Govt aims to oppress people through ‘shortsighted’ fertilizer ban – Sajith
Posted on June 7th, 2021

Courtesy Adaderana

Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa says the government aims to oppress the general public through the chemical fertilizer ban imposed without a proper plan.

Issuing a statement today (June 07), Premadasa said that it is questionable as to whether the government has conspired to make Sri Lanka ‘one of the largest Garbage Mountains in the world’.

Criticizing the government’s decision to import organic fertilizer, the leader of Samagi Jana Balawegaya (SJB) points out that while it is also against the Fauna and Flora Ordinance, these imported ‘waste fertilizer’ could spread various fungi and harmful bacteria.

The Leader of the Opposition says, ‘Un-practical Decisions taken with no scientific basis will pave the way only for much peril.’

He added that farmers and cultivators have fallen ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’ through the arbitrary decision of the government to ban the import of chemical fertilizer.

Premadasa pointed out that a new COVID-19 case cluster, too, could emerge due to the competition created to get chemical fertilizer from the market at black market prices.

Stating that the government has brought about the fear of famine in the midst of fear of disease and death, Sajith Premadasa urges the government to take immediate action to withdraw ‘such irrational and objectionable’ decisions.

The full statement issued by Sajith Premadasa:

The chemical fertilizer ban without a proper plan makes it pretty much clear that the government aims to oppress the general public rather than enable them to live. This decision that the government has taken in a hurry would unavoidably make a food shortage which could worsen up to a famine in the country. We have no objection whatsoever about improvements that need to be introduced into the use of organic fertilizer. However, soon the government will have to experience the consequences of this deadly blow delivered on the entire community life in the country by this sudden chemical fertilizer ban imposed shortsightedly.

The government claims that it is going to import organic fertilizer by banning the importation of chemical fertilizer, which would bring hazardous consequences. It is highly questionable whether the government is in a conspiracy to make our country one of the largest Garbage Mountains” in the world. Importation of these waste fertilizers could also spread out different types of fungi and harmful bacteria. These importations are also contrary to the Fauna and Flora Ordinance.

This arbitrary decision of the government is also not one taken with the backing of a sufficient supply of organic fertilizer for use in the country. Seeds planted in this country for a long period of time are used to chemical fertilizer. Un-practical Decisions taken with no scientific basis will pave the way only for much peril.

We are already witnessing negative outcomes of the fertilizer ban, which has made paddy farmers quite helpless. They remain to wait for hours in queues before Agriculture Centers for their share of fertilizer. Not only that, potato cultivators, as well as other crop cultivators, have fallen to the fire out of the frying pan due to this arbitrary decision of the government.

There is a possibility of emerging a new Corona cluster due to the competition created to get chemical fertilizer from the market at black market price. First of all, people should live, for which food becomes the most important factor. The entire world has turned out to be a Visala because of this Corona pandemic. Along with the fear of disease and death, this government has also created the fear of famine thus, bringing all three fears to the people.

According to Aristotle, Hunger and Freedom are the parents of every revolution” and, the arbitrary activities and conduct of the government will only push people towards that revolution. Government should take steps to make people live and facilitate their livelihood and, we emphasize that it should take immediate action to withdraw such irrational and objectionable decisions.”

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