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Aftermath Of The Tsunami And Its Devastations As Aspirations And Hopes Are Expressed In Retrospect!- (The LankaWeb - 27/12/04)

Sri Lanka's Rebuilding By Way Of Donor Aid Needs No Compromising Of Sovereignity Or Conceding To Impure LTTE Demands!- (The LankaWeb - 20/12/04)

There Can be No Bending Of The Laws Of The Land To Accommodate The Criminal Element!- (The LankaWeb - 13/12/04)

Greater People Participation Needed Towards Lasting Peace While Disillusioning The LTTE.- (The LankaWeb - 06/12/04)

Jungle Rhetoric And Threats Of LTTE Leader Obtuse Towards Realities And Logically Incomprehensible !- (The LankaWeb - 29/11/04)

The Breakdown Of Law And Order Within Sri Lanka Needs Immediate Resolution! (The LankaWeb - 22/11/04)

President's Wisdom And The Means Towards Peace Does Not Incorporate Terrorism.- (The LankaWeb - 14/11/04)

The Eloquence Towards A Lasting Peace Pleasing, With Questions About Its Realities- (The LankaWeb - 08/11/04)

Considerations Towards Real Peace! While Squeezing Out Norway And The LTTE- (The LankaWeb - 01/11/04)

Karuna's Emergence As A Contending Force Of Tamil Representation Needs Consideration As Well As His Call To Eliminate Norway from The Peace Process.- (The LankaWeb - 25/10/04)

The Mainstream LTTE Could Never Be Recognized In A Polarised Sri Lanka! - (The LankaWeb - 18/10/04)

Danish Politicians Set A Precedent Towards Recognizing All Terrorists As The Same With No Distinction For The LTTE !- (The LankaWeb - 11/10/04)

Affirmative Action Towards Sri Lanka's Well Being! - (The LankaWeb - 04/10/04)

Softening of Presidential Stance Towards The LTTE's ISGA Demands Imprudent And Norways Continued Participation In The Peace Process, Futile! - (The LankaWeb - 26/09/04)

The Merits Of Rejecting The ISGA And The Folly Of Its Acceptance- (The LankaWeb - 18/09/04)

LTTE Could Never Expect A Mandate Towards Acceptance As Administrative Force Within Sri Lanka!- (The LankaWeb - 12/09/04)

Why Is Terrorism Granted A Licence Within Sri Lanka When Condemned Internationally?- (The LankaWeb - 05/09/04)

The Only Cautioning Necessary Is Deserving Of The LTTE And Their Parliamentary Proxy The TNA (The LankaWeb - 30/08/04

Norways Duplicity In The Peace Process Exposed At Conference In OSLO. - (The LankaWeb - 23/08/04)

LTTE Build Up In Trincomalee Poses Threat To Region and National Security And Needs To Be Removed Positively.- (The LankaWeb - 15/08/04)

Cause enough for Sri Lanka's Status Quo To DiscontinueNorway's Further Participation In The Peace Process!- (The LankaWeb - 08/08/04)

JVP Rightfully Opposes The ISGA Which Does Not Augur Well For Any Administrative Indecision! - (The LankaWeb - 01/08/04)

The Merits Of Excluding Norway from Further Participation In The Peace Talks!- (The LankaWeb - 25/07/04)

Sri Lankan President's Proposal For A Forum Of Diverse Political Parties To Discuss Peace, A Brilliant Move !- (The LankaWeb - 18/07/04)

The USA 's Condemnation Of The Colombo Bombing Needs Practicality Towards Eliminating The Problem!- (The LankaWeb - 12/07/04)

Foreign Diplomats In South Asia Have Spoken Wisely about The True Nature Of The LTTE- (The LankaWeb - 04/07/04)

Applying 'The Karuna Factor' Towards dealing With The Mainstream LTTE.- (The LankaWeb - 29/06/04)

Recent Discoveries of Terrorist Weapons In Colombo Are Indicative Of LTTE Subterfuge Despite Their Rhetoric!- (The LankaWeb - 20/06/04)

