“Red light for China, Green Light for India”
Posted on January 13th, 2022

Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.) Kings Grove Crescent . Ottawa . Ontario . K1J 6G1  . Canada,

13 January 2022

Mr. R. Sampanthan , MP
President, Tamil National Alliance
16(30), Martin Road
Sri Lanka

Dear Mr. Sampanthan (Sam):

You intrigue me, and here I am writing to you again.  This time to let you hear my thoughts on your down right arrogance letting the 21 million Sri Lankans know that You on behalf of the rest of the Tamils residing in the  North and the East of the island decides who was welcome and who was not welcome to place their feet on the green chillies and toddy palm groves growing  kabook soil that covered that chunk of land which  happens to be one-third of the island’s real estate,  bordered by 66% of the coastline.

What a day-light cunning….What a day-light robbery.

 It was as if you were guarding your Grandmother’s La La Lotus land.   You said with some authority that China was not welcome in the North and East while India has a legitimate right to be there.” Hmmmm..!

You know what Sam, looking back I have little reason to begrudge your mindset and a landlordish’ regal-attitude, because the incumbent Sri Lankan government’s like a hoard of wimps, gave you that right that you displayed with authority by not kicking yours and your compatriots behinds and ask you all to behave yourselves when you all started to ethnic cleanse 27,000 Sinhalese by killing and terrorizing them from the North and East between 1971 and 1981 where they had  lived for generations. Didn’t kick your arse, when Tamil separatists stoned and chased 400 Sinhalese  lecturers and undergraduates on 13th August,1977.from the Jaffna University campus,  when they were brought south in convoys of buses escorted by the army and police, lying on the floors  to dodge the storm of  Jaffna-rocks and stones released  like hand-grenades by  Jaffna-Tamilian hands. And when you all gave 24 hours to 90,000 Muslims to leave the North and East in October 1990, leaving behind the valuables and gold at the nearest mosque, making Idi Amin look like an angel  He gave the Ugandan-Indians three months to leave.

Sam, although I resent what happened, I understand your arrogance and claiming that right because the incumbent Governments failed  to stop this rot, and make you all kiss the Jaffna-Killinochchi dust that the Sinhalese walked on..   And nip the Tamil Eelam quest in the bud.

You Tamils were lucky, as the Sinhalese were handicapped.  You had your Godmother Indira Gandhi, with the 4th largest World’s Army platooned  behind her ready to shoot when her voice would order…”ATTAIN-SHUN… NOW SHOOT”, at my Sinhalese people..  And in September 1983 decided to train 2000  of the Tamil separatists youth at Chakrata, north of DehraDun, for Commando and Army combat.  And this assignment was given  to the RAW (Research and Analysis Wing) of Indira’s Cabinet secretariat.

There were other military camps providing instructions in manufacturing bombs,suicide bodypacks, jungle warfare, weapon training, and military tactics, etc. to your Tamil separatists at Kumbakonam, Meenambakkam, Parangimalai, Senegal patu, Sudtagen Development in New Delhi, and a camp in Uttar Pradesh.  All to destabilise Yours and My Sri Lanka.

And you Sam, the son of A.Rajavarothiam, the Superintendent of Stores at the Gal Oya Project, and enjoying a ‘free-education’ as a youngster in the South among the Sinhalese, buddies at St. Anne’s College, Kurunegala and St. Sebastian College in Moratuwa, dipping your fingers into your  Sinhalese school chum’s Gamini’s, Cyril’s and Sarath’s paper cones of konda-kadale during tea breaks,  shifted your allegiance to Gandhi’s India when you commented on India’s current role in Sri Lanka Affairs explaining that India had a rightful and legitimate role to play with regard to the settlement of the Tamil national question in Sri Lanka.” 

Rightful and legitimate role to play….”  What!  You must be out of your rocker, Sam.  Sri Lanka and India  were never legitimate children of the same Mother.”  They walked differently….they spoke differently…the Sinhalese certainly didn’t display the  red-moon thumbprint between their eyebrows….  It is only your clan that made their women walk five-feet behind men as if the women had some kind of a contagious ‘Flu.  So give me a break Sam.

 This is even after Indira Gandhi’s son Rajiv was rifle-butted by an angry navy soldier, Vijitha Rohana Wijemuni, on 30th July, 1987 during a Navy Guard of  Honour in Colombo.  That brave act by Wijemuni spoke for the majority of us Sinhalese, me included.

Sam, if you really felt that the outsider India had a legitimate role to play in Tamil affairs in Sri Lanka, I am lost for ‘kind’ words, but would say…Oops..Damn it!

I am not sure why you and  the rest of the Tamils in the North and East do not prostrate yourselves to  India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi asking him to syphon all of you back into yours and his Motherland, India, where 72,147,030 of your kith and kin Tamils live in Tamil Nadu.  Why don’t you Sam…why didn’t you, when your heart-strings are still back in India, and your vocal chords do not want to sing – Sri Lanka Matha/ apa Sri Lanka, namo, namo, namo..matha/ Sundara Siri barini……… but would happily sing

Jana gana mana adhinayaka  jaya he….Bharata bhagya vidhata…

But let me caution you Sam, you are internationalising your internal  Tamil problem which also concerns me a Sinhalese also troubles me. This time if your India turns out to be a Bully Boy”, one more time,  India will have to change gears in their involvement in Sri Lanka’s internal problem.  They certainly wouldn’t want a Vietnam on their hands. And for sure they will be meeting not a Ceremonial 

Army as they did in 1987, but an army that has graduated and proved themselves to be the only conventional army in the world that destroyed militarily, almost single handed,  the most ruthless terrorists in the world which had a foot army, a sea-navy and an airforce, the Tamil Tigers.

