Colombo University Law Students disgraceful behavior should be condemned by all
Posted on May 4th, 2018

The University of Colombo Law students think they have done a job extraordinaire in the manner they have replaced the traditional Sinhala New Year festive game of placing the eye on the elephant to place the eye on the former President Mahinda Rajapakse. We do not know whose bright idea this was, but for university students in particular law students to stoop so low is utterly despicable and a disgraceful act that every citizen must deplore with condemnation. Are these the students, having benefitted from free education who are to be regarded as the future generation? In stark contrast we can compare to another state university where students and lecturers hold candle lit vigils for terrorist leader Prabakaran & LTTE terrorist cadres. These are the other lot of future coming out. Where will this country end up is our biggest question in viewing these extremes?

These pictures of the manner Law Students of the Colombo University celebrated the Sinhala New Year will no doubt shock every one. Of course there are many messages to be drawn from these, the most important of which is that a paper qualification does not necessary make a person ‘educated’ one’s behavior & actions do.

Many of these are coming from rural homes, where parents have toiled & fallen into debt to educate their children. While many of these parents continue to toil away their children are either on the streets in demonstrations or doing everything but studies. Many of these students are victims of the JVP mafia system continuing inside all universities. These JVPers jealous of any person rising in life follow a sadistic path of brainwashing new entrants, ragging them to mentally ruin their lives, ensnaring them into illicit relationships that leave them distraught and angered with society – it is a complete dehumanizing of innocent individuals to which the academia in their silence and inability to take the bullies and throw them out of university, too stand guilty.

We have had enough of occasions where ragging has gone out of hand why has it been difficult to catch the culprits suspend them and banish them from university before they are able to create a mafia within the university system? Is it that the lecturers themselves prefer when the universities are closed?

The statistics clearly reveal that the standards of Sri Lanka’s universities are declining not only in educational standards but in the quality of the students that are passing out & by the manner the students of the Colombo University Law department have celebrated the Sinhala New Year we are not in the least surprised.

These students are all in the twenties and they are old enough to know what kind of life people led before 2009. Many of them would have gone to school in fright, many of their relations would have died when LTTE blew up buses or trains, being rural youth many of their relations would have joined the armed forces some may have returned in a box. We cannot forget that 30 year old past just because some hate the man who gave orders to end the terrorism that prevailed.

Whether people like it or not, only one President had the guts to stand against foreign pressures to give order as head of the armed forces to finish off the LTTE. None of the previous Presidents had the guts to do so – JR didn’t, Premadasa gave arms to the LTTE and kept them in Hilton hotel, CBK’s 2 terms saw the most number of dead soldiers while the present PM was happy to sign territory to LTTE.

Therefore, no one can belittle what President Rajapakse did as President. If he hadn’t given the orders to proceed even the best of military cannot on its own finish off the LTTE. This is what everyone needs to be made clear of. No military, no army commander could have defeated the LTTE unless orders to do so came from the President and the President undertook to answer the international community while obtaining the arms & ammunition necessary for the military to do their job, for that we have to thank China & Pakistan for the role they played in helping Sri Lanka end terror.

Therefore, when a bunch of students giggling away and thinking they are doing something big by placing the eye on the very President that ended 30 years of terrorism, they must feel ashamed to see their faces now circulating all over the social media and no doubt their parents must be feeling embarrassed as well.

Even if these events are organized by mischief makers foreign or JVP, as law students if they do not have the pluck to refuse to be party to it, then as adults and as future lawyers we can only fear what type of law & order they will usher.

This is not the future generation we want to see passing out. Definitely not the students coming out of Jaffna university lighting candles for LTTE or the present lot of students mocking the very President that finished the LTTE.

All citizens must deplore this act and the university authorities must take some stern action and these students must in the least issue an apology to the former President.

People may not like him but no one has the right to ridicule him for we are all living without LTTE suicide, LTTE assassinations, LTTE bombs because of President Mahinda Rajapakse and the team he chose to end terrorism.

Shenali D Waduge

22 Responses to “Colombo University Law Students disgraceful behavior should be condemned by all”

  1. NAK Says:

    An exhibition of uncultured uneducated lowly birth of the participants.

  2. L Perera Says:

    They are pathetic losers who will end up with LOW degrees. Ignore them.


    Dear Shenali
    I share your sentiments. If Prez MR has not ended the WAR, these undergrads returning home or to their Boarding accommodation safely each day cannot be guaranteed. Their parents returning home after work cannot be guaranteed.
    If Tamil undergraduates conduct themselves in this manner, at least we know their enemies of Sinhalese and of course enemies of Mr Rajapakse. But Why Sinhala students??
    This is just a style. Nowadays, children are not an asset, they are FIXED LIABILITIES. Most of them are just like animals. To support them, they have got an IDEAL GOVERNMENT, LEAD BY RANIL, who has no respect for National Anthem, Buddhism. They are puppets of JVP, who killed even their own old parents and brothers and sisters.

