Sterilising women through pills.
Posted on March 10th, 2018

By Charles.S.Perera

Recently in Ampara there was a manifestation of the people against Muslim eateries for supposed to have introduced pills to sterilise Sinhala women. Some time ago  a Bakery near a Girls’ School in Katugastota was similarly accused of selling cakes from two counters one for Sinhala Girls and another for Muslim Girls. The cakes sold to Sinhala Girls were supposed to have contained the dreaded sterility pills. The Bakery was finally closed down.

The JVP which is trying to be the Diyasena of Sri Lanka today–a panacea to all political ills coming from Yahapalanaya  on one side, and the Rajapaksas and SLPP on the other,  deplore these current unrest between the Muslim and Sinhala Communities.

The JVP went for the Local Government election crying high and low its political slogan  that the Yahaplanaya government representing the UNP and the SLFP,  and SLPP representing the President Mahinda Rajapakse are all thieves, bribe takers, and with them there is no political future for the country, therefore the people should vote for the JVP the party which consists of honest Diyasernas who can revitalise and bring peace and prosperity to Sri Lanka.

But unfortunately for JVP, the people  preferred to avoid Diyasenas and voted for the SLPP which represented their dear President Mahinda Rajapakse who ended the 30 year war , developed the country to a great extent and thwarted the separatist Tamil political effort to a Communal division of the country.

The writer had stressed in several articles to Lankaweb , that the JVP if they are a Marxist political party as they like to call themselves, should have nothing to do with the Capitalist UNP and other reactionary forces, but unite with the Socialist movement of the Country represented today by SLPP to make the people experience their positive contribution to the development of Sri Lanka,  instead of running after  illusive thieves they say are with President Mahinda Rajapakse and the SLPP .

Now after having been completely and shamefully  rejected by the people at the Local Government elections, the JVP is making use of the present upsurge of Communal tension between the Muslims and the Sinhala, to show that JVP is again the political panacea for the settlement of Communal tension.

They –the JVP,  say that,  the people should not follow  either the Yahapalanaya with its UNP and other reactionary forces , as they are creating the Communal tension to stay in power,  nor  the SLPP and Mahinda Rajapakse as they are creating  Communal  tension to come back to power. Therefore the people have only one choice  the JVP, which is between the present two villainous political groups in fray, which is capable of settling the present communal upheaval.

JVP assures the people that the  so called sterilising pills found  in the food served in a Muslim Restaurant were inoffensive lumps of flour.  And JVP member Handunetti stressed that there is no such thing as pills to sterilise women and it is only an excuse for certain political elements in Ampara to accuse the innocent Muslims, making it political issue.

However, Handunetti is not far from the truth that there is no pills in the world market to  sterilize women, and what was said to have been found in the food served in a Muslim Restaurant may have been some thing different”.

Only way to sterilize a woman  it is said is by blocking the  fallopian tubes to stop male sperm from reaching the womb.

But, there isnevertheless, a  pill called the Abortion pill which can force miscarriage in a woman if administered during the early period of conception. Only way to find out whether such pills are being  used in an unauthorised manner , is to collect statistics from hospitals in areas where any pills were found in the food, to see whether there had been reports of an  abnormal  number of cases of miscarriages amoung the women in the area. That may be a clue, or  a  mere coincidence.


But danger of such reports is that it can create a psychological fear of conception amoung women that may cause miscarriages. However, finding unknown substances in food served to people in Muslim eateries should be investigated. Our own Muslims may not indulge in such activities , but the infiltration of foreign Muslim fanatics in to Muslim villages cannot be ruled out.

We never believed that our Tamil youth could be trained as terrorists in the Jungles of South India, but it did happen and when we came to know about it,  it was too late. There are reports that there are special schools that teach terror in the name of God. Hence it is the role of the Government to see that no such thing is being prepared secretly  in the backwoods of Sri Lanka.

Unfortunately  our Secret Service has been completely dis-organised by Sirisena Ranil Yahapaalanaya Government,  and we do not seem to have a reliable Secret Service. With the American and British Agents interfering into our Armed Forces providing them with training  etc.,  our Armed Forces are disarmed against questionable activities by Foreign Forces  which may be  detrimental to Communal relations in our Country.

Therefore, JVP in assuming to be the Divine Saviour of  Sri Lanka presently in complete political disarray, may be forgetting that there may be activities  taking place behind scene -in the back stage, which may  rise up one day and go completely uncontrollable , as it was with  terrorism in 1970s.

