The nonsense of non-science in re-shuffle politics
Posted on May 4th, 2018

By Lucien Rajakarunanayake Courtesy The Island

There were many advance statements about the latest Cabinet re-shuffle being done in scientifically. That was a boast of the President, and not questioned by the Prime Minister. For once they seemed to be in agreement, apart from knowing how to be defeated in local government elections, which was the science of defeat.

But what could be the principle of science, if any, applied to this re-shuffle of ministers? It was certainly the longest re-shuffle of ministers – Cabinet, State and Deputies. Was it the science of killing time that was used to spread this shuffle over three days?

Was there any science applied in the allocation of portfolios, other than following the non-science of the previous forming of Cabinets, which is part of the anti-democratic governance being fast promoted by the leadership of all political parties here today? Is it the height of Political or Cabinet Science to give Wildlife to one minister and Forestry to another? Is it a major aspect of Cabinet Science for a member from the Badulla hills, so distant from the ocean, to be given the portfolio of Fisheries? Or was it the science of embracing crooked politicos, to ensure there are no “Appachchi Mala” statements in the future?


What is the science in having more than forty ministers, in a country of a little over 21 million people and a parliament of 225 members? What is the science of a ‘national government’ where the constitutional limit of 30 Cabinet Ministers, could be exceeded by the majority party joining with one other party in the House, even having one member? And, how can such joining be ‘national’ when the majority of those from the other party – the SLFP – are now very much in the Opposition?

What is the science that brings to the Cabinet, a member who had to resign because his own party – the UNP wanted him to be removed from Justice and Buddhasasana, because of glaring delays in bringing legal action against the corrupt of the former regime, and now give him Higher Education and Cultural Affairs? Was it the science of gratitude or ’Thank You’ for voting against the No-Confidence Motion against the Prime Minister? We are certainly in a wonderful world of science, amidst the politics of the corrupt, today.

We have had members with doctorates in Political Science adorning our legislature in the past, but what is the Science of Politics that we see around today?

Is it the special science of knowing how to forget or abandon the promises given to the people when seeking their votes for election as President? Is it the science of great hope in seeing a 19th Amendment to the Constitution passed that limits one’s term as president to five years, and then asking the Supreme Court whether it should not be six years? Is this the new Presidential Science we must get used to?

What of the Science of Abandonment – considering how the pledge given to the people at election, and at the funeral of the Ven. Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, not to seek election as president again, is shamelessly abandoned, and crooked paths devised to seek the office again?

The Cabinet that has been sworn in has much to do with many sciences, especially the Science of Crooked Politics, the core values of which are continuance in power with least regard for service to the country and people. It flows from the beginnings of rogue politics to the continuance of political rejects; continues with the politics of the corrupt and that of the Diyawanna Swamp, where perks and privileges from duty free luxury cars, sale of duty free vehicle permits, people paying the undisclosed expenses of electorate offices, and maneuvering decline of sports, and every possible deviation from the honesty of governance is accepted as the Rule of the Day.

There is much said about the decline in standards of education in the country today. True. But what more can be expected when the country is led by those who wallow in the unscientific, while claiming to use science in swearing the corrupt in politics to the highest offices in governance.

It is the Nonsense of Non-science in the politics of the corrupt.

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