Quite potent, isn’t it?  It would be fun war- games, not just Cops and Robbers, or Catapults and Bamboo sticks. You bet.

Sam, you recall that fateful day on 4 June 1987, when  5 Indian Transport An32s escorted by 5 screaming low-flying Mirage 2000’s of No.7 Squadron flew over the sovereign territory of Sri Lanka and dropped a mere 25-tons of so called ‘Relief” supplies over Jaffna peninsula which had a population of 800,000.  Sick…Sick!  Rajiv Gandhi certainly had an ugly sick-sense on humanitarianism, wanting to watch 800,000 of your Tamils claw the earth where the 25 tons of relief supplies had been dropped to pick up three grains of red lentils and boil it in water and drink the soup to feed their hunger.  Relief supply, my foot?  If geo-politics is what this is..Sweet Mother of Jesus, please help these Jaffna Tamils survive another day waiting holding their stomachs with hunger-pains for food supplies from their GodMother and GodFather, India.  If they are hoping to poke their fingers into Sri Lanka’s internal affairs, then India better take that responsibility  to keep the Northern and Eastern Tamils alive another day, without killing them of starvation. Sam, and I would call them you no good smubocitilop-oeg.

With your intervention and saying that only India is welcome to the North and East of Sri Lanka, you better be ready to accept that responsibility for being such a Goddamn foolish Tin God catalyst, Sam.

And Sam, you said, outlining his reasons, the TNA MP said, firstly the TNA’s own political quest was based on human rights and democracy…concepts he charged were alien to these Chinese.”

As for your own political quest – here’s  my response Sam.  You cannot  cut a country into two any more than you can cut a human into two.. If you do, you do not have two human beings, you have a corpse.

China,  I say to you, don’t take this guy from TNA, R. Sampanthan seriously.  It is his Tamil Tiger terrorists who took away the paramount human right of a person, his or her ‘RIGHT-TO-LIFE’, when they hijacked it from 20 million Sri Lankan

people for 30 years during their Eelam war.  It was the Sri Lankan Armed forces Heroes that gave it back to the millions of Sri Lankan people after they annihilated the Tamil Tigers on 19 May 2009, militarily.

China, don’t trust.Sampanthan on human rights.  It’s his Tamil terrorists who plucked infants from young Sinhalese mother’s breasts and baynetted them and some were smashed on charnokite rocks and enjoyed watching ketchup blood oozing from the tiny split skulls.

It were their Tamil Tiger terrorists who ambushed a bus that was driven with 33 Buddhist novice monks on a pilgrimage to Kelaniya.  They shot  them at point blank range, chopped them with machetes as if in a butcher-shop, and massacred all of them at Aranthalawa at 7:15 in the morning on June 2nd, 1997.  Human rights advocates, Sampanthan called themselves.  What a crock full of  codswallop. What a sinner’s shameful claim!

Sam, you pride yourself as a Human Rights Wallah.  If so, here is a problem for you to solve, now that you have begun a love-in with the Indian Government.

You tell me, how come the Indian Government has ignored and not acknowledged the Sri Lankan Armed Forces’ Text book superior act of Human Rights when they saved 295,873 Tamil refugees from the clutches of the Tamil Tigers, who were used as a Human Shield for the last 6 months of the Eelam War,  marching them under a scorching Jaffna-Killinochchi sun like unwashed cattle,  How come Sam?

There is more to this Textbook example of the Human Rights Act.  Most of the soldiers who rescued the Tamil Refugees turned cooks to prepare three hearty meals a day, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, producing a million meals a day and feeding them in Refugee camps for months.

Not a pip squeak of acknowledgement by the mighty India.  What a bunch of humbugs…what a bunch of UNESCO’s lying salesmen and women. Sam, this is the world that you have created that I have to live in and feel sick in my stomach about it.

The Sri Lankan Governments have drummed into my thick-skull day-in and day-out for months and years that India is Sri Lanka’s best friend..best neighbour that had been in the past,  the best friend there is..and the best friend there ever will be.  This is the friend that the Sri Lankan Government is having  a love-in with, but who is silent, acting like  a pseudo-Kiwi-white painted colonial face who has found it difficult to vote against  the UNHRC’s resolution to screw Sri Lanka onto a crucifix charging them on human rights violations during the last five months of the Eelam War,

Sam….I cannot take this Bullxxxt from You and your love-in Buddies of 18 salt-water miles to the North.

Sam, I want to breathe LOVE again and break bread with Tamils..   You can help me only if you are an honest-Tamil.  I want to breathe LOVE again.  I have done my share of reconciliation efforts with your people.  Ask me, and I will tell you of my contribution.  Make it soon as my International-licence for BRAGGING will be running out soon, and I have decided not to renew it.

So,Sam stop your dishonest crap, and become a born again-honest politician.   God will love You. Your brand of honesty doesn’t  cut mustard with me.  I resent it.  All it makes me do is spit dragon breath at you a lot, for  wanting your quest to cut the island in two based on  Goddamn lies…on persection, discrimination and Genocide of Tamils.

My request to you is to reboot your honesty and be a born again decent TNA politician

 Rethink your foolish Red light for China, Green Light for India.” bylined – Marianne  David – The Sunday Morning, (January 9, 2022)


Asoka Weerasinghe (Mr.)

Ottawa, Canada

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