  4. Dilrook Says:

    Such a low level of entertainment. Probably one politically motivated fool would have suggested it.

    Most concerning is most of these youngsters look Sinhalese.

    On the other hand, former President Mahinda too has a responsibility to retire with dignity. People don’t take kindly to lingering politicians way past their retirement age after a very long political career of 48 years where he was MP, minister, Opposition Leader, PM and President twice. It must be enough to retire gracefully.

  5. Hiranthe Says:

    Pathetic and low level stock from gutters. Looks like all of them are having a good time. These are the fools who are going to look after the Law and governance of Mother Lanka…

    Velu where are you…. please send a suicide bomber to this place to see how they are urinating in their pants..

  6. Ancient Sinhalaya Says:

    Lowest of the law! These pathetic creatures wouldn’t have ventured out without the fear of death during UNPatriotic_
    rats time. Either it was bheeshana samaya or UNPatriotic_rats-rared catholic tigers of tamil drealam bombs going off.
    Thanks to the great man these pathetic creatures can go about their businesses without the fear of getting blown into
    smithereens. If you have any Sinhalese blood in you, at least you should apologise. I guess this is a church acolyte
    traitor pxke lapaya’s or traitor UNPatriotic_rat guy-organised event to cause pain to a great man. Or you all pathetic creatures should change your names to tamil or mussie ones. Shame, shame, shame on you low lives! You lowest of
    the law also should remember you are in that place thanks to SLFP’s CWW’s free education bill which traitor UNPatriotic_
    rats vehemently opposed knowing it was going benefit Sinhalese. Any shame lowest of the law?

  7. Lionel Says:

    Wasn’t there anyone in this group who opposed this stupid idea? Organisers of this event should apologise from the former President immediately.


    Dear Dilrook
    What is the relationship between MR’s age and using MR, instead of good old Elephant, on an established game? I do not find any correlation between the two, unless there are elements portraying as Nationalists but eagerly waiting to the end of MR’s political career. It is good that we identify who they are, because these traitors are not only RANIL, MY3, SAMBANDAN, ANURA KUMARA,MANO GANESHAN, SARATH FONSEKA, UNRULY UNDERGRADUATES, but also WOLVES WEARING SHEEP CLOTHING.

  9. Nihal Perera Says:

    Disgusting bunch of young idiots, who don’t deserve to be in the law college.

    This is how they pay tribute to a patriotic leader who rescued their country from mayhem..? Thanks to MR they are enjoying the freedom and the opportunities to attend a university today.

    This is the ugly side of the Sinhalese culture which ridicule and made fun of our own people, mainly due to jealousy, ignorance and cockiness.

    We never see any Tamil person mocking their own leaders, even their terrorist leader Prabhakaran, in public the way the Sinhalese do.

    When its come to moral and cultural values, Sinhalese are in the bottom of the barrel. Sorry to say it, but that’s the truth, unfortunately.

  10. Christie Says:

    Since the medium of instruction became Sinhala in our higher education system the Socialists have been able to get hold of tertiary students.

    They use them as political pawn to achieve their goals not the welfare of the students.

    Hitler said my hand goes to the holster when I see a lawyer; I wish i could fix these law student.

  11. SA Kumar Says:

    shenali Waduge
    People may not like MR – Why?
    We-Tamil do not like him because He killed Our one & only Thesiya thalaivar VP but please explain me ,why Sinhala people do not like him (not all of them)???

  12. nilwala Says:

    Absolutely disgraceful behaviour by future graduate lawyers. The BASL should reprimand these students severely and
    request the Law Faculty to conduct an internal inquiry to find the leaders of this organized event and this should be
    black-marked against them. This is NOT AMUSING, if that is the pleaded intent, and the public disgust at this puerile
    behavior should be communicated in no uncertain terms. Hope the Colombo University Law Faculty views this with
    extreme concern as to what is going on .

  13. Dilrook Says:

    @Dr Dissanayake

    To state the obvious, there is no justification whatsoever for this type of self-demeaning behaviour by these students. I’m not very surprised they will be lawyers one day! Of all professions.

    On Mahinda, it is not the age. It is the continuation in politics beyond retirement as president. No one in the past has come out of presidential retirement (while drawing those benefits) into parliament. This makes him the object of ridicule, particularly among youngsters. This is also seen among some moderate Buddhists who see this as a display of “thrushna” (excessive greed). These are what I gathered talking to a cross section of Sri Lankans earlier this year.