Government Should Have Every Right To Reject The ISGA Demand Where Pledged Donor Aid should Be No Yardstick Or Coercive Incentive- (The LankaWeb - 06/06/04)

The Path Towards A Lasting Peace Needs Administrative Assertion Without Aid Donor Coercion Nor Apprehensions Of The LTTE.- (The LankaWeb - 06/06/04)

Impetuous ISGA Demands By The LTTE As A Precursor To Peace Unacceptable And Contradicts The Peoples Mandate. - (The LankaWeb - 30/05/04)

LTTE Demands That The ISGA Is The Only Means To Peace Needs To Be Contested As Unacceptable!- (The LankaWeb - 23/05/04)

US Affirmations Of Non Recognition Of LTTE And The Change Of Power In India Much Grist For The LTTE Mill (The LankaWeb - 16/05/04)

Whither Goest Peace In Sri Lanka Other Than Negatively, With The Re-Entry Of Norway and A Once Discarded LTTE Idealogue? (The LankaWeb Editorial - 09/05/04)

Great Solidarity Between Sri Lanka And India Indicated As An Aftermath Of Foreign Ministers' Meeting.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 02/05/04)

Speaker's Legislative Power Cannot Be Turned Towards The Opposition's Advantge If Presidents Quest For A Majority Is Succesful (The LankaWeb Editorial - 25/04/04)

UPFA The Most Likely Source Towards Resolving Sri Lanka's Problems. (The LankaWeb Editorial -18/04/04)

Internal LTTE Conflict In Eastern Sri Lanka Needs Immediate Resolution!-(The LankaWeb Editorial -11/04/04)

President's UPFA Headed Towards Forming The Next Sri Lankan Government!-(The LankaWeb Editorial -04/04/04)

The Attributes Of An Administration Deserving Of Governing Post April 2nd Sri Lanka !-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 28/03/04)

UPFA Heading Towards Victory On April 2nd -(The LankaWeb Editorial - 22/03/04)

LTTE Rift May Be Light At The End Of Tunnel Towards Resolving Many Sri Lankan Issues!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 14/03/04)

Rift Within The LTTE Needs To Be Viewed Positively By Sri Lanka Despite Some Negative Fallout. (The LankaWeb Editorial - 07/03/04)

A Means To Restore Sri Lanka To Her Former Resplendence.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 29/02/04)

JSS-NHS Contestation of the General Elections An Unnecessary Anomaly Which Could Lose Its Credibility And Synonymously Hamper Outcome For The Deserving.(The LankaWeb Editorial - 23/02/04)

A Turning Point In the History Of Sri Lanka Should Be Heralded After April 2nd As A New Beginning.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 15/02/04)

A New Era Has Probably Dawned For All Sri Lankans With The Dissolution Of Parliament And Pending Elections!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 08/02/04)

Viewing Whats Best For Sri Lanka Realistically And Objectively-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 01/02/04)

Presidential Message To The Tamil Community Needs To Be Taken At Face Value That They Cannot Be Compromised By the LTTE! -(The LankaWeb Editorial - 25/01/04)

LTTE Trepidations Over the ILDCA Should Not Affect Tamil Community Nor Should LTTE Threats be Tolerated As Sri Lanka Views Agreement With India For Regional Safety.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 19/01/04)

The Prime Ministers Abrogation Of Responsibilities Towards Peace Process And Its Fallout Needs Resolution With No Cause For Panic!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 11/01/04)

The SLMC Leader Has Proposed A Theory Which Could Have Long Term Benefits For Sri Lanka If Implementable.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 05/01/04)

The Evils Of Religious Fundamentalism Has No Place In Sri Lanka. -(The LankaWeb Editorial - 28/12/03)

Peace That Ever Elusive Dream Becomes More Elusive With All The Present Confusion Through Lack Of Consensus Between President and PrimeMinister.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 21/12/03)

Inability To reach Consensus On The Right To The Defence Ministry Which Constitutionally Belongs To The President Could Further Hamper Peace!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 14/12/03)

Peace In Sri Lanka Minus The Rhetoric And The Manouvering Required To Accomplish Same Towards Posterity.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 08/12/03)

The Voicings Of LTTE Sympathisers Within The Wickremasinghe Administration Depicting LTTE Leader In Sanctimonious Guise Rather Than As A Terrorist Should Not Sway International Proscriptions!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 01/12/03).