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  1. RohanJay Says:

    Charles S.Perera wrote: “With the American and British Agents interfering into our Armed Forces providing them with training etc., our Armed Forces are disarmed against questionable activities by Foreign Forces which may be detrimental to Communal relations in our Country.”

    Where is the evidence for this? Anyway if it is true then it arrogant gullible Sri Lankans who are to be blamed. Not the British and American agents. Sri Lankans can’t take any responsibilities for themselves blame it all on the geniuses in Britain and America.Sri Lankans are so full of themselves that British and American agents are running rings around gullible arrogant Sri Lankans.
    All Sri Lankans do on is moan and talk British did this or Americans did that and take no action themselves it’s all the British and Americans doing. Sri Lanka take friggin responsibility for your self created yourselves! Charles S Perera where were you to assist your country when American and British agents were rings around Sri Lanka’s security services. Charles S Perera stop blaming the British and Americans for you and your shortcomings!

  2. Fran Diaz Says:

    Sri Lanka’s LOCATION in the Indian Ocean (in pathway of China Belt & Road initiative) plus INDIA’s proximity to Lanka, plus earlier breakaway Tamil Nadu area (prior to PM Nehru’s anti-Secessionist Law of 1963), plus some 15 Million Tamils of Dalit origin in Tamil Nadu & Tamil Terrorism of some 30 yrs in Lanka,
    Plus colonisation of some 500 yrs
    Plus the Cold War
    Have all made Lanka very vulnerable …..

    Only PATRIOTISM from every citizen may and will enable Lanka to carry on without crashing due to divisive forces.

  3. Christie Says:

    The majority Sinhalese have to unite as they did before 1956.

    At the moment the only choice is SLPP. As all others depend on Indian money.

    Unless the majority Sinhalese unite and lead the country we the majority will be doomed.

  4. Sirih Says:

    jvp is not a marxist party and that disappeared with the founding leaders death that came from a brigadiers hand in his hide out.. Present jvp is fully funded by indians and having look into their funding indian hand is confirmed. We shut down one direct funding from a another asian company but knew it was a routed funding from indians..
    Sri Lanka are so guidable and stupid to believe present polies ..

  5. Nanda Says:

    It is strange to say an ‘Abortion pill’ mixed to a curry or into a roti eaten by group of men ( Ampara incident) should be investigated. However to clear doubt , that has been done.

    Nevertheless there was a incident which Mahason Balakaya(MB) reported to police, that a certain doctor carried out sergical sterilization of a large number of Sinhala women in a short time period.
    Neither JVP, nor JO reported this to police.

    MB have now been branded the ‘mastermind’ of riots by Yahapalanaya goons and most media in Sri Lanka.
    Surely truth will come out , unless Ranil does a another perpetual game.

  6. Nanda Says:

    Have you seen this ?
    There is no governement or opposition.

  7. Charles Says:


    One must have really fallen from yesterday’s rain not to know that USA ,Canada and the West have shown complete disregard to the Sovereignty of Sri Lanka since 8th January,2015 and openly interfere into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. The USA resolution against Sri Lanka moved at the Geneva UNHRC on groundless accusation against our Armed Forces based on a report prepared by a UN Panel hiding behind nameless witnesses, is in itself an interference of USA and the West in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.

    During the Sri Lanka military operations against the terrorists the USA Ambassador Robert O Blake openly interfered demanding the Government of Sri Lanka to come to a political settlement with the terrorists without resorting to a military solution. He even went to a University in TamilNadu to address a meeting in which he condemned the military offensive of Sri Lanka Armed Forces against the terrorists. UK and French Foreign Ministers came to Sri Lanka to demand the then President Mahinda Rajapakse, a cease fire to enable them to visit the Terrorist Leaders. They went to USA and complained to Hillary Clinton the US Foreign Secretary and together they condemned Sri Lanka for continuing with the military operations against the terrorists.

    After the Local Government Election when the Yahapalanaya Government set up with the blessings of the USA anf the west suffered an utter defeat and the Prime Minister was shamefully sequestrated in Temple Trees it was the USA Ambassador Atul Keshap was the first along with the Indian Ambassador to visit the Prime Minister perhaps to give him courage to carry on despite defeat !!

