns and “pain” expressed by the members, she said, “I feel that with the expectation made from Sri Lanka and the commitment made by it, we have decided to go with the emerging consensus.”

    Responding to a specific question on India’s position on the resolution, she said, “We have decided that we will not break the consensus that is emerging on the issue and will go with it.”

    Swaraj said all the previous governments have raised the issue of Sri Lankan Tamils and stopping the human rights violations against them. Not even a single bilateral meeting has taken place where the issue was not raised, she said.

    “We are not so far satisfied with the resolution of concerns of Sri Lankan Tamils and that is the reason this resolution is again been brought,” she said, adding this was the reason why they are being given two more years to accomplish the task not completed between 2015 and 2017.

    “The UN has set a timeline and it is expected that Sri Lanka will fulfil them within that,” the minister said.

    Responding to questions, Swaraj said, “India’s approach in the UN Human Rights Council has been guided by the firm belief that promotion and protection of human rights can be best pursued through constructive and collaborative engagement.”

    Being a co-sponsore of the resolution, Sri Lanka has given an assurance of fulfilling the promises made and of accomplishing the concerns about protection of interests of Tamils in that country within two years, she said.

    While on one side, there is hope, on the other is its commitment made before the UN, she said.

    Earlier, CPI member D Raja raised the issue and sought to know the government’s stand on the issue of protecting the interests of Tamils in Sri Lanka and in ensuring that the neighbouring country stops the violations of human rights and of war crimes.

    “The anguish with which the members have raised the issue, the government associates itself with the same pain,” Swaraj said.

    The Minister, however, pointed out that there have been some positive developments too that have also taken place.

    “The biggest is that the leader of Tamil party in Sri Lanka is the Leader of Opposition in that country,” she said.

    Swaraj said as Sri Lanka is the closest neighbour, India cannot remain untouched by the developments in that country.

    “India has always supported efforts to preserve Sri Lanka’s character as a multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-religious society in which all citizens, including the Sri Lankan Tamil community, can live in equality, safety and harmony, and prosper and fulfil their aspirations within a united Sri Lanka,” she said.

    “We hope that with the sagacity and political will of its leadership and the support of its people, Sri Lanka will achieve genuine reconciliation and development,” she said.

    Listing out some of the concerns listed out in the UN Human Rights Report, she said, these include Sri Lanka government embracing the report of the task force on reconciliation mechanism and present a comprehensive strategy on transitional justice with a time-bound plan.

    She said the UN resolution also asks the government of Sri Lanka to implement the commitments welcomed by the Human Rights Council in its resolution and to publically issue instructions to all branches of military, intelligence and police forces that torture, sexual violence and other human rights violations are prohibited and will be investigated and punished.

    It also asks the Sri Lankan government to give highest priority to the restitution of all private land that has been occupied by the military and to ending military involvement in commercial and other civilian activities.


    ‘UNHRC, EU insistence on foreign judges threatens country’s sovereignty’: Wijeyadasa
    Friday, March 24, 2017 – 01:00
    Sandasen Marasinghe and Disna Mudalige

    The UNHRC and EU insistence on foreign judges on the proposed mechanism for truth seeking, knowing that there is no provision for it in the Sri Lankan Constitution, accounts to a threat to independence and sovereignty of the country, Justice Minister Dr Wijeyadasa Rajapakse said in Parliament yesterday.

    “Are all these international bodies asking us to violate our own Constitution?” he questioned.

    “On the one hand, they are asking us to set up a mechanism, punish and take legal steps against those found guilty. But on the other hand, they are asking us to ensure reconciliation. These are contradictory and cannot co-exist. When somebody gives evidence over a certain past incident and says that this or that person is responsible for war crime, the tri-force and police personnel who risked their lives to protect the country’s unity and sovereignty will be agitated.

    Then there will be a dispute between the Sinhala and Tamil communities again. Reconciliation cannot be achieved in this manner. This will open a path to another war,” the minister stated.

    The minister was also critical of the interference of the EU regarding the GSP plus trade concession.

    “If the EU is to give back this facility, then it is high time for that. We have been waiting for two long years. Now it is said that it would be given in May and we are not sure how long they will keep postponing. We have made remarkable progress on good governance. If Western countries who appear to be friendly try to exceed their limits and order us to bring in this and that law to facilitate the GSP relief, we are not ready to do that. If they are trying to infringe on our sovereignty taking advantage of the economic hardships of the country, we cannot agree to that,” the minister stressed.

    The minister said the EU demanded to make a large number of legal reforms to facilitate the GSP plus benefit, adding that most of them had been done. However, he said those were made not simply because of the demand by the international community, but since they truly meant to uphold human rights and justice of the people.


    Sri Lanka Tamil party welcomes adoption of UN resolution, urges the government to honor its commitments
    Fri, Mar 24, 2017, 07:43 pm SL Time, ColomboPage News Desk, Sri Lanka.

    Mar 24, Colombo: Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party, Tamil National Alliance (TNA) today welcomed the adoption of UNHRC resolution 34/L 1 which reaffirms the full implementation of resolution 30/1 of 2015, promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka.

    The United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) Thursday without a vote adopted the consensus resolution on Sri Lanka which proposes to give two more years beyond 2017 to fulfil the commitments made in the 2015 resolution for reconciliation and transnational justice. Sri Lanka cosponsored the HRC34/1 as it did with HRC30/1 in 2015.

    In a statement issued today the TNA also welcomed the fact that resolution 34/L 1, gives specific time frames for the Government and the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to report on the successful implementation of the 30/1 resolution at the 37th and 40th UNHRC sessions respectively in 2018 and 2019.

    “We urge the Government of Sri Lanka to honor its commitment with regard to these resolutions and implement the same in letter and spirit. In keeping with its commitments, we also urge the government to sincerely address the issues of land release, the detention of Tamil political prisoners, grievances of the families of missing persons, and the enactment of constitutional reforms,” the party said.

    “The Tamil people have reached their limits of tolerance, and urge that their deprivation and suffering on these several issues be brought to an early end,” it added.

    The TNA welcomed the continued engagement and assistance of the international community in achieving the aforesaid and as party, as the elected representatives of the Tamil speaking people, reiterated its commitment to closely engage with and monitor the implementation of the UN recommendations and other proposed processes related to reconciliation and transitional justice in Sri Lanka.

    “The UN and the Human Rights Council and the International Community, we submit, should also take all necessary actions to ensure that the benefits of the implementation of the UN resolution are derived by the people who have been victims,” the TNA statement said.

  44. Dilrook Says:

    Although Russia is a great nation standing up to US aggression and expansionism, I don’t see any good in proposed Russian investments and defence deals with Sri Lanka.

    The biggest worry is India’s close connection with Russia which still continues as India is Russia’s main weapons buyer.

    The sudden Russian invitation to the president (these invitations are extremely rare) seems to have been instigated by India as in 1974. In 1974 India used the Soviet Union to put pressure on Sri Lanka to accommodate Indian interests which Sri Lanka did. This time the main focus seems to be to block China deals.

    Therefore I view president’s Russian visit with skepticism.

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