Permitting EU Representative Patten To Visit Wanni For Meeting With LTTE's Pirapaharan, Deplorable !-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 23/11/03)

Sri Lanka's Real And Perhaps Only Hope For The Future Which Needs To Be Recognized. (The LankaWeb Editorial - 16/11/03)

The Manifestations Of Sri Lanka's Destiny And Her Being At The Crossroads Of History Outlined By The President (The LankaWeb Editorial - 08/11/03)

Presidential Demand For Sacking The SLMM Leader Long Time Coming As Ranil Continues To Pander To The LTTE.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 02/11/03)

A Rally Establishing Substantial Presidential Confidences And Doubts About The UNF's Continuity.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 27/10/03

Enemy Within The UNF Camp And Its Implications On The UNF Administration- (The LankaWeb Editorial - 19/10/03)

Defence Ministry Assurances Of Preparedness To Face Any LTTE Attrocities, War In Particular! Fact Or Fiction? (The LankaWeb Editorial - 12/10/03)

Words Of Intent By The US To Continue Isolating The LTTE Can Only Be Effective Should The LTTE Capitulate!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 05/10/03)

Prime Minister's Address To The United Nations Could Probably have Been Better Delivered By The President.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 29/09/03)

The President's Cautions About the LTTE Must be Responded To, There Can Be No Risk Taking Involving The Security Of The Nation.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 22/09/03)

A Case Of Isolating Themselves Further Fom Society While Shooting Themselves In The Foot!-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 14/09/03)

Thoughts And Aspirations Towards Real Peace Which Rest On National Unity Towards Disillusioning The LTTE-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 08/09/03)

Rallying Of Opposition Parties should Push For National Unity Between All Parties And Provide A Deterrent Towards LTTE Ambitions! -(The LankaWeb Editorial - 01/09/03)

Wisdom Of The Peers Expressed Through Concerns Of The President And Former Foreign Minister-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 24/08/03)

The Democratic Institution Within Sri Lanka Cannot Be Ursurped By Insurgents Who Need To Be Disillussioned By All Parties! (The LankaWeb Editorial - 17/08/03)

The Vision Of The President On LTTE Predictabilities Towards Non-Acceptance Of Federalism Crystal Clear! -(The LankaWeb Editorial - 10/08/03)

Opposition To Draft Administration Reflects The Reality Of Its Dangers Which Needs Governmental Review As They Are Still Dealing With Terrorists, Not Law Abiding Citizens.-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 03/08/03)

Two Separate Proposals Of Interim Administration Confounds Not Only Reality but Also Presidential Authority And The Sinhala Nation-(The LankaWeb Editorial - 27/07/03)

India's Role Towards Sri Lankan Peace May be Pivotal (The LankaWeb Editorial - 20/07/03)

Norway's Options, Cautioning The LTTE And The Administration's Role (The LankaWeb Editorial - 13/07/03)

Recent Skepticisms About Alternatives Towards Maintaining Peace Suggest The Merits Of Unity Towards Eliminating the Root Cause (The LankaWeb Editorial - 06/07/03)

The Rhetoric of Commentators Of Self-Concieved LTTE Propaganda Not Aligned With Reality. (The LankaWeb Editorial -29/06/03)

Bold Attempts Through LTTE Propaganda And Scaremongering Must Not Fool Anyone!!They Are A Visible Minority On The Decline! -(The LankaWeb Editorial -22/06/03)

Capitulating To The LTTE Will Further Compound Peace In Sri Lanka-(The LankaWeb Editorial -15/06/03)