    Thereafter in the throes of Communal tension in the country the USA Ambassador issued a statement that the Sri Lanka should take stern action against those responsible for violence followed by the Foreign Minister of Canada . “Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said; “Canada is deeply concerned by recent inter-communal violence in Sri Lanka, in which Muslims were targeted. Canada urges all sides to engage in inclusive dialogue and exercise restraint to ensure peace and stability. We call for an immediate end to hate and misinformation campaigns inciting sectarian violence.
    “Canada welcomes the Government of Sri Lanka’s condemnation of the violent acts. Canada calls on the government to ensure the safety and security of all minorities, to protect human rights and fundamental freedoms for all and to hold those responsible for the violence accountable. As we said at the United Nations Human Rights Council last month, frustrations persist among those trying to heal the wounds of Sri Lanka’s civil war. Ensuring that diversity and pluralism are valued is critical to the work of reconciliation in Sri Lanka.”
    In addition to a statement from the European Union, “The European Union (EU) today called for the perpetrators of hate crimes in Sri Lanka to be swiftly brought to justice and make every effort to promote understanding and harmony between communities.“The recent attacks on communities are very worrying,” a joint statement issued by EU Ambassadors in Sri Lanka said. “It is important that the Government and the security forces take urgent action against hate crimes and ensure that the perpetrators of such actions are swiftly brought to justice.”
    If these are not uncalled for interference into internal affairs of Sri Lanka , what are they ?
    If you visit Lanka web please read Shenali Waduge and the recent article by Ira de Silva. About the inspection tour of the USA delegations I leave you to read the reports in the Internet.

  8. Charles Says:

    RohanJay, I failed to say that in fact USA Amabassadors , European Union and even the Un are responsible for the
    deteriorating Communal relations in Sri Lanka. They have created Tamils in Sri Lanka a separate entity outside the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka by state visits to the North without ever visiting the South , and calling for reconciliation, and condemning the Armed Forces for war crimes etc. No other minority Community in any other country in the world are pampered by the USA and the West as they are doing it in Sri Lanka vis à vis the Tamils.

  9. Charles Says:

    Nanada I said that therer is an Abortion pill but no Sterility pills. I do not how they are adminitered. But I read that some food containers coming from Pakistan contained some sort of Pills. I do not no what they are or how they work. And thanks for the Youtubes.

  10. Charles Says:

    RohanJay. I am sorry I give these information in instalments. The Lankaweb is a place where the truth is said without fear. It is also a place for patriots who want an individed Sri Lanka with a single Sri Lankan Community sharing both sharing together our happiness and sadness to come forward and keep informed of dangers to our motherland.

    RohanJay contrary to the interference of USA and the West in internal affairs of Sri Lanka it would be interesting for you to read what the Foreign Ministry of China tells about the present Muslim-Sinhala conflict in Sri Lanka:

    China’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Geng Shuang responding to Sri Lanka’s situation from Beijing on 7 March said that it was an internal issue and expressed confidence that the Government of Sri Lanka would be able to bring the situation under control.
    China is Sri Lanka’s second largest tourism market, according to latest data, which is as per January’s tourism figures. Tourism is Sri Lanka’s third largest foreign exchange earner.
    China’s Foreign Office on its website on 7 March said that a question was posed to Geng, asking, ‘According to reports, Sri Lankan President Maithripala Sirisena on 6 March signed a gazette notification declaring a week-long nationwide state of emergency in response to Sinhalese-Muslim riots in several parts of the country. What is your comment on this?’
    Geng’s reply was, ‘We have noted the relevant reports. This belongs to Sri Lanka’s internal affairs. China believes that the Sri Lankan Government and its people are capable of handling the current situation, and upholding Sri Lanka’s social stability and ethnic solidarity. We also hope that Sri Lanka will take concrete measures to protect the security of Chinese citizens in Sri Lanka.’

  11. janakic Says:

    Unfortunately, JVP is misleading people once again. These days they are doing a good job of running with the hair and hunting with the hounds. They were over the moon that there was an increase in the number of votes received at the LG polls when compared to previous elections. Not withstanding the Cope report on bond scam JVP has not done much to alleviate the misery of the average citizen from dreadful yahapalana strategies. They voted for govt. budget proposals, sale of assets, OMP, etc. and are working overtime for constitution changes for a federal govt. without any central controls to facilitate the future division of the country on ethnic lines. JVP has no productive policies on political or economic issues facing the country, let alone ways and means of funding them. They were responsible in misleading our Sinhala youth to the point of getting them murdered. They also murdered several intellectuals and innocent people during their rampage in 1980s. Their forum should be SLPP but are too blinded by hatred and revenge to join that forum. I wonder what the expectations of their followers are in the event they come to power?

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