    Mahinda has to weigh the pros and cons of remaining in active politics. Beyond a certain point, it is not doing good.


    Dear S A Kumar

    I am also bemused Kumar!

    And on another note you said ” We-Tamil do not like him because He killed Our one & only Thesiya thalaivar VP”.

    You are Great and thank you for your candour. Some of our Sinhalese may not have the guts to explain why they dislike Great MR. But you did your part with forthrightness. Thank you.

  15. Charles Says:

    MDP, We do not speak of Mahinda as the Greatest Political leader of Independent Sri Lanka because we are blind fans of, his, but because he is the only man who gave Sri Lanka that none other had been able to give to this Country. There were other political leaders like Baron Jayatilleke; D.S., Dudly Senananayake, SWRD, and even Sirimavo etc. But Mahinda was exceptional because he brought Sri Lanka upto the Standard of a developed European country. In politics there is no aga, once we have a leader who had the vission and the ability to make a reality of those visions we should have him for as long as he his “productive”. In China Xi Jingpin has been made President for life because he is a good leader and such leaders are rare.

    Can you imagine what Sri Lanka would have been today if Mahinda Rajapakse is still the President ? Who is without fault ? We have all this aspect of good and bad, but different of one or the other depending on the person. Even if Mahinda R was corrupt and stole state funds, yet he gave much more than he may have taken for himself. Long Live Mahinda and may we be able to get back his services for a long time in his true capacity of the Leader of a Government.

  16. Charles Says:

    I like Kumar too. If all the terrorists were like him (sorry Kumar for the comparison), I would have liked them. Kumar has lot of good sense.

  17. Charles Says:

    A Sugandika Fernando is a rare star that the Law Faculty could produce. The ones we have now seem to be stinking rot.


    Dear Charles
    We are on the same frequency. Will Hon Wijedasa Rajapakse appoint an enquiry into this incident and expel the culprits who organised the event?

  19. asoka2468 Says:

    This is the result of free education. Give anything for free and there is no appreciation!

  20. Fran Diaz Says:

    Chee ! This disgusting, thoughtless & lowly behavior by Colombo Uni Law students must be condemned.
    Have these young people been paid to do this stupid act or promised some favors to do it ?
    Are they in the UNP/anti-MR Youth camp ? Are their parents UNP/anti-MR supporters ?
    Such acts only show the idiotic nature of some young people … NO PATRIOTISM ! They have NOT been taught PATRIOTISM.
    These students who get FREE education UNHINDERED, thanks to MRs govt removing the LTTE, owe all of Lanka a signed apology.

    Some time ago, when harrassed, Gota indicated that ‘we should have left the LTTE to carry on … ‘. – he was that disgusted by the lack of understanding by some of the terrifying nature of the nearly 30 yrs of terrorism by the LTTE which was ended at great costs in lives of the armed forces & funds, by the PATRIOTIC acts of the MR Govt.

    PATRIOTISM must be taught in all schools in Lanka and also to MPs.
    Near History also must be included in all History lessons, and Freedom from Terrorism dates marked.
    Otherwise, the idiocy will go on.

  21. SA Kumar Says:

    sorry Kumar for the comparison- Please do not be sorry Charles My Chignkala Sakotharam ( Sinhela Sakodaraya) , call us Tamil terrorists, Para koddiya etc…. than only We can keep our 2,000 years old (Elra (Eela Raja) time to VP) dream alive otherwise the dream die itself because We-Tamil do not have any moral rights to ask for Thani TE from Chignkala Theevu (Sinhala Island) !!!

    Have We both community learned any thing last 2,000 years or more , at last Indian flag is flying Jalpanam(Japanaya) not our Pulli kodi or your sinha koddiya !!!!

    Namo , namo , Thaye, namo namo (i)Lanka(i) ………

  22. Cerberus Says:

    Thank you Shenali for highlighting this behavior of the law graduates. Has the law college been taken over by Muslims and Tamils? Agree with all the comments that the Law Students have behaved disgracefully. I wonder who put them up to it? Since the BASL received funds from abroad – so are they taking orders also from abroad? One person has said that MR should retire with dignity.

    I like to remind that deluded person that MR did retire after the election in 2015 and went back to Medamulana to relax and enjoy life. But he suddenly found bus loads coming to his home and begging him to look after them. It was proven by the massive crowds which attended all the rallies he held and also the results of the recent Local Govt polls which MR’s party won hands down. So what is this deluded person talking about? MR is the only one who can pull the country together. Of course, the people who take orders from abroad do not like people like MR coming back to power.

    They would like to a see a jellyfish-like My3 or the Batalanda Alugosuwa Ranil in power so that he can arrange to kill another few hundred thousand poor Sinhala Buddhists. Surprised that learned people who I used to respect are talking like this.

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