Peace Process Sidelined By Terrorist Idealogues With Imagined Bargaining Tools! -(The LankaWeb Editorial -08/06/03)
The Unrelenting LTTE Have No Justifiable Right To Demands In Their Present Guise Although They Present A Bold Front!
(The LankaWeb Editorial-01/06/03)
Under what Mandate Have The Peace Facilitators Been Transformed Into Arbitrators And Mediators With Pro LTTE Leanings? -(The LankaWeb Editorial-25/05/03)
Presidential Stand In The Development Lottery Board Within The Constitution! -(The LankaWeb Editorial-18/05/03)
The Wickremasinghe Administration Continues 'TigerDancing'-(The LankaWeb Editorial-11/05/03)
The Dangers Of Foreign Aid Falling Into The Wrong Hands.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-04/05/03)
USA And India Set The Tone For Peace In Sri Lanka Without Recognition Of Terrorists As Representatives Of Their Community! -(The LankaWeb Editorial-27/04/03)
A Conceptual Analysis Of Remedial Measures And Priorities Which If Ignored May Prove To Be Disastrous! (The LankaWeb Editorial-20/04/03)
The Presidential Role Towards A Lasting Peace Becoming An Eventuality-(The LankaWeb Editorial-13/04/03)
President's References To US Double Standards Very Relevant And Commendable-(The LankaWeb Editorial-06/04/03)
Demands For Military Equality By LTTE Wishful Thinking! (The LankaWeb Editorial-31/03/03)
Preaching To The Superpowers while Carrying An Image Of Hypocrisy.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-23/03/03)
Towards Resolving Political Disunity And Fortifying Sri Lanka.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-16/03/03)
A Politically United Sri Lanka The Best Alternative.(The LankaWeb Editorial-09/03/03)
Considerations Which Need To Be Reviewed Prior To A Change In Political Climate (The LankaWeb Editorial-02/03/03)
After One Year,May Peace Continue.(The LankaWeb Editorial-23/02/03).
There Can Be No Concessions To The LTTE As Suggested By The US Deputy Secretary Of State-(The LankaWeb Editorial-16/02/03)
Latest LTTE Incident Point Towards Their Real Intent, Their Bluff Needs To Be Called (The LankaWeb Editorial-02/02/03).
Presidential Authority Will Prevail Over Ceasefire Violations and a Righteous Peace (The LankaWeb Editorial-02/02/03).

A Representation Of Safety In Numbers Depending On Cabinet Size? (The LankaWeb Editorial-26/01/03)

The Wisdom Of The Forum Of Buddhist Monks Towards A Real Normalcy (The LankaWeb Editorial-19/01/03)

President In Reprimanding Prime Minister Asserts Her Role As The Real Deliverer Of Peace-(The LankaWeb Editorial-12/01/03)

To Oppose Laying Down Arms Would Be To Oppose Peace (The LankaWeb Editorial-05/01/03)

Aspirations For A Lasting Peace When It Finally Arrives. (The LankaWeb Editorial-30/12/02)

Indias Concerns Over The Granting Of Broadcast Rights To The LTTE Coincides With The Security Of The Nation. (The LankaWeb Editorial-15/12/02)

The De-Commissioning Of Weapons Imperative Towards Peace. (The LankaWeb Editorial-15/12/02)

Peace Process' Leaning Towards Federalism May Spell Doom For Sri Lankan Unity (The LankaWeb Editorial-08/12/02)

The Futility Of Broadcasting The Propaganda Of A Convicted Terrorist Leader And Pushing Peace Synonymously. (The LankaWeb Editorial-01/12/02)

India's Reluctance To Participate In Oslo An Eye Opener To The Realities Involved The LankaWeb Editorial-24/11/02)

The President Has Taken A Stand Against The Peace Process With Genuine Concerns For the Nation. (The LankaWeb Editorial-17/11/02)

The Realistic Overview Of A Lasting Peace Which Leaves Much To Chance (The LankaWeb Editorial-10/11/02)

To Acheive A Lasting Peace The Perpetrators Of Destruction To The Nation Must Be Brought To Justice (The LankaWeb Editorial-03/11/02)

Supreme Court Ruling May Bring About A Historic Union Of All Parties Towards National Unity. (The LankaWeb Editorial-27/10/02)

The UNF Government May Provide The PA With The Opportunity To Return To Power And Deliver Its Version Of Peace Without Compromise.(The LankaWeb Editorial-20/10/02)

The UNF Administration May Be On Its Way Out Should The 19th Ammendmnt Fail.Necessary Options Must Be Taken Towards Restoring A Normal Order. (The LankaWeb Editorial-13/10/02)

The Sinhala Nation Alone Will Decide Its Ultimate Future. (The LankaWeb Editorial-06/10/02)

The 'Blinkered' Sage's Wisdom To Support The Peace Process Indicative Of Poor Judgement! (The LankaWeb Editorial-30/09/02)

Who's Fooling Whom In The Peace Process?-Full Story-(The LankaWeb Editorial-22/09/02)

Government refutes President's charges-(The LankaWeb Editorial-15/09/02)

On Why De-Banning Of The LTTE Is A Risky Gamble And Should Have Been A Non- Consideration, Without Guarantees. (The LankaWeb Editorial-08/09/02)

Peace Process In Its Present Form May Just Be A Waste Of Time Unless The LTTE Comes Clean And Relents. (The LankaWeb Editorial-01/09/02)

Current US Advice To Sri Lanka On How To Handle The Peace Process Invoves Double Standard.(The LankaWeb Editorial-25/08/02)

Presidential Support Must Stand Firm Towards The Preservation Of The Sinhala Nation. (The LankaWeb Editorial-18/08/02)

The President's Vision Displays A Genuine Concern For The Future Of The Nation.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-12/08/02)

Hints Of Dissolving Parliament Appears To Be Either A Weakening Of PM's Confidences Or A Means To His Survival And Does Not Augur Well For The Nation.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-04/08/02)

Presidential Call For Pluralism In a Multi Ethnic Society Feasible Only After LTTE Roadblocks Are Removed. The LankaWeb Editorial-28/07/02)

Denial Of Muslim Requests To Revise the Peace Process And MoU Also A Threat To The Sinhala Nation.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-21/07/02)

A Permanency To The Prevailing Calm And Tranquility Is Imperative To The Nation-(The LankaWeb Editorial-14/07/02)

Appearances Are Deceptive As The Nation Awaits A Viable Return To Normalcy And An Unhealthy Calm Prevails.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-07/07/02)

The Re-Commencement Of Violence In The East and North East Reeks Of LTTE Coercion. (The LankaWeb Editorial-01/07/02)

Peace Is An Inherent Right Of The Nation's Population Which Cannot Be Denied. .(The LankaWeb Editorial-23/06/02)

The Nation Has Long Awaited Justice For The LTTE Leadership Seeking Shelter In The Discrepancies Of The UNF From Being Apprehended.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-17/06/02)

IThe Sinhala Nation Must Stand Defiantly United Against Its Own Renegades In Order To Ensure Self- Preservation -(The LankaWeb Editorial-09/06/02).

The Path To A Lasting Peace Cannot Incorporate Presidential Wing Clipping As Her Wisdom Represents The Sinhala Nation.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-02/06/02).

The Sinhala Nation Must Defend The Rights Of The President And Oppose All Attempts To Bring Her Down.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-27/05/02).

Time Inevitably Passes As It Appears To Be Running Out On Both Sides Of The Peace Process.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-19/05/02).Lankan PM lacks power to implement ceasefire: LTTE -(The Times of India-18/05/02)

The Many Distractions Presented To the Administration Could Be Deliberately Set In Place And Must Be Heeded As They Could Be The Prelude To Unforeseen Disaster-(The LankaWeb Editorial-12/05/02).

In Respone To The Presidents Disagreement With The UNF MoU The Sinhala Nation has To Be Totally Supportive Of Her In Hindsight.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-05/05/02).

The Winds Of Change Appear To Be Blowing Across Sri Lanka (The LankaWeb Editorial-28/04/02).

EeLam Or' No Lam', Peace Or 'Pieces' ! In Hindsight A Caution, In Retrospect Many Unlearned Lessons. -(The LankaWeb Editorial-21/04/02).

Indian Demands Augur Well Towards A Realistic Peace and Deserves Consideration As They Are Beneficial To Sri Lanka. - (The LankaWeb Editorial-14/04/02).

National Organization Against UNF /LTTE Mou Should Also Promote Renewed Support For The President And Fortification Of The PA- (The LankaWeb Editorial-07/04/02).

A Panacea Towards Resolving An Afflicted Nation Perhaps Through A New Order.-(The LankaWeb Editorial-31/03/02)

The Rights Of The Sinhala Nation Can Never Be Compromised By The UNF As It Has To Contend With Presidential Assent. -(LankaWeb- 24/03/02)

The Advice of the USA Towards A Lasting Peace, Ambiguous and Could Compond The Nation's Woes-(LankaWeb- 17/03/02)

Despite International Advice To Exercise Caution Initiating The Peace Process And Ceasefire, Caution Seems To Have Been Thrown To The Winds.-(LankaWeb- 10/03/02)

In Upholding Principles Favouring the Sinhala Nation,The President Together With the Sinhala Activists Attest Their Credibilities Rightfully-(LankaWeb - 03/03/02)

The Peace Process And Ceasefire Could Have far reaching Consequences But Could Be Rescinded By Presidential Authority In The Best Interests Of The Nation. .- (LankaWeb - 24/02/02)

Southern Voices Join In Demanding Where The Government's Priorities Are And Why?- (LankaWeb - 17/02/02)

Are The Cracks Within The UNF Already Beginning To Surface?-(LankaWeb - 10/02/02)
Presidential Security A Priority Which Cannot Be Neglected And One Which Could Backfire On The UNF-(LankaWeb - 27/01/02)

The Dialogue Of The LTTE Gets Bolder And Brasher By The Day And Needs To Be Muffled And Incentives Provided Towards Merging Into Mainstream Society With No Preconditions.-(LankaWeb - 27/01/02)

Concessions To The LTTE Cannot Be Granted In Throwing Caution To The Winds And At The Risk To National Integrity-(LankaWeb - 20/01/02)

The Wisdom Of India's Stand Against The LTTE Has To Be Respected By Sri Lanka-(The LankaWeb Editorial -12/01/02)

The Media And Its Role In Resolving Sri Lanka's Woes And Its Response To The Defense Ministry's Stand On The LTTE.-(LankaWeb Editorial-06/01/02).

UNP's Attitude Towards The LTTE Could Hamper And Destroy Secured Integrity-(LankaWeb Editorial-30/12/01).

A Contradiction Of Logical Norms In Confronting the Terrorist Problem.-(LankaWeb Editorial-23/12/01).
Presidential Mettle And The Prime Minister's Credibilities Facing Severe Testing.-(LankaWeb Editorial-02/12/01).


A Final Perspective- (LankaWeb Editorial-02/12/01)

Election Violence Needs Remedial Measures To Ease Voter Insecurities and Impartial Governance-(LankaWeb Editorial-25/11/01)

A Choice Of Wisdom Is A Choice For Freedom And Prosperity-(LankaWeb Editorial-18/11/01)
The Common Cause-(LankaWeb Editorial-11/11/01).

Cast Your Vote for the Nation's Sovereignty and Territorial Integrity-(LankaWeb - 04/11/01)

Priorities of the Nation-(LankaWeb - 29/10/01)

Principles of Democracy must be protected-(LankaWeb - 22/10/01)

A Turbulent Week-(The Editorial LankaWeb- 14/10/01)

Defeat Terrorism-(The Editorial LankaWeb- 07/10/01)


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